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SJP to Son: You'll Smoke It, Too!

6/21/2008 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family that smokes together, bequeaths the habit to kids together.

Mr. SJP -- Matthew Broderick -- says he still falls off the wagon and will go on a week-long smoking binge from time to time. Matthew even threw his wife under the bus and revealed that SJP is actually worse with the sticks than he is. Matty told New York magazine that his 5-year-old son has the "gene of a smoker".

Whenever he and Sarah Jessica inhale, little Wilkie becomes a curious bee and is always asking what they're doing and why people smoke.

Paula and Boytoy -- Lil' Pitchy

It lasted longer than anyone ever thought: Paula Abdul and J.T. Torregiani, her restaurateur man of over a year, have called it quits, citing their hectic work schedules.

The duo reportedly broke up two months ago and J.T has moved out of Paula's manse according to Us. Last year the "Idol" co-host said she finally found a man that was a "positive force" in her life and had even caught baby fever, saying she wanted an offspring within the next two years.

The clock's tickin', but maybe Simon and Randy can make a small donation.

Archuleta's Dad Cramping His Style

It doesn't get any cooler than going on tour with the American Idol gang and having your dad along for the ride.

David Archuleta's stage dad wouldn't miss an opportunity to cramp his 17-year-old son style -- so Jeff's going on the bus with David. Towards the end of last season, David's father wasn't allowed back stage due to his unruly interference, but has somehow managed to squeeze his way back into his son's spotlight. David's pop has his own bunk and will apparently split the parental supervision duties with David's mom from time to time.

Looks like the other guys won't be having any groupies on the bus for their own rides (via People).

Party Favors: Hillary Clinton Hooking Up with Barack

It's only been two weeks since Hil walked off the political stage, but she is getting back on the road, and will campaign with Obama next Friday according to Us. Maybe she really is throwing her full support behind him.


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second idiots

2277 days ago


Smokers suck and smokers who smoke around their children need to be locked up.

2277 days ago


Who was the stylist's ally? Was he or she in the ALLEY with her? Did your writers study English?

2277 days ago


How can you say maybe Hillary is throwing her full support behind Obama??? The woman made the perfectly CLEAR in her exit speech. It was obvious she all ready did that for Obama!!

2277 days ago


#4. They're led by a guy who couldn't cut it as a legit attorney, so instead he hired cheap labor, created a poorly written gossip site and became the classy and very Honorable Marilyn Millian's man on the street to supplement his income:

"What do you think?"

"Uh, I think she guilty cuz she be lookin guilty. You know what I'm sayin'?"

"Ok. Let's go back inside the courtroom."

2277 days ago


Well Hillary has almost regained my respect after her horrendous low-balling campaign. I didnt think she'd take a clue EVA!! but its nice to see and I wish them both well, If she behaves hopefully she could be VP. She must know that doesnt mean she's Prez.

2277 days ago


they're all jackasses...

2277 days ago


Archuleta's Dad is on his way to being the most controlling stage Dad yet. Maybe he's writing a book like Lynn Spears. He certainly doesn't have his son's best interests at heart.

Smoking gene? What the hell is wrong with all of these parents?

2277 days ago


Maybe the staff should LEARN TO SPELL!! or get a better editor the part of SJP sucks and is full of errors!

2277 days ago


Which is it TMZ Ally or Alley?? See Below Someone needs to go back to school and learn the English Language

Main Entry: 1al·ly
Pronunciation: ə-ˈlī, ˈa-ˌlī
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): al·lied; al·ly·ing
Etymology: Middle English allien, from Anglo-French alier, from Latin alligare to bind to, from ad- + ligare to bind — more at ligature
Date: 14th century
transitive verb

Main Entry: 2al·ly
Pronunciation: ˈa-ˌlī, ə-ˈlī
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural allies
Date: 1598
1 : a sovereign or state associated with another by treaty or league
2 : a plant or animal linked to another by genetic or taxonomic proximity
3 : one that is associated with another as a helper : auxiliary

