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It Ain't Just the Fridge

7/7/2008 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So the Newsroom Cafe -- where Lindsay, Jeremy Piven, Lenny Kravitz and Kim K. hang -- claims the City Health Department gave them a C grade (which, by the way, is wretched) because the refrigerator was a few degrees off. They forgot to mention a few other things, like mold.

We got hold of the inspection report. Among other things, the city found mold inside the ice machine. Glasses on the bar had gnats that went in for a landing. Some of the shelves were dirty. The waiters' counter had paint chipping off. And restaurant workers were placing cut watermelon in the sink.

As for the fridge -- problems with potatoes, feta cheese and the meat drawers.


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something smells    

Enjoy joy out more :)

2264 days ago

Andrea Knoll    

This place has got super skanky recently. I ended up walking out of
there after an unpleasant incident with a dirty fruit squeezer. Yuk!
Celebs be warned.

2264 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Some dirt and germs are easily tolerated by most of us.

Recently, I was sitting at a bar, waiting for carry-out dinner order. As I sat there, I watched the bartender "wash" the glassware. It was: dip glasses in soapy water for a few seconds, then dip glasses in rinse water for few seconds, then place on drying rack for a few seconds, then place glasses on racks for the next customer.

Ick! I was so glad that I had declined a drink while I was waiting for my order. It's just not how I wash my glassware, but I guess they must have passed minimum standards for a restaurant/bar.

2264 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Not only has TMZ not posted the birth of Sunday Rose to Nichole Kidman, they also have not posted the birth of a son to Matthew Mc Conoughey. Go figure.

2264 days ago


Are all you that friggin naive?!?! If you think that 99% of all these problems don't happen in almost every restaurant you go into everyday... well then... you're just ignorant. I'd like to see most of your kitchens. HA! you'd probably get a much worse score. Not only am I an employee of the Newsroom but I've also been working in restaurants for the past 20 yrs. EVERY kind... Fine Dining, High Volume, you name it! They all have issues like these. No matter how hard you try! Health inspectors pop up at random. Allot of it has to do with luck. Sure some things can be avoided with better attention but somethings are just going to be overlooked. I've always wished that most people should be made to work in a restaurant for at least one year of their life. Not only would they shut their mouth next time they wanna bitch but they would also learn how tip better. NO the Newsroom is not the same since Chef Eddie sold the joint. He was the Backbone. The Creative force behind the place. But... You still have the same guys, making the same recipes that Eddie created since day one. And... If you don't think Eddie had those problems too... Again... Ignorance at it's finest! I see the inner workings of the Newsroom. I work there. I'm a health freak. My temple is my body. I eat there almost everyday. And I will continue to even after I'm gone. As for the rest of you... Go apply at a restaurant and get back to everyone in a year. We'll see where you're at then...


2263 days ago

concerned server in la    

I concur with the above comment. I don't care what restaurant it is - they all have problems unbeknownst to the average patron- it's impossible to know this unless you work in them. Every restaurant does what ever they have to do to keep their A, but there are times when some things are overlooked. Like the previous comment, if everyone's kitchens were inspected randomly by the health inspector how many of you would have failed ? You may not be serving the public, but you are certainly seving family and friends. At least you know what's going on with the NR. and these are fixable concerns which , according to the health department are being taken care of. Unfortunately you can't say that about all the others. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security just because you see an A. Problems will always be there lurking behind the not so fool proof letter system

2263 days ago


#19, you're DISGUSTING and people like you are the reason PEOPLE GET

if you've worked in the food industry for 20 years and still don't
understand the dangers of unsafe food handling and
cross-contamination, YOU NEED A NEW EFFING CAREER!!!!!

i'm a baker and i've quit several jobs because they were just foul
and no where near acceptable kitchen conditions. i wish Gordon Ramsey
could get a look at your kitchen, I'd LOVE to hear his comments on it!

you obviously don't care about the customers who are eating the
filthy food you prepare - for example letting cut fresh fruit like
watermelon TOUCH a sink is just unacceptable.


you disgust me, PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

2263 days ago
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