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Miss Washington --

One Bad Apple!

7/9/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Washington 2007 might wanna take the crown off before flipping off the camera, getting her Beer Pong on and making suggestive oral sex gang signs.

Elyse Umemoto
Elyse Umemoto, who was the second runner-up in this year's Miss America pageant, ran on a platform promoting diversity and women's empowerment. The Evergreen State must be so proud.

Miss Washington Executive Field Director Mike Miller tells TMZ the organization is "embarrassed," and issued this lengthy statement.


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To all of you parents out there worried about your children looking up to this girl...why would you want them to look up to a beauty queen in the first place? Can't you teach them about positive roll models that have nothing to do with beauty. And I personally don't know anyone who looked up to pageant girls as roll models. Be a good parent and you shouldn't have to worry about one girl and some pictures.

Also, to everyone complaining about our generation - you were the morons who helped raised us, so maybe you are to blame.

2264 days ago


what is sooooo wrong w/this pic!! people who r having a good time w/their friends pose like that. i've seen alot of pics, it's what this age group is about...doesn't mean anything. certain people need to grow up and know when giving the finger is for fun and when it's not.

2264 days ago


Hey Molly! What exactly are YOU doing for the homeless and abused chiildren? Looks to me like you are on a celeb gossip rag just like the rest of us!

2264 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I looked at all the pictures and I don't see any problems. She's a young woman having some fun. Good for her. There is nothing about her that is too outlandish.

Everyone that is calling her all of these names...I'd rather have her for my daughter than all of the foul mouthed bloggers that post here. can't believe all of the horrible name calling. That's way worse than any pictures this girl has taken.

2264 days ago


Beauty pagents are out dated and sexist. Celebritycrap is right, but if she ia a "role" model and flashing oral sex gang signs she needs to be reprimanded. What example does that give our teens?

2264 days ago


First, it's role model not roll model. Second, if you're going to argue about how trashy someone is, try not to use ain't, it doesn't really help your cause.

Finally, if you are looking up to or hoping your young girls will look up to beauty pageant winners, then you're looking into a crystal ball. Beauty queens are NOT role models. Try looking up to the youth who are doing good things for this world instead of these pseudo celebrities that are held to an impossible standard.

Also, if all of your party pictures were posted on a website, don't you think there would be a few that would make your mom blush? So she flipped the bird, loosen up!

2264 days ago


Beauty queens are about as qualified as role models as professional athletes. It's the entertainment world in all its fake glory. Look to parents, teachers, selfless contributors, etc, for role models.

2264 days ago


There are oral sex gangs? When did this happen and how can I join?

2264 days ago

Loca Steph    

She needs her crown yanked. She's supposed to be a ROLE model not MS. I don't give a *uck. Show some class and morals. They need to evaluate these damn girls before even letting them run for ANY pageant!!! No class.... So what if she's having fun. Life isn't about fun & games all the time. Just because your crowned doesn't mean you get ROYALTY treatment!!

2264 days ago


She is a skanky pig. How the hell did this low class bitch become Miss Washington. I guess in Washington any Whore can become Miss Washington.

2264 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

PS - What's with this "Oral Gang Signs" crap? Can't TMZ use a better term such as oral/hand gestures or something like that? I mean a gang sign has nothing to do with a sexual innuendo. Get a grip.

2264 days ago

pop eye    

This is a tuff subject because even though a lot of us would say her behavior is very inappropriate, how many other prominent beauty queens acted like this before it was possible for their party pictures to be mass circulated thru the internet? There is probably a whole lotta crude stuff we have never seen from people like this before the internet and media advanced to a level that allowed these types of private pics to become available to the public thru mass transit news and gossip sites. That still doesn't make it right. Watch your step ladies. Always be on your very, very best behavior always, and especially if there is a recording device around, and especially if you are a person of public interest.

2264 days ago


The Morals of an alley cat.

2264 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Gia, (relax) This is not a federal case! You seem to be of the opinion that she has to live up to YOUR moral standards. To me it would be almost impossible to live up to that. I suppose she let her 'friends' take candid shots of her (them), and obviously one or all of them decided it would be great to post them on the internet (probably a myspace page). Now they are out there for everyone to see. (Oh well) If you think she is a 'role model' for the youth of America then you are a very misguided person. I think (for my children) I have an obligation to be the 'role model' Trust me I have made my fair share of mistakes too!!!

2264 days ago


Atleast she's not flashing her Brittany!!

2264 days ago
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