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Karolina Kurkova -- Packing on the Pounds?

6/23/2008 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you believe the Brazilian press, this is a fat woman.

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova was blasted over the weekend for the above appearance at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. One paper called her out for having cellulite and back fat.

You know what they say, it's all downhill when you reach ... 24.


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Mad Max    

She's not fat. She's a fking GODDESS

2282 days ago


Major ButterFace!!!

2282 days ago


It is tragically sad that ANYONE thinks she's fat, model or not. No wonder so many girls/women have eating disorders. This makes me SICK!!!

2282 days ago

Nacho Philosophy!    

She's not fat. But I wouldn't pay her to wear my designs. These girls make tons of money and the designers have alot of money riding on these events so they understandably want their designs to look the best they possibly can. The designers are doing their part in paying her, so she needs to do her part in keeping in shape. She doesn't have to be stick & bones, but she doesn't need to be showing cellulite like that.

2282 days ago


She's not fat. She's untoned. All she needs is a little weight lifting.

2282 days ago


She's not fat, as in "normal" people fat (obese, etc.) -- that being said, she IS a supermodel and she should be held to a more stringent standard of acceptable weight. It's her job. I expect models to have flawless bodies and be absolutely stunning. Just like since I'm a nurse, it I let just a few of my patients die, I would still NOT be doing my job. She needs to do hers.

Why else do they deserve to be paid millions and millions of dollars each year to have someone else apply make-up to their faces, have someone else physically dress them, and for them to just simply walk up and down a runway for a few minutes every couple of weeks or so?

I will probably be attacked for this post, but I feel they should have to do some work (diet, exercise, live healthfully) to justify her making so much money for a tiny bit of work. She works for Victoria's Secret; think about it. As consumers, every time we buy a $50 bra or $10 pair of panties, she gets a pretty hefty percentage of how much money comes out of our pockets for these overpriced items. I expect her to work hard, in some fashion, for her payday. So yes, I think she looks fat; she needs to hit up her personal trainer and dietitian.

2282 days ago


I think she's overweight and could use some toning as well. It takes a pretty fat person to have back fat. Her photos made me gag, they are so nasty. I don't see why ANYONE would hire a model like that.

2282 days ago


not fat but definitely fugly! hit the gym girl!

2282 days ago


..and yet another reason why so many women have eating disorders. I'm sure she's a very healthy woman and her weight is not unhealthy. They would prefer her to be emmaciated a step away from starvation which is really messed up. A brazilian model died recently from an eating disorder...but as long as there are a few insecure jerks out there who love to pick other people apart...especially women...this problem will not go away unless women stop allowing themselves to be picked apart and judged by a few clueless idiots.

2282 days ago

Right On    

Good grief, I would nail that once from the front and twice from the back in the same session...... then watch her walk naked across the room to make me a sandwich. :) What I'm sayin' is...she looks fine.

2282 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this woman? She's not fat or skinny, perfect bod.

2282 days ago

tippy katz    

You should see me!
I am fat, ugly AND stupid!!!

2282 days ago


C'mon are too stupid to be a nurse....if you are...then that's pretty scary.

2282 days ago


Jesus, I've seen worse in a 2 piece...a little meaty, that should be the norm!

2282 days ago


not fat but not fit either

2282 days ago
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