Main Entry: 1al·ley
Pronunciation: ˈa-lē
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural alleys
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French alee, from aler to go
Date: 14th century
1: a garden or park walk bordered by trees or bushes
2 a (1): a grassed enclosure for bowling or skittles (2): a hardwood lane for bowling; also : a room or building housing a group of such lanes b: the space on each side of a tennis doubles court between the sideline and the service sideline c: an area in a baseball outfield between two outfielders when they are in normal positions
3: a narrow street; especially : a thoroughfare through the middle of a block giving access to the rear of lots or buildings
— up one's alley also down one's alley : suited to one's own tastes or abilities

2277 days ago


Who cares if Matthew Broderick smokes, big deal, thats his own health problems. And what a stupid comment regarding David A. dad. AFTER ALL THE KID IS ONLY 17 YEARS OLD. He is still a kid and needs a parent supervision. Its just sad that I really don't think his dad is doing for the CHILD'S benefit but for his own. But I could be wrong and hope that I am.

And of course Hiliary will be supporting Obama, the dems need to unite and she needs her bills paid. Obama has so much money that he will be able to pay off her debt without going broke himself.

2277 days ago


Broderick killed two women in Ireland.

Now he's exposing his child to secondhand smoke and raising him to be a smoker.

People like this need to be beaten severely. Their children taken away. And then be forcibly sterilized.

2277 days ago


The only brand of cigarettes that Matthew Broderick smokes is pole.

2277 days ago


I didn't know that they made cigarettes for horses?

2277 days ago


I'm really saddened to hear about SJP & Hubby being chimney's.Poor James Wilkie (sp?)
My mom started smoking when she was a teenager, she is now 66.
Last year she wasn't feeling well. She started having shoulder pain & tingling in her right hand. My sister thought it was stress, sent her to a Chiropractor, they took x-ray's, immediately told her to go to the ER.
She ended up having a HUGE Aoertic Aneurysym (not sure about the spelling).
She had to have major surgery, and was down for about 6-8 weeks. She still has not fully recovered.
It scared me so much. I always thought it would be a lung problem in the future.

The top Dr.'s in Houston said it was from all those years of smoking.
They told her Nicotine was harder to kick than Cocaine.
I grew up with her and my dad smoking in the house. Time flew by. I started begging her to quit before the age of 10.
I had been asking her to please stop my whole life (I'm 38). The more I asked, the more she smoked.
Especially if she got around other smoker's. I had to have an upper MRI last December. The Radiologist report came back and I was really upset----I have build-up around my lungs. AND I DON"T EVEN (NEVER HAVE) SMOKED OR GO AROUND PEOPLE WHO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called the radiologist and asked him about it. He told me it was due to the exposure of second-hand smoke.
I can remember my mom trying to quit over the years. Her Dr. gave her medication to try & stop, you name it.
I actually saw her chewing Nicorette gum, with a patch on her arm, and a cig in her hand.....I"M NOT KIDDING!!!
My mom is not the same, however after all of that, (PAIN MAINLY FROM SURGERY-SHE WAS SPLIT FROM ONE END TO THE NEXT!!!!!) She doesn't smoke anymore, and she doesn't have that horrible cough that smoker's have (especially when they are sick).

#10 Kay, please don't grade my blog, I know I made mistakes.

Hey Archuleta, your dad will become a weight that will drag you down, wait & see.
Remember Macauley Culkin (sp?) No, he probably doesn't he's so young. Oh well, just go look at the legal papers filed at the Courthouse.

I can't let this next one go without saying anything;
#12, Cynic - Matthew B. was involved in an accident that killed 2 people in the UK, however, it destroyed his life.
He has punished himself mentally more than you will ever know, even contemplated suicide from guilt.
It was an accident, it was not intentional.

P.S. We all need to bend over and take it up the A** (OUCH!!!!!), if Barack Hussein Obama(Osama) (he is Muslim) is elected. Did you know that he nor his wife will salute our own flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have it all over the television.
I don't want a Prez who won't salute our own flag...I have my Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Uncle's and my Dad sacrifice
in the military, during times of war. Starting way back in WWI.

As far as Paula Abdul goes, I've always liked her. Her injuries to her spine and all her pain meds have really done her in.
I think she has father issues....and that is why she never can stay with someone.
I see her with Simon Cowell. There is so much sexual tension there oon AI that they just need to go ahead & F***,
sorry Terry. I think Simon would be the only one who COULD straighten her out.

2277 days ago
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