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Spidey Slings the F-Bomb

7/10/2008 9:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was anything but last night -- with an extremely frustrated Tobey Maguire screaming as he unloaded on paps for blocking his exit from Madeo.

Not exactly what we'd expect from Peter Parker, but Tobey's rage would be perfect for another comic franchise -- the Incredible Hulk!


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Look! TMZ have a new writer

2266 days ago

ror come it's playing a John "Gayer" vid instead of the Tobster?!? Me thinks perhaps you may want to hire more competent web techs! !

2266 days ago


Hey, TMZ, you know I like this site, I post here, but, I do have to say, one day, down the road, I can see some star just
punching the gas and running three or four paparazi over and killing them, or just freakin' out and pulling a gun out. I just have a feeling, one of these days, someone is really gonna flip, and say, "f" it, I'm taking these a-h's out. I'm just sayin!!

2266 days ago


...driving a Volvo station wagon no less. My brother once put the Volvo station wagon curse on me ("You will drive a Volvo station wagon, and have 2.5 kids..."). If he's got such an issue dealing with the paps, why go places where he knows damn well the paps will be waiting for him? Move to Arizona for crying out loud, when they need you on the set they'll call don't need to live next door to the office! On another note...he did do a good job as Spidey...thanks Tobey.

2266 days ago


Yet we watch. And we're curious. Because we want to believe that we're just like THEM, just not as beautiful. And we are. Just not as rich.

2266 days ago


It's one thing to get the shot but when you block celebs in and they can't even move or see to drive that is going over the line...I love Tobey.

2266 days ago


I say he should have ran their asses over. I a few people did that I bet they'd think twice about blocking peoples way

2266 days ago

once again    

I can't wait until someone dies because of the paparazzi (in America that is) Then we will never hear the end of it. Perhaps it will be celebrated like actors who OD on drugs and then are mentioned for posthumous Oscar's. This is getting old .....

2266 days ago


How long before one of these "stars" accidentally kills one of these stalkerazzi?

2266 days ago


AMEN! Paps who stand in front of vehicles when they're trying to leave deserve to get run over.

2266 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

When you evil, lowlife stalking paps impede a celeb's exit just so you can get a shot, I hope all celebs will run over your stinkin' asses , back up, then do it again until there's nothing left of you and your cameras. No jury in America would convict. The celebs would be performing a public service and border control for INS and the American people.

2266 days ago


I totally understand his reaction, and I don't blame him a bit. I think it should be perectly legal for these celebrities to RUN OVER these idiots that block them in. The paps are the ones who jump in front of it at your own risk. I wouldn't be driving 5 mph--I would floor it out of there; guaranteed they would stay out of your way!

2266 days ago


today i had to pee pee and then poo poo and then take a shower and then let a few farts go that didn't come out after i peed and pooped. I hope my gas at work does not disturb my co-workers or i'll have to go poop again in order to get at all the gas and toxins that cause me to poop really smelling things. My anus hurts and my rectum is red. I'm late for work.

2266 days ago


Want to really hear the "F-Bomb"....just block the Paps view of their prey....but then this is TMZ so we will never see the pics of the Paps being a**holes.

Come to think of it...we never see pics of Harvey and his lover, Dr Andy,...why is that. Thanks to TMZ Harvey is now a star so lets show pics of him and his gay get togethers, along with the standard TMZ snarkey remarks.

Or how about the cute blond one on the TMZ tv show...he has to have some interesting dirt in his closet

2266 days ago


I wish he had run the paparazzi over. How is it legal for those photogs to harass people like this?

2266 days ago
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