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Miss Washington Blames Seedy Friends

7/9/2008 9:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Washington should know better -- everything shows up on the Internet!

In a press conference today in Tacoma, Wash., Elyse Umemoto said the photos posted earlier today on TMZ were "stolen electronically" by someone she trusted.

Miss Bad Apple claims the photos were shot over two years ago, while she was Miss Seattle. The Executive Director of the pageant tells us the matter has been referred to authorities for investigation, although when we talked to local cops, they had no idea what we were talking about.

Umemoto -- who gets to keep her crown -- will be on hand this Saturday night to crown her successor.

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No Avatar


Who cares!!! The photos are not that bad! Its not like shes posing naked or putting out a porno, shes just having fun and partying like kids her age do.

What i believe that she has done wrong is have her take the blame for the photos and stick up for herself, rather then to hide and blame others. People will back off if you defend yourself, otherwise this deal is going to get a whole lot messier.

2267 days ago


54. Elyse is not a “Celeb” to me, she is a good friend. (And FYI we did cheer and room together....and SO WHAT about that lesbian experience? It was TOTALLY innocent. We had a couple wine coolers, IT HAPPENS!!!)

2267 days ago


It is one thing if your a homecoming queen, prom queen, or a pumkin festival queen and make yourself look like a cheap two bit skank, BUT if your representing an entire region like a state I'm guessing to have reached that pinnacle you probably have showed some class, dignity, respect and RESPONSIBILITY of who you are and what that title represents. Your not only showing the citizens of the United States what type of person you are, but internationally. People in other countries judge us by what they see, and what they see is how the youth of the U.S. has declined. It makes me cringe when some person in Sweden or Argentina picks up the paper or looks at these photos on the internet letting the world know that this is America. Sad.

2267 days ago

Mary Worth    

I live in a glass house; so, I can't throw stones. I have numerous skeletons in my closet.

Glad Miss Washington apologized. BUT, it would have been a bigger scandal if she had placed a couple notches higher. She would have become Miss America. And she did a very good vocal with "Angel".

2267 days ago


I looked up too miss Washington and everything it represents;( Just lets me see how fake someone is! She is a liar and should have crown taken away I heard she did not graduate from PLU for CHEATING ON TEST Not someone i would want hangout with!

2267 days ago


I've never seen a beauty queen raise her middle finger at a camera before. I wonder if she takes it in the butt sometimes?!

2267 days ago


Who really cares about this? another nobody chick that got 15 seconds of fame.. big deal next thing you know she'll be spending time in the slammer for DUI and promising to change the world when she gets out... oh wait...

2267 days ago


All I see in these pics is a young, modern woman partying with friends. She let her guard down, which turned out to be a humiliating mistake.

2267 days ago

Larry Fuller    

This shows that even though you think you're the hottest thing and can flip the bird anytime you want, you do NOT have any class , dignity or grace. That little girl should be removed from her crown NOW!! She isn't showing any respect for the organization that sponsored her to the crown. To top it all off, she isn't even that pretty!!!!!!

2267 days ago


Blah, blah, blah. Blame someone else...same old story. She doesn't look sincere at all. She is a disgrace!

2267 days ago


I jaust watched the video. No smile,about to cry.Knows she is caught and now it will come out she likes women.She is sitting on a gold mine,needs to learn how to use it in the right way.

2267 days ago


I agree with Kay. Enough of the pageants already! Times have changed and they are old fashioned and boring as HELL! Not to mention the brilliant gilrs who win, or participate! Bah! Pageants are tacky, and it seems lately pageant winners are no one for our young girls to look up to!

2267 days ago


Miss Washington says; "The fact is that these pictures were stolen from me". What a lame excuse. The REAL fact is that these pictures are of you. I would have accepted this excuse; "The fact is that my life was being threatened and I was forced to take these photos of me doing incredibly stupid things." The person who 'stole' these pictures from you should receive a medal for exposing to the world how truly undeserving you are to wear that crown.

2267 days ago

Miss Spell    

Apology NOT accepted. All she did was put the blame on someone else.

2267 days ago


White trash skank ho.

2267 days ago
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