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They're So Gangsta!

6/28/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a real tough side of Hollywood and some stars have been known to embrace their inner thug. But not the posers in this gallery. It takes more than a bandana to gain street cred.
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No Avatar


Why would anyone pretend to be black?

2306 days ago


Gangsta? Street cred? What? Who writes this crap and how old are they?

2306 days ago


Bandanas have been worn for a very long time by a very diverse bunch of people. In fact, COWBOYS wear them and there ain't nothing gangsta about cowboys.

2306 days ago


At least he shaves his unibrow.

2306 days ago


At least he shaves his unibrow.

2306 days ago

Princess Poon    

Harvey Levin looks more and more like Phyllis Diller every day.

2306 days ago

Ben's getting taken to the cleaners    

I agree with the first post!

Why would you pretend to be black? Who would want to be black? Not me!

2306 days ago

Amazing T!    

I love when spoiled suburban white kids try to act gangsta!
Nothing makes me laugh harder than when I see a 17 year old kid driving around in a BMW that his parents bought him with 20 inch rims and a big thumpin' system flashing gang signs and saying 'Westsiiiiide, Dawg'
West side of what? That Fred Segal over there?
If those kids were ever in a real ghetto, they'd pull up their $300 baggy pants and run home crying to their overly Botoxed mamas!

2306 days ago

W. ZZais    

This kid Carter like, his older Brother isn't man enough to carry 50 cents nuts in a sack! Both brothers need
to be bitch slapped by Lil Kim. Just NO Talent White Trash trying to make a dollar! Get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call Micheal Jacckson he's got a couple dollars for ya! No Talent "want to be" sissy boys. Arron ask your
brother for a Reach Around next time, you HOMO!!!!!!

2306 days ago

richard angelo    


that's EXACTLY what your daddy
told me up in the big house;

after i MADE him toss up my salad and
get squeeze out some dressing for it.

2306 days ago

W. ZZais    

I am WHITE and ashamed to be in the same race with Arron and Nick "Has Beens" "Want to Be's" "Carter.
Both would be my Jail P#$$y! I'd pass them around for smokes!!! Punk ass losers who couldn't wipe a real
brothers ass let alone imitate one. Tough growing up with money, especially when it runs out and you have to
get a real job!!!!! Send SNOOP GOG OVER TO KICK SOME FIZZLE SNIZZLE! These two Carter Boys are
as phony as "CON-A-WAY" WEST. That West Boy is a punk ass mommy's boy too!!!!

2306 days ago

richard angelo    


last thing i'm defending are
these little boys or a race;

it's just dripping remains
of a drunken night like you.

such a waste of life that never had ANYBODY
in your pathetic existence living off the system.

YOU are the problem with
this country and society.....

2305 days ago


Umm....I don't think the little dweeb is trying to gain any street 'cred'. I think he's trying to cover up his acne....

2305 days ago


i totally agree with elisexoxoxo

even know im a white female teen i love when white kids act gangsta they would'nt know what "The Hood" was if it hit them in the balls
oh wait they don't have any!

2305 days ago


I do think the Carters have talent, but Aaron burned out at an early age. We have to remember this kid's mom is mentally ill and the father lived off of their earnings. He has problems but they are clearly connected to the fact that he simply didn't have the love and guidence healthy parents would have given him. I think he deserves a break, his siblings seem to love each other and he is still just a kid mentally. I hope things work out for him because I am the mother of a 23 and 22 year old and looking at this boy's eyes, just looks like he is lost.

2305 days ago

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