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Kid Fashions Have a Cult Following

7/2/2008 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because your kids don't belong to a polygamous religious sect, doesn't mean they can't dress like they do!
The Devil Wears Pajamas
Now that they've had their children of the corn returned to them by the government, members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints have created an online shop so all kids can wear creepy Laura Ingalls-esque, polyester uniforms. Perfect gifts for a teen readying for their first, second or third marriage!

The unisex site features everything any wannabe brainwashed, homeschooled, inbred, God-fearing child could need to fit in at Walnut Grove Elementary. All items -- from Pilgrim dresses to overalls -- meet "the FLDS standards for modesty and neatness." The devil wears long underwear!


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I didn't know people on welfare could afford such expensive clothes

2273 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

All religions are cults that brainwash people....

Hey kids no one knows anything about how the world or anything about how we were created..Science gives the best possible answers, and other than that everything is a lie..

Everyone should join the darkside...There is actually more truth there than the bible...hahahaha

2273 days ago


VERY EXPENSIVE! I was raised Mormon, not FLDS but got out of that religion once I was smart enough to know what the heck it was all about! Only one person left in my family is still LDS. Funny how that works.
I feel bad for the kids on the site modeling for the clothes. They have NO CLUE what life awaits for them!

2273 days ago


You guys are ignorant. No one has ever said that the FLDS aren't allowed technology!!!
It's pretty sad we can't have more tolerance for people that are different than us. Just because someone looks or dresses or acts different than you doesn't mean that they are free game for us to ridicule.

2273 days ago


I was taught religious tolerance, but there is a very thin line at times.

Polygamy crosses that line. Sexual predators who use "religion" to prey upon children. Charlatains and televangelists who prey upon the elderly and uneducated in order to profit from donations that they can ill afford is outrageous. Parents who use their religious beliefs to withhold medical care for seriously ill children crosses the line. Religions that tolerate or approve of violence toward other religions or races crosses the line.

Then there are the real nutjobs who roll their political beliefs, sexual fantasies, sadistic natures and overall creepiness into a "religion" in order to make their creepiness "legal". That's not religion, that's a cult and you can't tell me any different.

2273 days ago

yes ok    

These people are disgusting pedophiles, may they burn in hell!!!

2273 days ago


Maybe Hollyweird should follow this trend..we would see alot less cracks and crevices if that were the case.

2273 days ago


Mad creepy!
And why do the women all have long mullets?

2273 days ago


These "Whack-O" perverted men have sex with little girls!!!!!!!

Don't give them anything!!! I wouldn't give them the time of day much less my money!!!!!

The men should ALL be tossed in the slammer for life and the women need to be de-progammed as they are totally brainwashed!!!!! They are the Stepford Wives Gone Amish!!!!!!

2273 days ago



2273 days ago


I wouldn't expect anything less than hate-filled nonsense in the comments section where people can post anonymously, but I'm really disappointed in the original article from you, TMZ Staff. I have a lot of issues with FLDS too, but it doesn't give me the right to talk about them in such an insulting way. What's worse, you've managed to make fun of and trivialize whole groups of people who have done nothing in this situation - homeschoolers, God-fearing people (I assume you mean the religious), and of course those who grew up in rural America (i.e. your Walnut Grove comment).

I visit the site daily and love your irreverant humor and funny stories about celebrities in the public eye, but I've got to draw the line when you make generalized comments about large groups of people who are NOT in the Thirty Mile Zone. I believe that's the definition of prejudice, which the whole world is better off without. It's interesting to me that the only people it's OK to insult today are those with traditional views (and I'm talking about the groups I mentioned specifically, NOT FLDS).

Naturally, this kind of post (which contains neither profanity nor hate) is bound to be attacked ad nauseum. Let the insults begin; it's fine with me, since TMZ has just lost this loyal reader anyway. Thanks, TMZ, for these two steps backward in our country's pursuit of tolerance and diversity.

2273 days ago



TMZ, you will crucify anyone who makes a racial slur or comment, yet take these uneducated, childish immature swipes yourself!! Not only are you bigots, you're hypocrites!!

2273 days ago


Did anyone notice that the model under "Teen" is like 7 or 8 years old?! And the sizes start at size 8. These are little girl sizes not teen sizes.... I guess real teens 13+ have a married ladies catalog.

2273 days ago


That website is so creepy!!! Those poor kids!!

2273 days ago


Actually, "Someone about to get raked", they do have a right to talk trash about any religion they want, it's called free speech. You however, do NOT have a right to NOT be offended. Sorry. You got to take a little in order to give a little. I personally am happy that people have the right to offend me, I wouldn't want it any other way.

2273 days ago
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