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Amy Winehouse Officially Diseased

6/22/2008 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy WinehouseHuge shocker -- crack, cigarette and who-knows-what-else smoking trainwreck Amy Winehouse has a lung disease.

Winey's father, Mitch, spilled the beans on her hospitalization, admitting the 24-year-old has contracted emphysema -- the same disease Johnny Carson died from when he 79.

Mitch told the Daily Mail, "With smoking crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up ... She's got 70 per cent lung capacity."

Amy has been in the hospital since collapsing in her London home last week.


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Wht a shame - but she looks like some1 that will not live long Can not understand why people dont relaize when you abuse your body so severly such as she has - this will happen. Such a shame!

2322 days ago


I don't know....."impetago" when she's got sores all over her face...."emphysema" when she has "lung problems"....she looks like the walking dead....AIDS ????????

2322 days ago


Diseased now, deceased soon. And it's all her own doing.

2322 days ago


You do not get emphysema at age 24 from smoking cigarettes. This is what smoking crack and probably other things have done to her. She is DYING, not just a little sick. Age 24, emphysema and an irregular heartbeat that makes her faint are not signs of someone who is a little sick. She is going to have to stop smoking ANYTHING from now on, she will have to start taking all kinds of meds, probably have an O2 tank nearby and maybe she will be able to sing for a few more years. Freaking sad how this girl has thrown it all away. I blame her, but her "enabler" is that bastard boyfriend and his other druggie friends who screwed up her life. She is doomed and its nothing that can be reversed. This is beyond sad.

2322 days ago


Well this is Sad=(

2322 days ago

Grace Under Pressure    

Is she kicking her habit cold turkey? Man I wouldn't want to be a patient on that floor!! I can just imagine the serious drama going on in her room.

2322 days ago


does she really look in the mirror and think she looks good? who knows what the heck is growing (or living) in that mop on top of her head. at 24, she could pass for an old decrepit lady of 94. she needs to clean up her act... and FAST.

2322 days ago


70% lung capacity is not as bad as some. My brother in law has Cystic Fibrosis. He is almost 40 and has 18% lung capacity left. She has a chance with the proper help and will. It is in her hands, her choice.

2322 days ago


No soul should be so tortured. Her talent, health, self-respect and future have suffered terribly from her erratic and unstable mental condition and addictions.

To wish additional cruelties upon her is unkind, unnecessary and totally irrelevant. She obviously does not yet (and may never have) the ability to beat her addictions and mental instability.

She's hurting herself enough without the public wishing any further cruelties upon her.

2322 days ago


To #29 anonymous, yes addiction of any kind is hard to beat but it can be done. I for none know that. You either make the choice to stop what you are doing and live or you continue to say "I am an addict." I know what crack does to you, been there and done it, and I should have died the last time I smoked it. But I didn't and I swore I would never do drugs again. And I didn't. I went through cold turkey on my own. Had withdrawl for close to 3 years. Amy has made the choice to kill herself. It is obvious to me. That is what I was doing to myself during my crack year! Yes I said year. And I do agree with LennK. She needs to grow up. Grow up and accept the fact that drugs are not fun. Drugs do kill you. And accept that life is a hell of alot more better when you are clean. I have never heard Winehouse sing and I have read she is a fine singer. I am a product of the 60's. And I was told pot does not lead to other very wrong! I count myself as a very fortunate human being in that I am still alive and drug free after 22 years. I am tired of the addiction is an illness excuse. You choose the addiction. You can also choose not to be an addict. 24 years old and lost 70% lung capacity. That is horrible. She has smoked a hell of alot of crack. All you have to do is look at her to see she is a major and heavy duty drug user. I would not be surprised to see her with AIDS also. Grow up amy. You may get to like yourself.

2322 days ago


The way they wording that i thought she was dead !!!! Now she should go to rehab, not like her song says no, no, no, it should be yes, yes, yes !!! She needs to cut out the crack, i know how hard it is to stop smoking so 1 thing at a time !!!! The 1 & only hit (no pun intened) she had was that rehab song now she really should run into rehab now !!!!!

2322 days ago


Say it with me: Drugs. Are. Bad.

2322 days ago


We are the real victims here, as this disease will deprive us of her wonderful voice....

2322 days ago


the sad part is she's not going to stop and her father is retarted if he thinks a baby and his plead for drug dealers to stop selling drugs to his little crachead is going to work you know cause the one thing drug dealers hate most is a rich desperate junkie dying for a fix screw the doctors and her parents there's only one person who can fix this mess PAGING PAPA SPEARS PAGING PAPA SPEARS

2322 days ago


She is only 24?!!? Looks more like a 50 year old to me........very sad waste of talent.....

2322 days ago
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