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Billy Ray: I Wasn't There, But Her Publicist Was

6/17/2008 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus just won't stop slinging the smelly stuff at Annie Leibovitz and Vanity Fair over those saucy Miley shots -- comparing the situation to "stomping in poop."

Of course, when "Today's" Meredith Vieira asked him where the hell he was when the infamous shot was taken, he apparently had more important things to do than look after his baby.


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He should be more concerned about what his daughter WILLING puts out on the internet and the fact that her BFF is too old for her to be hanging around what. She has a 22 year old boyfriend, why isn't he concerned about that? The pictures are over and done, but this other stuff is still going on.

2287 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

All this ass hole can see is $.

He needs to take care of his daughter, where the hell was he when those sausy shots were taken?

He was counting his money, thats where he was.

2287 days ago


You guys are dumb as hell... you know Billy Ray wasn't a stranger to being famous or putting hits out before Miley came around? He definitely doesn't "live off his daughter"

2287 days ago


gwen0, agreed. I believe he deserves credit for making sure his daughter has tried to stay a positive role model for kids. This day and age, that is hard to do.

2287 days ago


those pictures are not all they are being blown up to be BFD

2287 days ago


Just saw this on "Today" show and TMZ you have taken everything out of context as usual to make a story!! As much as I personally am not a fan of Billy Ray, he explained himself very very different then your celacious stories.

2287 days ago


At every exposure, Billy Ray Cyrus goes out of his way to confirm that he is little more than a rough-shod, tasteless, talentless, full-of-himself, name-dropping, adolescent, WHITE TRASH PUNK. His poor daughter. Good things DO happen to awful people. Enough of him already! Can someone just show him the door? Ugh!

2287 days ago


HEY HARVEY, YOUR SITE IS GETTING LIKE THE ENQUIRER!!! Merideth asked the question, he answered it. Now go report on news that's current, not something that happened over a month ago.

2287 days ago


My question is WHERE WAS MOM?

2287 days ago


Still harping on this old topic??? BO-RING!

Hey, TMZ, didn't you just love the TV Land Awards Show making fun of your show? It was CLASSIC!!!

2287 days ago


Still harping on this old topic??? BO-RING!

Hey, TMZ, didn't you just love the TV Land Awards Show making fun of your show? It was CLASSIC!!!

2287 days ago

i hate hollywood    

#15 your soooooo right. this douche bag is soooooo cool that he can't even take his sunglasses off for an interview INSIDE???? common Billy Ray, your not that cool, and your carrer is nothing anymore so stop trying to ect like a male diva superstar. Billy Ray is "southern metro" pansy boy.

2287 days ago


It's obvious Miley is just a big SEX POT!!! Every chance she gets she is posing in photos using sexual body language. Haven't any of you seen all of her cell phone photos that surfaced??? In her underwear, pulling her shirt up, pulling her shirt down to expose her bra???? Her posing like this is NOTHING NEW!!! This girl is just DYING TO POSE NUDE!!! She IS WAY OUT OF CONTROL!!!

2287 days ago


I can't believe that a parent was not with a 14 or 15 year old when she was working in a business that is notorious for exploiting everyone in it, so obviously those underage need guidance and protection. He said her publicist was there, so I guess that makes it OK. No one would every accuse me of being a "bible thumper" but I certainly feel Annie screwed up on this one. I am an admirer of Annie's photos but everyone has lapses in judgment and this is one of them.

2287 days ago


He was there for those creepy poses with his 16 year old daughter draped all over him like a lover!

2287 days ago
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