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Judge's Daughter: Right to Bare Arms

7/4/2008 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Monica ChairezEvery family has a black sheep -- but in Chairez family, the black sheep is smokin' hot.

Monica Chairez is the Coed of the Week on -- and daughter of Nevada Supreme Court candidate Don Chairez. She told the Las Vegas Review Journal that her "family has always known about this and are 100% supportive of me."

If she can't pull in the swing votes, no one can.


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Worth a TAP!!! I would tap this hotty 8 ways to Sunday.

2303 days ago


nice bod but the face is average

2302 days ago



2302 days ago


The body looks fine, but there's something gross about her face. Not ugly, of course, but certainly not to my taste.

2302 days ago

corn dogs YUMMY    

TOE my goodness!!

2302 days ago


She is cute and looks just like her Dad with thinner eyebrows.

2302 days ago


Is he oiling her butt like Hulk Hogan? Roll over and grab the lawn chair, Daddy's home.

2302 days ago


Her thigh and hands prove, she's a he.

2302 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

WTF? Whois Jose? His name is Don. TMZ Racist?

2302 days ago

Evan Forrester    

Monica is a sweet and beautiful young woman and doesn't deserve the lewd and hurt-filled comments others have left. I suppose those types of commenters are hiding behind their PCs making self-love to themselves over her images while getting their jollies off trash talking her.

2302 days ago


don chairez is a super nice man who is also very bright-he would have made a fantastic AG. HE would have cared about the little people who work for him.

As for his daughter-leave her alone. You can see a lot worse going to a nightclub-the girl is a wearing a bikini for heaven's sake!

It sounds like her ex-boyfriend lied about her status as a Playboy Bunny to build himself up and he also lied about the nature of their relationship. She called him on it.

Good for her-why should she sit by and say nothing while this jerk spreads lies at her expense?

2302 days ago

Bob Booie    

lets hope her father doesnt rub suntain lotion on her butt and inner thighs like Hulk did with his daughter Brooke

2302 days ago


loser slut embarrassment to the family

2300 days ago

Marcia Mabrey    

OMG!!! Looks like she has Verne Troyer hands...creepy.

2299 days ago


Her father is great guy. And she is one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met. They are both stand up people and assets to our community. Her profession should in no way effect her father running for the Supreme Court. He is very family orriented man, just because he created a hot daughter, he should not be criticized. Her entire family has been extremely supportive of her modeling career. She has also just graduated from college, proving that she also has the brains, not just the looks. Monica has never been anything but extremely nice to everyone she meets. Her ex is an extremely spiteful and vengeful person. And he has his comming to him. His slanderous comments are not being overlooked. I dont know what he is thinking... her dad is a judge!

2295 days ago

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