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Larry's Wife: Rehab On Line One

6/24/2008 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry KingLarry King's wife, Shawn Southwick King, has checked into rehab for an addiction to painkillers.

A friend of the couple told the NY Post Mrs. King was seeking treatment saying, "Shawn is in rehab for medication issues related to her chronic migraine problem."

48-year-old Shawn is Larry's sixth wife.


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its a black problem    

wasnt she one of the people that brought that dr from south america here and pushed his fantastic plastic surgery techniques---which involved injecting what turned out to be automotive grease into a persons face? maybe the chemicals from that is the root cause of the pain she is enduring and thus got addicted to pain pills from?

Vanity can kill you these days---be careful. I'm dumbfounded a Mormon woman would be this vain and self absorbed given the upbringing and teachings they undergo from an early age. But than again look at Marie Osmond how desperate she has become for continuing fame and glory on earth to the point of overeating and depression.

Maybe being a Mormon isnt all that we've been led to believe it is from the higher ups. I thought they believed a spaceship picks them up from earth and they all reunite in outerspace which is their heaven, and their time on earth is not meant for all this vanity and self seeking Osmond and Kings wife apparently are following.

Phonies the whole bunch of them

2282 days ago


Just divorce Larry and you'll be amazed how your migranes go away!

2282 days ago

Let's all spell alcohol    

How can any of you morons feel sorry for Shawn's migraines. Maybe if she wasn't so vane and didn't have botox parties, she wouldn't be in this fix. She provided the place for parties for the infamous Dr. Daniel Serrano, aka Dr. Jiffy Lube. She could have been indicted as well for helping him gain customers. He was putting car grease in their faces.

I wonder if he will get someone to interview the Kings on the dangers of drugs. I guess they won't be grilled on tv..,either. Larry King should talk about addiction on his show. Since he lives with his seventh wife with addictions, he will finally be able to talk about something he knows something about.

2282 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

Wheeeeee! Scary. It looks like Southwick's lost her mind in that photo.Like she's about to become an axe murderer. Shawn? The prodercers of SCREAM 4 want to talk with you about putting on the ghost face costume for their new film.

2282 days ago


I met Shawn "Southwick" for the first time over 20 years ago. She was excited to recite her audition for a tampon commercial! She has wanted fame and fortune from a very young age. I don't care if she married a Jewish man, but what bothers me more is that she is a golddigger and sealed the deal by getting pregnant very quickly after her marriage. I believe she forced her way into his hospital room after he had a heart attack and married him right there in the room! Her son's ages are 9&8 and they have been married for 10 years....she must have jumped his bones right after he was released from the hospital! She may call herself a Mormon, but she doesn't dress or act like one. Sorry to hear of your problems Shawn, but perhaps it is caused by the injections of motor oil you had placed in your face. She may be years younger than Larry, but due to her emaciated body and over done cosmetic surgery, she looks pretty close to his age.

2282 days ago


WHOA, look at that face! Did anyone else just have a Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun" video flashback?

2282 days ago


Maybe Larry can call up Rush Limbaugh for some advice on kicking her drug habit?

2282 days ago


It's a wonder she's only addicted to pain with that ancient lizard face would certainly explain why.

2282 days ago


No. 15: That is too funny! lol.

A bit off topic, but if Shawn Southwick is "only" 48 years old, then I'm Mother Goose.

My sister, who is 12 years older than I, remembers seeing Shawn Southwick in the pages of Glamour Mag., back in the early 1970's (1973, to be exact). At the time, Southwick must have been around 21 years old. So, let's see; if it is, indeed, a fact that Shawn Southwick was a model for Glamour in the early '70's and looked to be around 20-21 at the time, wouldn't that make her approximately 55 or 56 years old?

Oh, and Shawn Southwick looks nothing now like she did back when. She's got migraines from the back-to-back surgeries she looks to have had over the years. All that general anesthesia would give anyone a permanent headache, I'll bet.

2282 days ago


All of you out there that think that just because she is "mormon" she is exempt from the things of the world you are all ignorent. I am Mormon and I love my faith. You never hear us going on these comment pages and bashing other religions just to make ourselves feel better. Most LDS people will take their shirt off their backs to help ANYONE else. So instead of making this an issue of a persons faith how about considering if this was you. And the only reliefe from these headaches is pain killers. How easy would it be to take a pill. She is an outstanding person and she has sacrificed a lot. No one should bash her religion because she has a problem. And for the idiot that says a lot of Mormons are addicted to pill popping, You are just a moron. There are a lot of Mormons that are with other religions trying to make this world a better place. And it is people like you that are destroying it because of your lack of education, So good luck to her and to any other religious or non religious person suffering with an addiction.

2282 days ago


Post #6 is from a confirmed lunatic

2281 days ago
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