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Cheryl Burke -- Sore Ass Loser

7/8/2008 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cheryl Burke placed third in yesterday's Great Ass poll -- generating an abysmal 10% of the votes -- so we wanted to know, how's it feel to lose to that chick from "High School Musical"?


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Dawn Day    

I have that same necklace!

2266 days ago


you should ASS someone else.....she's always drunk.

2266 days ago


I think that TMZ is being paid to trash Cheryl Burke's career and that kind of vibe never never never works. On the one hand, TMZ cannot and will not stay out of her face because as far as I can see from these stupid videos, TMZ is initiating all contact with her and is egging the crowd on to call her names. And then TMZ wants to call her a D-lister. Make up your minds, is she is not worth the publicity, why are you in her face??? I am urging all persons I know to leave AOL as an internet carrier because apparently there is money being earned at the expense of a young lady's career. I believe it is allowed because of possible prejudice at AOL. I am also strongly advising Cheryl Burke to sue AOL to get the money they are making and losing for her back.

2266 days ago


Who cares... I can't stand her! She thinks she's all that. For being a dancer, I can't understand how she has back fat.

2266 days ago


She's an athlete, not a centerfold. Her body looks great in motion!

2266 days ago


I dont get why they're so mean to her. Is it just because she got a little tipsy..whats the big deal?

2266 days ago


Ha..well, most of the DWTS dancers are toned up, but Cheryl isn't in that great of shape compared to the rest of them..

2266 days ago


So high school. Grow up!

2266 days ago


Talk to real celebs! Cheryl aint but more than just a wannabe.
Even C-Rated Pauly Shore is more of a celeb than this bitch.

2266 days ago


Just leave the girl alone,she party,she go to the beach and even having a regular night here,your all over her face and so disrespectful of her.Your defaming her character and ruining her career.I hope she would sue at some point.You guys are stalking the girl to destroy her.I dont see her breaking any law or hurting any person out there or even causing any trouble to anyone,what is it that she do that you guys are so fascinated trashing her for?

Good God leave Chery Alone!

2266 days ago


old old old
For someone who is pushing fifty, she should take any compliment she gets.

2266 days ago


This woman is responsible for all the embarrassing things she does on these videos. It's not TMZ. She is giving TMZ the ammunition. If she spends time in the gym or at home or wearing a one piece modest bathing suit in the beach, there wouldn't be anything bad to say against her. These people defending her annd blaming TMZ are so blindsided by their obsession with her. Wake up you Filipino fans of hers and all the old women in America, this woman is nothing but a hair flipping whale who doesn't deserve any accolades nor respect. She is shaming women in this world with all he bad decisions she makes in public.

2256 days ago


She's an athlete? I beg to differ. Athletes are lean and fit. And they dont get drunk every night.

2256 days ago

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