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Spidey Slings the F-Bomb

7/10/2008 9:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was anything but last night -- with an extremely frustrated Tobey Maguire screaming as he unloaded on paps for blocking his exit from Madeo.

Not exactly what we'd expect from Peter Parker, but Tobey's rage would be perfect for another comic franchise -- the Incredible Hulk!


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Trucker Lemonade    

Sarah you are making me so damn HOT! fap fap fap!

2262 days ago


Exactly. Everyone wants to make him out like he is some lunatic a--hole douchebag, but if you notice, they keep blocking him in and taunting him the whole time. Then they start making sarcastic comments, "ooooh, better not block him its, its illegal." I am not surprised that he got pissed off, and you know what? I think a pap punch to the face would have been justified. You guys get out of control sometimes...It seems like you are hoping for something like this to happen, just so you can write about how ungrateful a celeb is. Terrible...

2262 days ago


He should have just floored it and blamed it on a "faulty" gas pedal. Oops, so sorry chum.

2262 days ago

Lydia Layne    

I love idiots like Toby who haven't figured out how to handle playground bullies. Didn't everyone learn this lesson when they were like 5? He feeds right into it by acting like a jackass. It only makes people want to annoy him more cause they can get such a great reaction.

2262 days ago


It's one thing to get a shot of Tobey and his wife but then get out of his way! How would like it? It seems like you guys purposely stand in the way hoping to get your foot ran over just to try and bank on the celebs money. No wonder the celebs hate you guys.

2262 days ago


Ya, celebs hate the paps until they have a baby pic to sell to the highest bidder. Hey, they too k the job, now deal with the "workload", which includes the photogs. Tobey's a blowhard.

2262 days ago



His problem wasn't with the paps themselves, or that they were taking photos in general. His problem was with the fact that they a) blocked his exit (and you can hear someone on the video shouting that their blocking his way is *illegal* and b) their constant flashing was making it impossible for him to see oncoming cars. It's obvious by the time it took him to get to the royally pissed off stage that he wouldn't have faulted them for getting their shots and letting him go. (btw... exactly how many shots *does* it take to get a decent pic? My thought is that the more you have to click, the less of a photographer you are.) but they just kept on going and even began to take *more* shots as he honked his horn (laughing all the while) and asked them to move so that he could see. He wasn't even trying to block his face, he was trying to shield his eyes. It's *quite* clear by the video that the paps were in the wrong.

2262 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Tobey is a total bitch. Show some style, some class. So these morons are taking your picture - would you rather they didn't? A disarming wave, a ready quip and he could have been on his way. Instead this little non-descript pipsqueak throws a tantrum. Bitch.

2262 days ago

Ice Water    

Short men have notoriously bad tempers.

2262 days ago


I think Seal and "Spidey" need to go to Anger Management Classes together...

2262 days ago


First... see my comments to ken-san... second...

"Ya, celebs hate the paps until they have a baby pic to sell to the highest bidder."... Your premise is a bit off...
They don't sell their pics to paps, they sell them to magazines, not people with cameras who don't even qualify as freelance photographers. (yes, I know that some legit freelancers are often in the mix, but they're not the ones you'll find jumping in front of moving cars - because they know how to get a good shot.... these paps however are not even *close* to being on par with them)

Even if I were to agree that a celebrity is duty bound to put up with photographers at *every* turn just because we like to watch their movies (which I don't), when the hell did that include having to put up with being virtually trapped in your car and unable to move for fear of being sued for running someone over? Or being surrounded to the point that they can barely move, but they have to move because if they don't they'll be stuck standing still with paps mere inches from them?

Sorry, but just because they're celebrities, that doesn't mean they've given up all their rights.

2262 days ago


If it truly is illegal, then I would LOVE for the cops to be there and start hauling the paps asses away!!! Now say slap a $1000 fine on each instance, have the cops aggressivley enforce it, and suddenly it would no longer be profitable to harass and annoy celebrities.

I like a nice candid shot as much as the next person IF it can be obtained without harassing, annoying, bothering people who are just trying to live their lives.

2262 days ago


Hey Kahj, what the fu*k are you doing on a celebrity rag site? You are on this site ALL OF THE TIME. You do know you're only contributing to the very thing you obviously hate. Why torturre yourself? Every time you comment, or even just visit this site, it is logged. The more hits they get everyday, the more sponsers they get, the longer they stay in business. So keep it up pal, cause I love this sh*t. You my friend, are tardstong. Why don't you go play on, leave the rest of us to enjoy our daily celebutaunting fest.

2262 days ago


P.S. Tobey is still a blowhard.

2262 days ago



I point out that your premise is wrong and make a distinction and you come back at me with name calling and assuming what I hate? And you're rankin' on Toby for *his* reaction...? Good one.

Oh... and you may want to refresh your memory as to what "all the time" means too... just a thought.

2262 days ago
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