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Kimora Lee Simmons: Don't Buy American!

7/14/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The folks at American Airlines probably couldn't wait for Kimora Lee Simmons to join the dearly departed after she bitched 'em out for our cameras at LAX.

Santa Kimora thought she was saving the world by flying commercial, but her diva demeanor was in full swing. We're guessing getting sniffed out by the drug seeking dogs had something to do with the nasty 'tude


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Obama is a Socialist!    

Just another No Talent WHORE!

2257 days ago


she's lucky they didn't charge her more for being a fat a$$

2257 days ago


so WHO IS she when she's at home?

2257 days ago


I hate spoiled little snot-nosed whinning beeeeotches with tiny dogs they cart around like luggage. Your dog called, he hates you Kimora. He says he would rather stay at home than travel with your embarrassing ass. Oh, and he says next time you take him to the groomer, to make an appointment for yourself, you smell like tuna.

2257 days ago

Ron Fields    

Regarding the suitcases, I'm pretty sure it's not $15 each. It's 15 for the first, 25 for the second, 100 each for bags 3, 4, and 5, and 200 each for bags 6 through 13. As such, to check 13 bags she would have paid $1,940 to check thirteen bags on American airlines.

2257 days ago


Nice the video links to Brooke HOE Hogan!! Get your act together for a change TMZ!!

2257 days ago


NO talent?? This woman has a multi business empire she built.... how is that no talent? Sure she's a total bitch but no talent?
that's an ignorant comment.

2257 days ago


there are more important things in the world than what this diva wh*re has to complain about! people are starving and dying, but this bitch is concerned about what class she is flying... some people can't get transportation for their basic medical needs. how does one loose sight of this or not think about it!!!

2257 days ago


no talent gold digger. Does anyone care?

2257 days ago

we will miss MJ    

This women is "completly" worthless and add's not one ounce of substance to the human race. All like her need to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

2257 days ago

Obama is a Socialist!    

"This woman has a multi business empire she built" Did she do this from scratch? Oh, no, she had to prostitute herself and marry a multi millionaire to fund her ventures.

2257 days ago


Re: to comment posted by NEW YORK......making clothes that cater to blacks... babyphat.. does not make you a TALENT!! its made for boobs like you so keep buying that crap!!! it only helps awful people like her and dosent help the poor people that work in sweat shops so your ghetto quchie can wear them. :)

2257 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Who is she? Why are you hounding her? And why should we care? You guys always seem to seek out the least interesting "celebrities" on earth.

2257 days ago

idiot # 5    

hey 5....if u call leeching off your multi-million dollar husband then taking his company & money to build your "baby phat" talent....than yeh she got talent.....shes a whore who never loved her husband only his money and now u want people to think she mae that money herself?!? her ex-husband is the talent & she was just another dumb model trophy wife...husband bange her out from age 17 to now and hes moved on to a hotter model girlfriend...i feel sorry for her kids, they have no chance in hell of being decent if they are around her all day everyday

2257 days ago


This slope whore is talented because she designs clothes for kids that make them look like junior gang bangers??? Wow...wish I had that much TALENT! Send her ungrateful fat ass back to the motherland where she can resume her work in the rice fileds.

2257 days ago
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