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"Punky" Star Can't Get Drunky -- Race a Factor?

7/11/2008 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

T.K. Carter -- from such '80s kid TV classics as "Punky Brewster," "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" and "Jem" -- pitched a never-ending fit in front of Goa last night, claiming they wouldn't let him in because he's black.

Umm ... maybe it was because you're only T.K. Carter. Lil' Jon had no problem getting in.


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Those Bracelets Aren't From Tiffany    

LOL @ Hyde. That's a rich comment from someone logging on as Hyde, the same BURNT OUT club who, again, tried to discriminate against allowing Black people entrance, yet the doormen/bouncers are Black. The first thing you'd typically see in front of Hyde is a strapping Black man. Then again, he was probably there for the white women because we all know how white girls love big Black bucks, don't we?!.

2274 days ago


#29 I'm not a lawyer but my understanding of this is: poor blacks could not afford to dig their own wells or hook up to county system so were denied these services and carried water. I live in Mi in the year 2008 and I'm white and when my family had well problems "we had to carry water. We do not have money to hook up to the county system either, its about $10,000 is my understanding, so we had to hire well people to help us at our own expense. In this case, from my reading, blacks we able to make this a civil rights issue and were successful. We are white, we have no civil rights, we had to call well people to do the job at our expense.

2274 days ago


Believe it or not my White bros and sisters, Black people hate the same thing about other Blacks as White...
What's a shame is you all fail to see it that way... Some of you really believe we(Blacks ) LOVE EVERY Black person and agree with each other on everything known to man but just as you all are not KLANSMEN we all have different opinions and thoughts as well...
I prefer to Judge 1 ON 1 AND NOT A WHOLE RACE By one or 100 Idiots that so happen to be of the same Race....

2274 days ago


Another point should be made is that a lot of the RICH INFLUENTIAL white patrons at these CLUBS feel Uncomfortable and uneasy around Minorities and have in fact set the TONE for this in most Cities through-out the U.S..
You will find in every major city that's the way it is, Lot's not all whites just don't like partying with lots of Blacks...

2274 days ago


He's just another Nikga thinking the world owes him something. We don't owe him sh*t! He's a washed up actor...he's being treated appropriately....NOBODY CARES IF HE IS BLACK. He's just not hot anymore, his rising star faded back in the 80's.

The only people that care if people are black are black people...keep the racism alive to justify the lack of black men fathering their own children and gangs and rap music. It's so sad you keep yourselves down and want the whole world to cry about it. BooHoo! Just kill yourself already if you cannot rise up against "the system" that has held you back since they brought you over in chains on those are keeping those chains on yourself. Get over it!

If TMZ ran a pole today to ask the general public how they really feel about racism and if we should keep that torch burning or put it out already...I guarantee you you'd have about 82% of the voters voting to put that torch out already and live happily amongst each other. The ones carrying the torch are the ones bitching about it! Die already and let the rest of us live together in harmony.

2274 days ago


Who was the guy he was so happy to see? I did not and do not know who this guy is nor do I care.I take him as a racist.Full blown blue gum racist. I would love to write forever about the racism in this wonderful country,but I don't type very fast.I do think the racism is the blacks against whites,not like most people think.I wish we could all get along because I would like to try on a young black girl and see if it is any different. Nuff said.

2274 days ago

Those Bracelets Aren't From Tiffany    

@ TK Is Wrong:

If you ran a poll, not pole, asking anything of Black people, please don't do it on TMZ. Considering the ratio of white to Black readers on this site, I would expect to see nothing less than an 80/20 vote for people who believe this country is not racist vs. people who believe this country is racist.

Anyone with any sense knows that this country is founded on and runs on racism, nationalism, consumerism, misogyny/sexism and is also homophobic. That is an odd contradiction considering the fact that there are more women than men in the world, the United States is constantly financing other countries' battles, we are in a recession (gas prices are at an all time high and people are losing their homes at an alarming rate but it is suggested that you take your stimulus check and go shopping), and gay people, who were once told not to disclose their sexual orientation, are being allowed to legally marry in California and, according to a recent study, it was deemed that gay people bring no harm to the military as a result of their service. (Shock and awe!)

Barack Obama is the Democratic presidential candidate not because he's Black, but because he's a man. This country still cannot wrap its head around a woman running this good ol' country of ours. If Barack Obama looked a little more like TK Carson, he wouldn't be allowed to run for President. Obama is an "acceptable" Negro to white people because he attended Harvard, he is 1/2 white, he is "articulate," etc. Of all of the mixed race people who have existed in the world prior to now, for the first time in my life, I've heard white folks question, "Why is Barack Obama considered Black and not white?" How convenient. I would guess because of the one drop rule created by who(m) to oppress who(m)? A lot of "rules," laws and theories were created to oppress women and minorities, and people need not act like those same principals aren't in force today.

White men, when you see an attractive Black woman, do you say "pretty woman" or do you say "pretty Black woman?" No one's calling you a racist if you choose the latter, but clearly, you are showing difference by choosing the latter comment, which doesn't prove racism, but it proves that RACE IS A VERY BIG ISSUE IN THIS COUNTRY AMONGST ALL PEOPLE, NOT JUST BLACK PEOPLE.

People commenting with names like "little black sambo" and other antiquated terms such as sambo further prove that the world is still a very divided, prejudiced, stereotypical and racist place. Until the climate changes, you will continue hearing Black people and every other minority group complain when they (individual or collective) feel they are being disregarded for unfair reason or disrespected. Do something positive to evoke change and maybe the climate will change accordingly. It's not that difficult.

2274 days ago


I want to answer one of the questions youask in your newspaper you wrote. Obama is 1/2 white Why is heconsidered black not white?
If you did not know who he was and you saw him on the street and someone ask you,what color is he,if you answer anything other than black you are and idiot.I am not racist as you insinuated. But I sure as hell will not stop using the word black in my conversations.By the way,you write a nice article,no kidding.

2273 days ago
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