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Cops: Hogans Threatened by Graziano Relative

6/13/2008 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clearwater, Fla. police tell TMZ they are investigating threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family, allegedly made by members of John Graziano's family.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that police have listened to threatening voicemails. Clearwater PD spokesman Doug Matthews tells us there's an "open investigation" into the calls.

Graziano was seriously injured when the souped-up car driven by Hulk's son Nick crashed.


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tRESSY are you out of your mind? Do us all a favor and drop dead.

2288 days ago


I want to lick brookes fat cooter while she licks mine. Together we would be 600 pounds of big fat girl lovin. I also want to eat the moms butt while the boys suck on each other. Hill folk do it best!

2288 days ago

chelsea lately    

I think the whole Bollea family is awful. The son is in jail but should have had a longer sentence. The attitude the Hogans have towards John is horrendus. Despite all that no one should threaten the family. Only Nick basically killed John the others had nothing to do with it. A lot of religious wackos think god controls every aspect of their lives, should we kill all of them too? As for the idiot saying marines stick together I am glad to know our military is full of nut job killers. From the statement (#8) that's what one would have to conclude.

2288 days ago


I tink they cool. They was on the tv and that make um beeter than you. You people need shut up and f off, jelous. I like that super a lot and one day i will marry nick. He look good and you people dum.

2288 days ago


Wow, most of these comments are pathetic. WTF, this all was an unfortunate accident and people should accept that and move on. I agree the Hogan family needs to keep their pie holes shut, but hasn't enough damage been done already? Two wrongs don't make anything right!

2288 days ago


i am glad they did that if it was my son i would do the same thing!
the John will never be the same again i feel so sorry for the family ( not Hulk)

2288 days ago


The only just thing that can happen is either a serious beat down or a serious beat down. Bottom line.

2288 days ago


You know, If this family had excepted the fact that there son did this to another human, and owned up to it. The
Hogan's might, just might be some where else doing there stupid shows and making asses out of them selfs. OWN UP TO IT MORONS, and you won't get threats. I think we should ask John what he thinks of all this, OOHH wait he's not able to speak, SIMPER FI my brother.

2288 days ago




2288 days ago


I have to admit, I once held respect for Hulk. Hulkamania is dead!!!!!! You would think common sense would tell you to use discretion, when you are in the public eye. Not so for the Hogan family. Parents are moving on and Nick is serving his sentence, he should be put in "general population", that would be a life lesson all by itself. yourself..........believe it or not, your family is trash!!!!! Turn your back before they drown you with them!!!!

2288 days ago


tRESSY, the War Veteran was not behind the wheel of what became essentially a death machine. And all the little spoiled brat can think about in prison is his "real-ality" show.

2288 days ago


God has it in his will for the Hulkster

2288 days ago


Hay#20 go to school and learn how to spell, you need to stop watching TV

2288 days ago

Dennis vs Rosie?    

Hulk and his family brought this upon themselves, by saying John was such a horrible person that God decided to punish him by putting him in a permanent vegetative state. If John were my relative, I'd do more than just threaten them.

Also, bear in mind that Hulk may just be making this up, having people call his phone pretending to be from the Graziano family, so he can use it against them in court. After those telephone call recordings, I wouldn't put anything past him.

Either way, I have no sympathy for the Bolleas. They made their bed, and now they have to sleep in it.

2288 days ago


It's all part of God's big plan, huh Hulk. Maybe you are a negative person and have it coming.....

2288 days ago
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