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Samantha Ronson: Supermodel?!

6/27/2008 9:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's dj and Lindsay Lohan gal pal Samantha Ronson (left) at a event last month -- and British supermodel of the moment Agyness Deyn, whose birth name is Laura Hollins (right).
Sam and Agyness
Apparently, somebody's been getting style tips from watching "Benny and Joon," Charlie Chaplin films and Madonna's "Open Your Heart" video.

We're just sayin'.


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tippy katz    

Sammy could use a little under eye cover in this pic (she should get her lipstick lez girlfriend to help her with that)
but otherwise, she looks refreshingly normal, and kinda cute. Next to her, Aggy looks a little... mentally challenged.

2306 days ago


Can anyone say SCARY?

2306 days ago


And we are suppose to care about this person because......???? So she is a gal pal/girlfriend or whatever of the non-talented Lindsey Lohan? Big deal...maybe Mama Lohan can make some money off of this girl too if she adopts her and works her into the "reality show" as another daughter, who can't really act or sing.

2306 days ago


I think every single picture I've ever seen of this Samantha person shows her totally looking miserable and NEVER smiling. She looks awful with the big dark circles under her eyes....oh, and by the way, what exactly is she famous for??? I still don't know.

2306 days ago


There is no concealer that would help the Mantha's appearance other than a concrete wall. Her hair is fake. Her clothes are hobo. Her act is trash. Her friends are dregs. I feel sorry for her brother.
Spay her and enlist her bony bod. She needs some reality and service to grow her up into a real Man.

2306 days ago


they look like brandon hilton the myspace celebrity, well more the girl on the right

2306 days ago


Samantha is GROSS!! .... does she ever change her clothes?? it seems she is ALWAYS wearing that leather jacket, hat and shades,,,, and it's called conceler.... u should use it

2306 days ago

MDCRAB you always say the same trash    


2306 days ago


I agree about that Agnyss whoever! I find nothing "Cute " about her in fact she reminds me of Rumor Willis with bleached hair and everyone is constantly trashing her!

2306 days ago


No one else here has mentioned this: Doesn't Sam look like a brown eyed Lindsey? Seriously, giver her hazel eyes and they look like sisters.

2306 days ago


This Agyness Deyn is a supermodel???? Whatever happened to models being pretty and curvy (like Cindy Crawford). This chick looks like Haley Joel Osment wearing mascara....

2306 days ago

BOEING 787    

Samantha Ronson is a mess, just like Lindsay. Two of a feather flock together.
The other one looks like a boy.

2306 days ago


Sam needs to clue into the fact that she is holding on to some rebillious style that makes her look ridiculous, not rebellious. The worst are the floppy, saggy, dirty looking t-shirts she insists on sporting. The clunky non-laced up shoes are the second worst. Third worst are the skin tight jeans that accentuate thin wide spread lesgs that make her look like a spider. The hair color choice is SO beyond unflattering to her coloring that it takes away from the fact that she probably has some pretty brown eye action there, after concealer of course. But hey, at 30 if your're still trying so hard to be a fashion don't or trying to pose as someone who has street cred something is defintely wrong and not getting past the smell test of the general population. Either try harder (which would ultimately make me split a gut altogether) or darken your hair and wear men's loafers for God's sake because right now you look like a spoof of some sort. and it's just not working for you, darling.

2306 days ago


Actually, I think this look is hot, and benny and joon happened to be a damn good movie...madonna and chaplin? c'mon. and agyness is etheral and unisex and I love her!

2306 days ago


LOOK everybody! I met Samantha Ronson and she is THE COOLEST, most kind celebrity I have met in YEARS. Kelsey is very cool as well. (I've worked in the business before.) No one here that is commenting has ANY IDEA how amazing this girl is but yet there is so much hate, WHY!? Unless a person has full makeup, every one of us would have darkness under our eyes sometimes too.

Samantha is STUNNING in person because her GORGEOUS looks are not limited to the outside. She is tall, very very nice and so down-to-earth that it doesn't seem she could possibly be in that rat-race business and still be as phenominal a success as she is! If any one of you had the chance to meet her you would jump on the same bandwagon as we all did AGAINST THE ATROCIOUS PAPS that challenged the Malibu surfers last weekend. (Those surfers didn't go to someone else's place to challenge them like the PAPS did them. The PAPS showed their true dirty colors and now everyone hates them.) Samantha is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS and when you each look at yourselves in the mirror and act half as good as she is, then you have something to be thankful for. Samantha has not had her day yet and when that comes, you'll be surprised at how interesting she is and how suepr down-to-earth she naturally is. For every Sam fan here, you're in the right place. And if you don't know her and feel like judging her, stop - yours is a lost cause. Samantha is very VERY SWEET and a true good person. Keep an eye out for her continued bright future.

2306 days ago
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