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Miss Washington --

One Bad Apple!

7/9/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Washington 2007 might wanna take the crown off before flipping off the camera, getting her Beer Pong on and making suggestive oral sex gang signs.

Elyse Umemoto
Elyse Umemoto, who was the second runner-up in this year's Miss America pageant, ran on a platform promoting diversity and women's empowerment. The Evergreen State must be so proud.

Miss Washington Executive Field Director Mike Miller tells TMZ the organization is "embarrassed," and issued this lengthy statement.


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2299 days ago


lol, thought that was vulgar, but I had no idea that was considered a 'gang sign'...out here in the boonies of westbygodvirgina the only one I have ever seen do that is my redneck, beer drinkin, gearhead, nascar watchin buddy...he must have seen it on tv, ha ha

2299 days ago


typical my space pics. what's the big deal?

2299 days ago


They look like a couple of bi chicks who just fingered each other...... Clearly Miss Washington got the better deal.
Nasty little skanks.

2299 days ago


OMG I have seen worse in a Victoria Secret catalog. Some people need to get a life and leave the girl alone. I am sure some of the readers that are commenting have never done anything like this---Wrong.

2299 days ago


um...whats wrong with these?? i'm confused

2299 days ago


As the mother of a very young daughter I hope to God that I raise her well enough to NEVER, EVER think of a pageant winner as a "role model". So all you parents whining about this girl letting your kids down need to reevaluate your parenting skills. Personally, the only role models I trust are myself, SOME family and a very few close friends that I've known for YEARS. People in the media, beauty queens, sports stars, actors...these people are not role models for your children. YOU DON'T KNOW THEM. Is the T.V. raising your child? No. You are. So stop pushing total strangers off as role models onto your kids. Take responsibility and play an active role in who is influencing your children.

This is a TWENTY THREE YEAR OLD beauty queen. What kind of behavior would you really expect? If you are naiive enough to believe that the personna on stage is what they are in real life, then a reality check might be in order. That crap on stage is not real. IT ISN'T REAL. So grow up and let her live her life.

2299 days ago


I know Elyse and her family personally. Obviously she has chosen to be in the public eye and thus the public feels justified in using slanderous and hurtful language about her behavior, and her person, never considering the effects these comments may have on Elyse and her family. Reading these comments makes me incredibly sad, mad and determined to stand up for this young lady who is NONE of these horrible adjectives that have been used to describe her.

She has worked hard for all that she has accomplished, endured personal hardship in the midst of her work, and on top of it all, has to endure the added pain of being betrayed by a friend whose identity she doesn't even know. And I can ASSURE those sceptics among you, this is NOT a publicity stunt. This is a painful experience for a young woman who has contributed much through her tolerant and patient deeds as Miss Washington. This is no average beauty queen, folks! Elyse is the real deal!
Please stop and think about what you are writing before you write it. This is a real person with real feelings reading these horrible comments you are writing. How would you feel to read these things about yourself or someone you love?

Elyse is good people and deserves the benefit of the doubt.

2299 days ago


Ok. Many of you are siding with her, and i understand that. But unfortunatley many of you dont know the real her. I have had the pleasure of knowning her, and she treats people poorly. She talks about herself and she places herself above others. In todays interview she explains she has never put herself above anyone. Well, she has. She can be rude, and she is a very great actress when it comes to being "nice". I understand people should be able to have fun, and party if they want, i do too, but she is representing something, and many of you dont understand that. I have been in pageants as well, and you are supposed to be a role model. She has pictures with her crown on, doing these things. You cant do that. She is a disgrace, and just another pageant girl with dumb pictures like this, and its the same old song and dance appology! No wonder no one takes pageants seriously anymore, its because of people like her. She is a disgrace to washington!

2299 days ago


Those of you slandering Miss Umemoto... What are YOUR daughters up to tonight? Do you even know? Or are you too busy commenting on blogs?

I betcha, those who are using the most hurtful language likely have engaged in worse behavior than this. And I saw nothing -- NOTHING -- in these pictures that I haven't seen from photos of your average college student.

Someone asked what the reason for this behavior might be... Well, it's because of you. All of you. You prudish individuals who think all young folk need to be proper all the time, take puritanical views about sex, and go to bed early so as to avoid the parties. You individuals so eager to look down their nose at others, hoping to distract yourselves from the inadequacies and failings of your own existence. Guess what? This sort of repression actually CAUSES these rebellions. Hell, if you can even call it a rebellion... Looks like your typical youthful party. (Parents: if your kids have attended any sort of party, it's likely they were at one like this.)

I don't know this girl or anyone related to her. Had nobody identified who was in the photos, I would have dismissed them as the same kind of pictures I've seen many, many times before. Her ONLY wrong-doing in this situation is not keeping closer tabs on where these photos were going. (Oh, and yeah, the crown probably should have been left out of it.)

Elyse, please ignore these people. They're judging you because you have what they don't: fame, grandeur, accomplishments. You achieved something they couldn't, and so they're eager to pounce on even the slightest misstep. I wish you (and everyone else your age) all the luck in the world.

2299 days ago


My My quick to criticize.. those who knew anything about these pageants would know that the crown shown in those photographs is not even the Miss Washington crown but rather a small time crown from years prior to the Miss Washington Pageant. Furthermore she is passing on her crown this weekend regardless and has spent a year representing her state flawlessly. While I will not argue that the photos were in poor taste, critics, know what you are talking about.. those photos are years old. On top of that, all the clowns who are so critical, keep in mind YOUR myspace, and facebook photos that have you guzzling down beers in your trailer parks, or acting like a big shot in your first trip to vegas with bottles of liquor in your hand. Look in the mirror and see what reality really is.. you are not qualified to criticize, and you have never in your lives felt the pressure of the media in your face 365 days out of the year. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone, you muppets.

2298 days ago


People need to get a life. When will America grow out of this stupid political correctness phase. She was partying and having a good time. This was not done in a public setting and is not detrimental to the crown. Even today a Dallas councel membefr wants an apoligy from another councel memeber for referring to an organization as a "Black Hole". The comment was not racist but it was made out to be so. GROW UP AMERICA!

Let us worry about something important like an invasion of our country. If we as Americans, crossed another countries borders in the mass that is occuring on ours, it would be an act of war. Come on America, lets get our priorities right!

2298 days ago


She isn't doing anything pornographic or obscene in these pictures... compared to the pictures i just saw of Miss Nevada... good lord, now those were obsecene!! Leave her alone and when you can honestly say that you have never done anything in your life remotely close to what she is doing in those pictures... then YOU CAN JUDGE! "PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES!!!"

2298 days ago


I'm just glad she's not another "Stepford wife" clone and has an actual personality! What she's doing is actually pretty normal behavior for someone her age. Things like that happen on college campuses all across the United States. Good for her for not being so uptight.

2298 days ago


Wow Miss Washington looks like an angel now compared to former Miss Nevada. former Miss Nevada should seriously consider a career in the porn industry, she looks like a natural.

2298 days ago
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