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Billy Ray: I Wasn't There, But Her Publicist Was

6/17/2008 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus just won't stop slinging the smelly stuff at Annie Leibovitz and Vanity Fair over those saucy Miley shots -- comparing the situation to "stomping in poop."

Of course, when "Today's" Meredith Vieira asked him where the hell he was when the infamous shot was taken, he apparently had more important things to do than look after his baby.


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Notice who he keeps reminding the public that he had to "play for the troops ? " Iam sure returning troops dont want to see him, Iam sure they would rather see a half n aked Miley.

2297 days ago


The one time he isn't with his meal ticket!!!! I can't stand these actors/singers who think they are too cool to take off their damn sunglasses while inside.

2297 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Seriously, is she 18 yet?

Have a great day!

2297 days ago

she looks better    

Did any of you see the Country Awards only a few nights before the pix came out?.. The dress she was wearing when she sang the duet... that dress was worse than the pix!!! It came down way too low in the back AND front, and too short on the bottom. I have two young girls and they love Miley, I hope she has learned and gets back on the right track. The family needs to just move on from it, it is so yesterday's news.

2297 days ago

where's the rest?    

Get over it ppl, it's not the end of the world. I did not stop my kids from watching Hannah Montana when these pics came out. I think everyone just jumped to conclusions (?) and assumed these pictures would cause a big uproar. I don't think that they hurt her in anyway. And as to y'all who keep saying Billy is living off his daughter, get a life. When someone has talent and has been living low key for a few years, does not mean they are washed up, etc. He made his come back the same time that Miley showed up. But no one says anything about when Miley was on "Doc" Then you could say she was living off her dad's fame. And TMZ, write the whole story, not just the parts you think will make good copy, idiots.

2297 days ago


I swear, there are southern people who are smart and not trash like Billy Rae..they just don't go into showbiz!
Annie is one of the greatest living photographers, so Billy should be grateful even took his photo. Neither of those yokels deserve any attention.
When will people wake up and start giving cred to people with true talent, not some inbred moron like Miley, Britney, Lindsay, Paris..etc. It's disgusting. These people deserve as much attention as a fly.

2297 days ago


I wish people who are talking would have seen the interview this morning. The spin that TMZ is taking on this shows exactly what the rags do.

2297 days ago


come on
billy ray was there for most of the time,her grandmother was there,annie pulled a fast one,just like she did with the queen to get her to have a picture without her crown,that is why annie is famous,she gets those shots,nobody stood up to annie and said "no way" maybe in a few years,the press started asking question's...and bang,there you have it,miley tarnished because they could not get anything else on her,annie knew what she was doing and i think miley and the rest of them got caught up with annie,stupid mistake and everyone including vanity fair and annie are back peddeling.billy ray thought his kid was in good hands.lesson learnt,let it go but if the press keep asking questions he should figure out a way to shut it down.this is such a non-controversy

2297 days ago


This is just a case of a dad, who thought the photo shoot was more over then not..He left thinking that there wasn't much left to do or see and he trusted that the pics they took were god enough. Billy Ray is justified in his anger as clearly, as soon as he left Annie (who is very intimidating) came up with the idea of the kid with a blanker around her..It was a clear case of Annie taking advantage of a situation. Poor Annie, stooping this low to keep the idea that she is "cutting edge"..she used Miley and she knows it. She took advantage of Miley and her inexperience and age. Annie Lebowitz is an oppotunist.
She is not the same calbre photographer she used to be...the last groups of pics she took were boring and predictable.
Annie has lost her edge and is now bording on being a photographer for porn.

2297 days ago


Sounds like Joe Simpson, acts like Joe Simpson, don't mess with his meal ticket!
He makes me sick!

2297 days ago


gwen o
agree with everything you said.
except the last line,don't think she has lost her edge,look at the circus these pic causes,but otherwise you are right on.

2297 days ago


Billy Ray is a pervert and a liar......

2297 days ago


"Annie, Meet the Wheels of the Bus"

Is it me or are more people using the "he/she threw someone under a bus" cliche alot lately?

2297 days ago


its all about the money, hope she doesn't turn in to another Britney spears or Lindsy Lolife

2297 days ago


Why is he wearing those sunglasses inside? He looks ridiculous.

2297 days ago
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