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Miss Washington Blames Seedy Friends

7/9/2008 9:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Washington should know better -- everything shows up on the Internet!

In a press conference today in Tacoma, Wash., Elyse Umemoto said the photos posted earlier today on TMZ were "stolen electronically" by someone she trusted.

Miss Bad Apple claims the photos were shot over two years ago, while she was Miss Seattle. The Executive Director of the pageant tells us the matter has been referred to authorities for investigation, although when we talked to local cops, they had no idea what we were talking about.

Umemoto -- who gets to keep her crown -- will be on hand this Saturday night to crown her successor.

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That is rich, blaming someone else for her actions! Stupid trashy bitch, they should take her crown away.

2295 days ago


Our whole society is going in the toilet if we are to believe the morons here who defend her actions by saying 'that's what modern young women do', as if it's acceptable behavior just because 'everyone' does it. This is EXACTLY why there are needs for positive role models for children and young people, so they don't grow up thinking acting like a douche and embarrassing your family name are the only options. Don't you people get it?

Furthermore, this is acceptable behavior for no one. Just because the behavior is becoming widespread, does not mean all your morals go in the toilet. Acting like a two-bit skank has never been a viable way to get ahead in the world, and when it becomes a viable way, we will all suffer. I guarantee it.

2295 days ago


Why are you aplogizing? There isn't a tit shot or an upskirt within 100 miles of you. Give us a nice long sex tape and then, and only then, will we accept your apology.

2295 days ago


TMZ loves to ruin lives. What happened is that girls's business. Go pick on those that deserve it like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, & Britney Spears. Paparazzi are too stupid to realize those bimbos are trying to screw up so that they can make headlines. They're that stupid!

2295 days ago

Is it really that shocking?    

Please. If people are freaking out over these photos, they should seriously go check into what their own perfect children are posting on or on myspace. I guarantee you you'll find your precious little valedictorian or some other child who could never do wrong probably doing something in bad taste...Absolutely nothing is private material anymore because our pop culture makes it that way. Whoever contacted the media over this garbage is just looking to create drama and feed our society's ever growing obsession with being in everyone else's business. Nobody's perfect when their in their twenties. Get over it.

2294 days ago


Eventually her own PORN video will come up so that she can become infamous like Kim Kardashian...

2293 days ago


Typical... Just like everyone, BLAME SOMEONE ELSE!!! You should look into politics...

2293 days ago

Wayne Mohler    

These pictures were NOT taken during my year as Miss Washington. BS! They were probably taken the night you won your crown. Way to represent the people of Washington. It's a big deal because of the position you hold. And then you lie to everyone about it instead of taking responsibility. Although you're totally hot, you're an idiot....much like Vanessa Williams.

2292 days ago

Grandmother, mom, sister, Aunt, daughter, Friend    

Sad to read the many slanderous remarks and enuendos. So sure many of the youth today took the class in High School 401 that there are no rights or wrongs, Adolesence are made aware of this as freshmen and earlier. Personally I am not insulted by any of this, Hopefully Miss Washington, the second runner up to the Miss America , had all that it took to make it. She is not a discrace by any means. Met her a short time ago and she is awsome, genuine, caring and sincere. Perhaps those pointing fingers need to clean the cobwebs out of their own closets first.

2291 days ago

Grandmother, mom, sister, Aunt, daughter, Friend    

Is it not true that skeleton bone skinny plays a big part of the final choice. It is amazing that years down the road these Ladies are unrecognizable as they stroll across their state stages. It is a popularity bias group that favors certain contenders and boycotts or demeans, or slanders others. These few are in denial of the webs in their own closets, but will pedistal them selfs as rightous individuals. Contrary, slanderous remarks are the utensil for the jealous few. For Miss Washington, consider the source, continue to strive for perfection and know that there are more supporters of your achievements while the opposing are a limited few. God bless we are with you. Forgive yourself and them who judge harshly . Forgive them for They know not what they have done . May their personal Karma guide them to the path of true rightousness.

2291 days ago


It was so hard for me to see these pictures. I compete in the Miss America Program and I truly idolized Elyse. I have never looked up to someone so much... It was really disheatening and I have finally gotten over it after seeing her perform this past weekend at the pageant. I can honestly say that i can tell she really feels bad for what has been posted. I know she is not this kind of person and I still look up to her with great great admiration. She is SO intelligent and i find her to be just a stunning person and I strive to be the type of person she is. She did such a great job at MIss America and if you think about it... some of the most critical judges were judging her at Miss America and if she had been fake they would have seen right through it. This is not a good representation of who she is and she should be remembered as someone who really did a wonderful job.

2291 days ago
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