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Paris Hilton: Famewhoring Takes a Vacation

6/18/2008 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton went out in NYC last night -- at least we think it's her.

Since when has Paris been the type to cover her face or throw herself on the floor of an SUV to hide from photogs?


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Hmmm.. maybe she went to a black market surgeon and he f'd up ..

2225 days ago


Pari. It's ok to get out and abuot. just don't degrade your self. A person has to take car of Biz. just don't chase after the pops and make them stand back. After all your A business woman now.

2225 days ago


Maybe she finally realized how much the public thinks she is nothing but a piece of trash!! Run benji run!!!!

2225 days ago



with the " y " generation, will indeed
be the downfall to this country.....

2225 days ago

Just sayin'    

Maybe she has a huge zit. lol!

2225 days ago


Here's the trick, and it worked...
Paris hasn't been getting as much publicity as of late. So, being mysterious is the #1 way to perk up everyone's interest again, hello, oldest trick in the book guys. We'd all be smart to ignore it...

2225 days ago


Since I've been comparing her to Luke Russert and she And Her Whole Family came up MINUS a bizillion. Sometimes comparisons are a huge reality check.

2225 days ago


Dumped ???????????

2225 days ago


Hilton has to key a lower profile in order not to upset Benji. That’s quite obvious. It's the new "act." When the producers of a inane BFF reality show and a “Saw” type musical blood-fest get concerned that one of their “stars” is voted as one of the most over-exposed “celebrities” on the planet due to her media gluttony -- and this celebrity just released a vapid vanity film that was so bad, it literally bombed at the box office -- they start to get a little worried about the marketability of their projects. That’s when they start telling this celebrity that “less is more.”

2225 days ago


Maybe she's finally finding the love she was so desperately seeking. She might be satisfied with Benji's love and attention and is continuing to listen to his advice about avoiding the voracious press. I think Benji must have pulled the rose colored glasses off her out of control, egotistical head and finally made her aware how foolish she was looking in the media and how they ARE NOT HER FRIENDS AND NOT THERE TO MAKE HER LOOK GOOD. They are there to exploit her every move and emphasize the moves that are particularly dumb.

It appears that Paris may have finally understood this and may realize she never got love from the paps afterall. Her sister never had to learn this lesson, but better late than never.

2225 days ago


How can anyone have any respect for Hilton? She’s lied so many times during interviews in the past year alone.

She’s exposed herself to the paps in the past, crashed red carpet events. This past year, she was selling herself to casinos yelling profanities like “I want to f__k you all.” Recently, said jealous and hateful things about people on public radio, such as comparing someone’s anatomy to “cottage cheese in garbage bag.” And then she claims that she is a shy, sweet person?

Her blogs are shallow, without any substance, and all about her: “I love you all. xoxoxo” (Now go out and buy the overpriced merchandise manufacturers have created and designed that I lease my name to so that I can make more money.)

You’ve got to be kidding

2225 days ago


Maybe she forgot to put in her BLUE CONTACTS.

2225 days ago


Hilton hiding from the press? If this is her, it’s just another act. She has proven to the general public that she is a phony, time and again. Benji is not the media hound that Hilton has been for years. Remember when she walked out of that restaurant the time she forgot her rings? She couldn’t keep herself from smiling at the photogs until she looked in front of her at Benji, and the smile disappeared in a nanosecond.

2225 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Porn Star,
Porn Star,
Porn Star,,,

2225 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


I'll believe she's changed when the promised charity work doesn't involve handing out signed bikini pics of herself to hungry African kids...

2225 days ago
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