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Mass Meshugas for Jason Statham

6/12/2008 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Statham found himself trapped between a Jew and a hard place last night -- and he did not look happy about it.


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say NO to FIRST !

2262 days ago


the driver should have hit the gas and smashed that a-hole into the pavement. i would have applauded her.
you pap idiots cause so many problems and near-accidents by crowding around cars, in the middle of the street, and bliding drivers with your flashes at night.
one day/one night, someone IS going to get hurt and it won't be anyone else's fault but the paps. and it will probably be an innocent bystander, too.
why hasn't a law been passed, banning you losers from the street????

2262 days ago


First off... hell ya gimme More STATHAM! YUM-YUM!

Second - DMLady (is that for depeche mode) I totally agree with your comment. The law says everyone must act with a sensible duty of care - a pap in front of a car is definitely not demonstrating that so run him the F over! It is so ridiculous that a pap can do then sue and get money for being stupid!

2262 days ago


He's so damn hot. Good lord.

2262 days ago


The paps are going wayyyyyyyyy over the line, its no wonder celebs get so angry and blow thier tops. Laws need to be enacted to keep paps at a distance.

2262 days ago


who cares about the friggin story....

keep him coming...hehe...

MORE Jason posts/pics please!!!

soooooo seeeexy......yum!

2262 days ago


the worst part that the guy in front of the car is not even a pap. he's using his cell phone to take a pic, and just being obnoxous about it, saying he's a jew.......what does that have to do with anything? you know i never really feel sorry for any star because this is the life they wanted, but i would start to get realy annoyed if i couldn't even walk down the street without people stopping me

2262 days ago


Jason S. +Gerald M.= T.I.A.C.H.P.B.A.Y.B.M.............
OH and Also B.A.W.S.P.B.S........................

2261 days ago


Anyone else think that guy in front on the car wasn't actually Jewish, but just trying to make Jews look bad? I mean, come on, the exaggerated accent, the "Jewish! Jewish!"?! I have a feeling it's just some antisemite playing dress-up, hoping to get on TMZ.

2261 days ago


Oh good lord. As if the first part wasn't bad enough on the part of the paps and the idiot in front of the car with the cell phone, did you *hear* them as the bolted after him. It reminded me of the scene in Lord of the Flies when they're kicking the crap out of the kid. So this had a more jovial tone (on the part of the paps) but seriously, *way* over the line in *every* way.

Yes, we want pics / video of celebrities and we love it when they're candid, but we don't want this kind of footage.
Yes, we click, but only to see how far you have gone this time, to see if your headline is accurate.

Stop with the insane almost vindictive stalking and chasing down as if you're suddenly going to get a smile out of someone. The sad thing about this (other than your behavior and the intrusion of privacy / inconveniencing of the celebrities, is that you actually believe that such footage, if used in court would actually support your cause. One of these days you're going to be proven wrong... way wrong.

And ~no~ *this* isn't the life that they wanted / asked for. Just because someone is an actor, it doesn't mean that they want to have their private lives out there for all to see. They work in a craft they love, but as everyone else, they have a "home life" too, which includes being allowed to go out and about without being *swarmed* by a bunch of intrusive, sophomoric photographers and videographers who try to make the celebrity look bad just as often as they try to get a "money shot". They didn't sign on to be anything to us other than an entertainer for a couple of hours so that we can escape. Now, the people who wanted to be in the *public* eye, are politicians. They're the ones who asked us to trust in them, to represent us in almost every way, to protect us. (though even then, the b.s. that TMZ pulls is uncalled for) You want to see more of an Actor, watch their next flick and enjoy the occasional "chance" photo, supporting the constant intrusion into the lives of celebrities is just... well... rude. (imo)

2261 days ago


I'd go to the state attorney's office with this clip & get your butts charged. You endangered the lives of the people in that car, there's no excuse for what you did. Stupid.

2261 days ago

getting my morning laughs    

Khaj.....You are sooo right! I do enjoy seeing the stars pictures outside of their films or shows in their day to day lives, but when did it cross the line? Why do people now think they have the right to do anything they please short of assaulting the celebrity. They intentionally provoke them just to get their "money shot". It's a wonder someone hasn't finally been completely pushed over the edge. But.....I think that on the other side of the camera, a lot of these younger stars do get what they deserve. Have you noticed that most of the ones that are in the news seem to stay there over and over. It is interesting that they ALWAYS know where they are going to be. A lot of them DO tip off the paps.....especially those that have no talent. ROFL Ever notice how the really true big stars always seem to make quick and graceful exits and never seem to have problems with the Paps. I think a lot of them are as private as they want to be.

2261 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    


2261 days ago


I'm disappointed that you edited the former headline "Ashkenazarazzi"!!

2261 days ago

Outlaw Star    

IF you want to stand in front of a car then the driver has the right to run your arse over IF you dont move when he honks the horn! Which should have happened to this wanna be pap!

2261 days ago
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