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Plays the Feud,

Is Played Out

6/25/2008 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Way to represent, Ice-T.

The geriatric former rap star, embroiled in a nice YouTube diss war with Soulja Boy, officially handed in his street cred card last night with this embarrassing appearance on "Celebrity Family Feud."

For once the biggest mess in that family wasn't Coco.


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What's so great about street cred? Or is that just an LA thing meaning you have no respect for the law? The guy was playing a game show for charity. I didn't watch because I can't stand Joan Rivers.

2276 days ago

herbert mullin    

plain and simple;

this guy is a
business man.

it's all about pulling
down the cheddar.....

although it may just sting a
little, pride don't pay bills...

2276 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I think it's great that Ice T was on the show and bringing hip-hop culture into mainstream america. Making the culture part of the norm for those not part of the culture instead of being viewed as societal outcasts. Not to mention he was playing for charity - he man-ed up and did the show knowing jakcasses like TMZ were going to try and call him a punk for doing the show.


2276 days ago


I switched channels last night just in time to watch this trainwreck of insanity, I have to give props to MK at . if it weren't for him I would never have gotten the joy of Coco or Phoebe Price or even Shauna Sand and her lucite platfrom shoes. If it weren't for these crazazies I might begin to review my own impeccable mental health lol

2276 days ago


T is still the OG. Solja Boy is what kids who were listening to Britney Spears and N*Sync are listening to now...nothing but dance club pop crap that will be forgotten. His retarded ass dance will go the same way as Freak Nasty's "Da Dip" (remember that one? No...well Solja boy betta save that green!).

I think that T is awesome on Law & Order, and his band Body Count was some good in-your-face rock too.

Solja boy, on the other hand, just jumps around like an idiot making music for frat kids to listen to at the club. Maybe he can get more cred with his audience if he wore a "Hollister" shirt to his next performance. What a chump.

2276 days ago


Forget about Ice T, What the Hell happened to Joan Rivers & Wayne Newtons damn Faces,,,, SCARY, SCARY,,SCARY. Did I mention SCARY.

2276 days ago


I thought that was Joan Rivers on the right !

2276 days ago


Joan is starting to look like Suzie Wong.

2276 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

No, he handed in his street cred card over 15 years ago when he allowed his single "Cop Killer" to be recalled by his label. Homey capitulated to the boycott and rolled over rather than stand up for his first amendment rights.
Now look at him--he plays a detective on TV on one of the "Law and Order" franchises, with the always- in -shades elder hipster Richard Belzer.. Sellout.

2276 days ago

Thoroughly Annoyed    

I'd like to know why it is that if a black man (or woman, for that matter) wants to 1) Be an actor on a hit tv show playing something besides stereotypes of drug dealers or thugs 2) Wants to marry/date someone of a different race 3) Maybe thinks that allowing his label to recall a song about killing cops might hurt his label and again, just put him in a category and not get him out on the radio or sell his records to a wider fan base...all makes him a sellout, or that he has no street cred. Or, that the only reason why a white chick would want to be with a black man is because he has money. Obviously the person who wrote that is either a racist white dude or a racist black dude with no self respect.

T has been around and seen more than 99% of the folks posting anything on here, or reading this site. The fact that in today's society a black man can start out as a rapper (who should be respected for the music he put out during his time), get his own label, and then make a positive impact on people of all races, make his way into the acting world, and is trying to do things for charity - all says something about the journey that he has made as a person. A man, who in growing older, has changed and grown in a lot of ways (which is what we can all hope for) instead of still hanging out rapping the same stuff he did 20 years ago. I'm not saying he's a good actor; on the contrary, he could use a good acting coach. And I'm not saying that it isn't a little funny and he looks about as tired as Joan Rivers - he does.

Sure, it's fun to hang back and talk smack about people, However, to insult the man because he's tried to grow outside of the parameters set for him by white - and black - America is complete bull and shows a degree of intelligence close to mob mentality. I agree very much with the person who wrote number 16 on here. Most of the people who do it probably are bitter old crusty b*tches who are either flipping burgers at age 40 (the majority of the folks who called him a sellout on here) OR who are so hard up for material to write about that they have to pick on a celebrity who is actually doing something positive for a change (the writers of this site).

And yes, Joan does look a little scary. Girlfriend needs to quit it with the surgeries...

2275 days ago


What Ice T said wasn't wrong, Soulja Boy did screw over HipHop with that BS gimic rap. That song shows what a piss poor educational system can do. However Ice T is to old to be fighting with a kid, And like another person stated lets see where Soulja Boy is at in ten years when people are tired of his mindless music. Even The Game did a T.V show.

2275 days ago


My friends and I just met Ice-T and his wife Coco at a signing on Thursday night in Hollywood. They couldn't have been cooler and they do so much for others. Coco was genuinely sweet and nice and Ice "Skillet" got out of his Bentley after jamming to some tunes and took a picture with us. He was all class and I have much respect for both of them.

Thanks Ice! Much love!

2274 days ago


Soulja boy is garbage by the way the spider man dance is about catching seamen in your hand and throwing it at woman after you have had sex and women everywhere are having their children dancing this dance thinking its cute.

2188 days ago
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