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Kid Fashions Have a Cult Following

7/2/2008 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because your kids don't belong to a polygamous religious sect, doesn't mean they can't dress like they do!
The Devil Wears Pajamas
Now that they've had their children of the corn returned to them by the government, members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints have created an online shop so all kids can wear creepy Laura Ingalls-esque, polyester uniforms. Perfect gifts for a teen readying for their first, second or third marriage!

The unisex site features everything any wannabe brainwashed, homeschooled, inbred, God-fearing child could need to fit in at Walnut Grove Elementary. All items -- from Pilgrim dresses to overalls -- meet "the FLDS standards for modesty and neatness." The devil wears long underwear!


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Looks like all those kids on the website are from the same father.

2302 days ago


ok, how can they do this, when they aren't soppose to have internet.. and WHO THE HELL would want to dress like that anyway.. I can't believe people are really buying this crap.. I am going to start a line..... dang it..

2302 days ago

next president    


2302 days ago


not all home schooled kids are freaks ..........just some!!!! but not alll

2302 days ago


Naturally, this kind of post (which contains neither profanity nor hate) is bound to be attacked ad nauseum. Let the insults begin; it's fine with me, since TMZ has just lost this loyal reader anyway. Thanks, TMZ, for these two steps backward in our country's pursuit of tolerance and diversity.

Posted at 1:10PM on Jul 2nd 2008 by someone about to get raked over the coals


Well, let me be the first to nauseate you. Tolerance and diversity have nothing to do with this freak scene. Neither does Christianity for that matter. However, there is a wealth of sexual exploitation, fraud, and statutory crime going on with these a-holes. That's okay, though, right? As long as everyone can be respected and protected so that they can to do their own thing no matter how injurious it is. With that sort of perverted logic, it's easy to see how cults get their diseased members.

2302 days ago


I said I was going to stop reading TMZ, but in thinking about it longer, it's only fair to give them a chance to respond before deciding that. I'm awaiting their thoughts.

In the meantime, I will say again that my comments have nothing to do with FLDS. Therefore, all the comments about sexual exploitation, fraud and the like are not relevant for me. What I am referring to is TMZ characterizing those who homeschool, believe in God, or live in the sticks in such a negative way (in other words, lumping these groups of individuals in with the FLDS). I really don't care what anyone thinks of FLDS, and I'm certainly not going to defend them. I'd just like TMZ to remove the insinuation that if you homeschool, believe in God, and live in the sticks, you must be a crazy cult-following loon.

Maybe FLDS believes in God, maybe they live in the sticks, maybe they homeschool. This does not mean, according to rules of logic, that ALL people who do one or more of these things are then FLDS members and guilty by association. THAT is my point.

2302 days ago


Where's the maternity section???

2302 days ago


I don't know why I feel the need to clarify, but my mention of tolerance and diversity was not directed at FLDS. Not in the slightest. It was about the fact that these other groups (homeschoolers etc) deserve a little tolerance and should be considered as one of many groups that make our country wonderfully diverse. We don't make blanket statements about people based on the color of their skin or their country of origin; nor should we make them about people who educate their children at home or live on a farm. That's all. THOSE are the people I'd like to see us have a bit of tolerance for in the name of diversity. Clear as mud?

2302 days ago


Homeschooled kids are not all like this. Most of us are perfectly normal, functional, well-dressed people.

That said, the little girl on the left is freaking me out. It's like she's staring into my soul and planning to devour it.

2302 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Our culture is virtually intolerant with any issue, Gruop or individual who strays from our very strict Victorian rules regarding Sex and Religion.
The Government had been trying to get these people for years and finally had to use a roose phone call to do it....and then c ouldn't get theyre kids back but under "terms andconditions" that would allow continued investigation and might free the state from liability.....rather tan allow as the supreme court determined that they had n o right and authority.
I hope they sue the living piss out of the state of Texas!
I agree that some abuse may have taken place as always happens in every organization every where, what do you want perfection? It happens in every Human organizatoin on earth!
I do thouroughly disagree with exploiting and manipulating the government services and welfare system. If you want to screw all these women then you should be able to pay for your pleasure and not me!

2302 days ago



2302 days ago

Mad as Hell    

This is creepy. Notice how all the little girls in the photos have hairdos that make them look more like adult women than children?

Freaks, I tell ya. Freaks.

2302 days ago


They quoted this on their website "and they did not wear costly apparel, yet they were neat and comely. Alma 1:27 " . But when you check out their affordable clothing they are charging more than the Gap and Gymboree. They charge $65.93 for overalls and $31.81 for jeans for a baby!!! I'm sorry, Wal-Mart sells more affordable clothing and if you wanted to get more affordable you could go to goodwill and get the same look they are going for.

2302 days ago


Ok, I homeschool my kids and I am in no way a freakish polygamist. That was a bit insulting.

2302 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Chicken Stripper,
1.I said that I'm sure there was and is abuse as is the case in every organization religious or secular
2.I don't agree with manipulating and exploiting the welfare system and tax resources to pay for their lifestyle
3.I never take any heed or creadence to anything that anyone says or wrires who has left or been put out of any organization!
4.We as a culture stand alone against the world in our bizare and freekish views of sex and morality including our prudish vic torian/puritanical notions that lead us to believe we can impose ourselves and beliefs on others.
Most cultures in the worls have no such things as "age of consent/stautory rape' laws or if they do they are a complete different concept that are applied in such a way that protect the Human Right of the young person to make decisions regarding their own lives and bodies and protect their right to privacy.
Where prepubescent CHILDREN are involved? It's a no-brainer since they are not equipped ether way and it's not an option for them. Abuse clear and simple. A UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD OVER. A young Adult person is another matter. Our culture cannot seperate the two. We see all young people as children and treat them that way and they therefore often act that way in our culture.

2302 days ago
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