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Larry's Wife: Rehab On Line One

6/24/2008 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry KingLarry King's wife, Shawn Southwick King, has checked into rehab for an addiction to painkillers.

A friend of the couple told the NY Post Mrs. King was seeking treatment saying, "Shawn is in rehab for medication issues related to her chronic migraine problem."

48-year-old Shawn is Larry's sixth wife.


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Well of course she's on drugs, she has to dope herself up every night to go to bed with Larry.

2311 days ago


Why are some of you people so rude? #1 comment is completly uncalled for.

2311 days ago


Do woman really still use that line?...."Not now hunnie, I have a headache." Guess I would, too, if I was married to the oldest man on earth.

2311 days ago


That is great that Shawn recognized she had a problem and took the first step by "admiting" it and entering rehab!

One day at a time.................

2311 days ago


What is it with all the stupid white tricks with nothing to do but sit on their azz and pop pills? I have NO sympathy for this. You have to do absolutely nothing with yourself except throw parties and give away money and all you can do is pop pills!?!? Get a job and stop laying around on your back whores. No one feels for you. There are people out there that can't feed their kids or make a mortgage note and the best you can come up with is an addiction to pain killers?!!?!? Looser in life.

2311 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

Chronic migraines can be a sign that your life is off track. This woman denied her long term religious beliefs to marry a living corpse of a different faith and culture.

She should have married for eternity in the Temple. Instead, she chose to worship the almighty dollar and has destroyed the lives of her children in the process.

I'm frankly surprised that she isn't addicted to heroin.

God is trying to tell you something, Shawn. You should listen.

2311 days ago


6th wife, huh?

2311 days ago


As a migrine sufferer....unless you've had one, you have no effing idea whatsoever how horrible the pain is. That being said, there are drugs on the market that are specific to real migraines, not narcotic drugs, and work almost like magic. So even though I feel for any migraine sufferer, I wonder if that's just an excuse.

2311 days ago


pretty smile.

2311 days ago


I'm just glad she recognized that she had a problem, and is able to do something about it.

Good Luck Shawn!
It's hard but you will make it!

I'm just glad she has the resources and moral support to get her the help she needs.

A lot of people do not, and they keep on using until their Liver cannot take it anymore, from using so much pain medication.

Migraine's are EXCRUCIATING, your eyes cannot stand light, you cannot stand to smell certain things, you can have constant dizziness (vertigo), which causes naseau and last but not least, the PAIN that feels like your head is in a vise. (sp?)
Add all those things up, and you feel like you spinning out of control,

I'll be praying for her, Larry, the children and their families.

God Bless! & God Speed!

P.S. For people in here making a joke out of it is sickening. They obviously do not know what it is like, it has to do with nerve endings in the brain. It's an actual medical condition.

2311 days ago


She is a Mormon and Mormon's are taught to not smoke, drink and treat your body like a temple. But when it comes to popping prescription pills, that's OK cause it's not in the Book of Mormon. I know HUGE amounts of Mormons that pop pills cause it's "acceptable" because it's presctibed by a Doctor and not illegal.

2311 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I love it

TMZ can pick the pics..!


2311 days ago

m dennings    

Poor Mormon, must be terrible to know that Larry will not be joining her in the celestial kingdom. She must be so beaten down by her family now that she disgraces them by not marrying a blue-blooded Mormon. How can she ever live with the guilt? Guess she was counting on converting him and it doesn't hurt to have money and celebrity status. Living with Larry and his views must have stretched her brain to the breaking point. Mormon women are not allowed to think for themselves - sheesh, doesn't she know that?
No matter, she's still sealed to her first hubby and will hook up with him when the time comes.
I say get off the green jello, diet drinks and hollier-than-though attitude and her headaches will improve.

2311 days ago


She's not going to get rid of that migraine til her croaks.

2311 days ago

Black Teef    

Can you imagine Larry coming at you with a woodie? Worse, having to tea-bag his saggy balls? Of course she's a druggie!

2311 days ago
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