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Amy Winehouse: It's All Rehab's Fault!

7/12/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another video has surfaced that British tab, The Sun has obtained, which shows Amy Winehouse allegedly snorting a substance in a DJ booth.

Crazy is as crazy does.


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We get it TMZ, this person is out of control and I am so tired of seeing this everyday. Give it a rest would ya?

2294 days ago


When you report her early death than maybe we can all learn from the life she led. Until than, party on dude. There is not stopping her, 12 steps, rehab, praying, none of it will work until Amy wants it to. Though she may be one of the types that never get it and simply die.

2294 days ago


What, no mention of the guy who assumes the strange snorting position?! Eww.

2294 days ago


God. Why can't she get her s*!t together?!!! I am sooo rooting for this girl- her music is great- but she will die soon if she does not stop all this. I am glad TMZ is reporting her crap- it can only help her to know that everyone knows what she is doing to destroy herself. Amy- GET HELP! AND GET SERIOUS! Pretty sure we can't hear you sing if you are 6 feet under.

2294 days ago

Cindy Lou    

Good video evidence of the person supplying Amy with the stuff. When she does finally OD...he and his family can all sit around together and watch how he helped her kill herself. Shoul he be arrested like a bartender who serve someone one too many drinks?

2294 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Getting pics of her doing drugs is like filming a turd drying out in the sun. Nasty looking and smelling, plenty of flies and maggots about, and just as certain to happen. She seems bent on killing herself so much, so I say let her finish the job! Let her be the extreme example that makes people think about these same actions. If Steve-O's brain is fried, hers is a small, burnt ember. At least Steve-O has a chance of making it now that he realizes the incredible stupidity of it all. Wino is just a nasty fool and now she's attacking people! I don't wish for her death, but at this point, who cares. She certainly doesn't and works as hard as she possibly can to prove it. Let her finish the job and be done with it! I certainly won't miss her!

2294 days ago


SURPRISE!!! ?????????????????????????

2294 days ago


what the hell y not shes goin die anyway with that lung cancer ..i would be partying to if i had cancer and was goin to die.. or mabey its some sort of suicide,,...

2294 days ago


She's not snorting anything. The guy is bending down looking through what looks to be a box of CDs or records. She is bending down talking to him. She doesn't bend down far enough to reach the box anyway. She reaches just above the top of his head. Wouldn't it be difficult to snort coke out of thin air???

2294 days ago


Keep that nose away from my cocaine! Line from Roxanne (Steve Martin)

2294 days ago


#8 She dosen't have lung cancer. She has the start of emphysemia. This is how rumers start. People don't know how to read or just put whatever they want into the words written.

2294 days ago


If she is on video using the crap, why can't they bust her, lock her up with no bail and get her the help she needs before she kills herself? Damn, if it had been me on video< I would have been picked up and put away!

2294 days ago


Why are the media not reporting that she has HIV/AIDS? The skin lesions, lung problems, and so on. It is so obvious.

2294 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

Why doesn't someone lock her up in rehab for MONTHS before she ends up dead?? The woman is a wreck and I have to think he insane obsession with her druggie husband is a big part of it. ENOUGH.

2294 days ago


Why do we continue to show her doing these things. It's almost like we're saying it's okay to be a trainwreck and don't stop because we enjoy watching the ride. For the media to report this, they're are just glorifying her actions.

2294 days ago
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