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Suit Says NFLer

McNabbed Disabled Kid's Space

7/7/2008 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Offsides! A woman has blown the whistle on ballers who park their whips in handicapped spaces in front of a N.J. restaurant.

Maryann Cottrell -- whose daughter is severely disabled -- is suing the Landmark Americana Tap and Grill for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. She says the joint lets perfectly healthy people -- like Donovan McNabb and Jeremiah Trotter -- park in those spots for no good reason.

McNabb was fined by a judge back in 2006 for parking in the Landmark's handicapped spots. McNabb wasn't actually driving the car that got the ticket, but was fined because he's the owner.

The Landmark couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

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dallas fans are morons    

GO EAGLES!!!!! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2263 days ago


sure we feel sorry for her. but it is a another bull lawsuit. Everyone is doing it look at california

2263 days ago

old news    

Do you have any idea how OLD this news is? WTF?

It was already proven that McNabb was in the hospital or just home from hernia surgery when it happened and was NOT the one in the car.

Come on TMZ. Seriously. I thought you were better on top of things than this.

2263 days ago


Dont' you have enough freaking parking spaces anyway?!?!? Why in the hell do there have to be 40 in every lot. There are NEVER that many handicap people unless it's some sort of convention and in that case 4- wouldn't be enough. Stop your griping and get over it. The WHOLE world doesn't stop because your son can't walk.

2263 days ago


Good for her! My husband is an amputee and we often park in the non-handicapped spaces when we can just because of people who are old or more disabled can have them. I think the idea that these are wealthy and healthy atheletes makes it even more of an insult that they take the handicap spots .. arrogance at it's finest.

2263 days ago

tippy katz    

WOW, #5, "Well," you have such a good point! People who can't walk are so annoying!
They already have at least 2 spaces in every parking lot! Now, they actually have the nerve
to expect to be able to PARK in them! What whiners!!!!
They should be honored that a rich, famous, able bodied athlete is parking in their space!
Apparently, the whole world DOES stop because Donovan McNabb needs his steak and fries REAL BAD!!!!
Idea: Why not put in some "Overpriviledged Bloated Lunk Head Self-Important Athlete" parking NEXT TO the handicap parking???

2263 days ago


Well..if they will take the handicap parking spots at Walmart..they're sure gonna take em there :P

2263 days ago


HEY #3.......YOU may need to re-take your license since YOU can not read! If you actually do something other than read the two sentence title, you will SEE that this is NOT old news fool. The court doc. reads "July 3, 2008". Now, I am not sure where you are from, but three days ago is not really old news in most parts. Think (and read....and get all the information....and use your brain...and.... ) before you B-i-#-C-H.

2263 days ago


This lady is crazy!! she has been kicked off of Rowan University's campus bc she literally drives around and takes pictures of non handicapped people in handicapped parking spaces. She also did it at the local public school and every other place a handicapped person can park in town.

2263 days ago

Gimme a Break...    

Aren't the POLICE responsible for ticketing people for illegally parking? Why is the restaurant being sued? If they are not accomodating, take your business elsewhere!

2263 days ago

old news    

It happened in 2006.

OLD NEWS that was already proven (by local news authorities) that McNabb wasn't there. She's starting this suit NOW, but it happened in 2006.

Again, OLD NEWS #8, you moron.

2263 days ago


I don't understand this. Did this lady go to the restaurant and couldn't park in a handicap spot because a vehicle owned by McNabb was parked there?? How did this lady find out?? I'm not sure I understand why she is suing the restaurant when the owner of the vehicle received a ticket for parking in a handicap spot when they shouldn't have. I don't see what she is expecting to get out of this. Especially since she seems to have no direct cause in this case except for the fact her daughter is handicapped.

2263 days ago

old news    

this is old news 'round here in south jersey. plus it was NOT mcnabb, but his assistant. lastly, that lady is a menace to gloucester county.

2263 days ago

benjamin tony atkins    

in donovan mc NAPPY's case, the
handicapped designation is quite suitable.

the way he has moved like molasses
on the field the past 3 seasons qualifies.

2263 days ago


What "really" said is true! I live in the same town as this woman and Landmark Grill. She has been kicked off Rowan University's campus (Rowan is right benhind Landmark.) She will even take a picture and try to go to court with it if you are parked next to a handicapped spot and your tire is TOUCHING the blue line. But this is the best part - she parks in handicapped spaces when she DOESNT HAVE HER CHILD WITH HER!!!!! That is just as bad!!!!!

2263 days ago
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