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A-Rod -- Smitten Slugger Calls Madge "Soulmate"

7/10/2008 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So now Alex Rodriguez is "in love" with Madonna – or so he told a friend six whole months ago.

Us reports that A-Rod was texting someone at dinner, and "kept smiling, acting as if he was a little kid," says a friend. And then, the bombshell: "He told me it was Madonna. I was shocked." And not just that –- soon after, he was saying, "She's my f***ing soulmate, dude."

Meanwhile, Cynthia Rodriguez tells the New York Post that she's still in love with Alex but that the marriage is over.

Angie Hospital Gets Pap-Proofed

That shot you think you're seeing of Angelina Jolie preparing to pop out the twins? C'est faux!

That's because the hospital in Nice where Angie is staying has coated the windows of her room with "special insulating material" that the cameras can't see through – or so they say. "It is impossible to see into Mr. Brad Pitt and Mrs. Angelina Jolie's room," says a rep (yes, it sounds better in French.)

Any pics you're seeing are "either posed fakes" or other patients.

Tony -- Bigger Whipping Boy than Tom?

Tony Romo is doing something even more PW'd than serenading Jess Simpson with "Don't Stop Believing" or carrying her bags -– he's listening to her songs.

Romo was asked by People what his three top iPod picks were at a golf tourney yesterday, and after mentioning Journey and "Sweet Child of Mine," he blushed, smiled, and admitted: "Something by Jessica Simpson." Of course, he didn't know the name of a song.

No word on whether Tony will be needing a cup this coming season.

Party Favors: Houston Will Officially Be the Center of the Universe ... Ethan Bags the Nanny, For Reals ... Courteney Cox Scrubs In After "Dirt"

The universe may implode from the collective power drain from electric blow dryers going nuts on August 29, when Rock the Bayou arrives in Houston: Bret Michaels, Sammy Hagar. ... Ethan Hawke has married the nanny who used to work for him and Uma Thurman, Ryan Shawhughes, after getting her knocked up, reports People. ... EW reports that Courteney Cox will be joining the cast of "Scrubs" for a three-ep arc. She will play the new Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart.


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Queen of the Damned    

A-Rod, I hate to break it to you, but Madge, Esther, or whatever the hell she's calling herself these days, will chew you up and spit you out. The only man to ever come close to getting that wench under control was Sean Penn. I do not recall her ever behaving this way when she was with him. She said he was her one true love, and now he's available; so don't get too comfortable!!! BTW, if you're going to be someone's soulmate, you need to have a soul!!!

2299 days ago


Yay! I'm so pleased for Courteney - i just know she is going to do an amazing job! She will certainly boost ratings for Scrubs. Good luck to her she is a brilliant actress,

2299 days ago


MRS. Angelina Jolie? What? Shouldn't that be MS.?!

A Rod is much more of an idiot than I first thought. Soul mate, Madonna?! Now, that will make you want to lose your breakfast!

2299 days ago


Rock The Bayou will be kicka$$ with Hagar!

2299 days ago



2299 days ago

Gatorade Please    

A-Rod, the grass is not greener on the other side, just a different look and smell. Soulmate......pleeease!! As some else posted, Madonna can't stay committed to anyone for to long, she will use you, spit you out and she'll be on to the next man or woman.......enjoy the ride, it will be a short one........2 years tops!!

2299 days ago


Alex is a total slime ball. I hate that so many of these athletes cheat on their wives. Yeah they have tons of screaming women and admirers, but wouldn't it be great if they were real men and kept their sticks in one place...with their wives. This world is so messed up. Where are all the decent people??

2299 days ago

just wondering    

Why did she not have her twins in New Orleans? Not good enough for her. That would have been a good idea to help N.O. like they claim to want to do.

2299 days ago


A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod. We all know Madonna did a book on sex, and has likely shown you a few moves a cracked-up hooker wouldn't consider, but she's OLD! If you have to go for a ride can't you find yourself a younger horse?

2299 days ago


I heard that Angelina's doctor announced the babies will be liberated on Tuesday. Why are they advertising ahead for every pap on the planet to show up if they want privacy? I think they should do that C-section on the front lawn of the hospital!

2299 days ago


some women piss me off--

Exuces me, what ever did happen to true love. you ask. If A-rod really loved his wife he never would of cheated, and this wouldn't be happening. I don't blame Cynthia for taking him to the cleaners. I would do the same damn thing if I was cheated on. Let my man have his cake and eat it to? I THINK NOT!! A cheater is a loser, and money is what A-Rod will lose. And you think the kids should stay with their dad to maintain their lifestyle? PULEASE, Thier daddy is to busy getting his freak on with all these women, than to care for his kids.

2299 days ago

Make It Right!!    

C'mon TMZ! While people DO want to know when the twins are born and they DO want to see the fotos of the twins when they are born, NOBODY wants your photos inside their hospital room or of her delivering!! Please, give it a rest and just wait for the dang twins to be born already!

And congrats also to Courteney Cox on landing some guest spots on Scrubs. Maybe she can turn it into a full time gig. And while she is at it, maybe she can talk her BFF down off her high horse and show her how well the Sex and the City movie did and that a Freinds Movie has an equal chance of doing just as well and to stop holding out on the project so the rest of her cast-mates can have a job and make this movie! She should also get her back to the small screen. She just isn't a film actress! And the longer Brad and Angelina stay together, the longer that time goes by that she used to be married to Brad Pitt, the less interest she will have...and she doesn't have that much now as it is! Better get back to the small screen now while they still think she is something! Just how many failed films does one actress get to make before Hollywood finally says, "okay, this woman just doesn't work in the movies?"

2299 days ago


Well LA ever heard of a prenuptial agreement and what it means? it means what is his is his going in and she cant have it if she leaves. as of yet there is no proof of any extramarital affair. there is only allegations. so if he cheated i by no means condone it but you are basically saying it is ok for women to be money hungry grabbing whores? just because he has money doesn't mean she is entitled to it. by signing a prenuptial agreement she acknowledged this. now she wants a judge to ignore the fact she did it. again i fail to see your logic. you are saying it is ok for her to go after him for money when she signed a legal binding contract saying she couldn't get his money. that is plain ignorant. everyone is all too quick to jump on the bandwagon of the womans side, but if it was vice versa, say like in k-fed and britney, you condemn the man for the same thing. women want their cake and eat it to so why cant a man. you want equal right you get them across the board not only when it suits what you want.

2299 days ago


some women piss me off -

Cynthia is not in the tabloids being accused for having affairs. She seemed to have truly loved A-Rod. She is now obviously a scorned and broken hearted woman. These sort of divorces not only happen to the rich and famous. They happen in every day, us normal people lives. Yeah, so she signed a pre nup, and for your information, I do know what a pre nup is and how it works. And, I never said (read back if need be) that it is ok for women to be "money hungry grabbing whores." Now, I don't know if she'll win her lawsuit, but I absolutely see why she's doing it. I don't think any woman, whether married to the most famous man in the world, or married to your average Joe, enjoys being used, humiliated, and lied to. Why couldn't he be a man and tell her he no longer wanted to be with her. He broke his marriage vows, and I believe she's entitled to something. Pre nup or not. I hope the judge believes in morals. And if it was the other way around, I would be on A-Rod's side. Enough said.

2299 days ago

love them    

although i like Angelina and brad i am happy for their privacy, they are doing all they can, but the paps are making it very difficult for them, good luck to this wonderful couple. i love this family.

2299 days ago
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