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Ready To Roll Limo: We Don't Tape Our Clients!

7/14/2008 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Re: the TMZ story about Ready to Roll limo service, Gale Rickett, the owner, gave us the following statement:

"The allegation that we secretly film celebrities in the back of our cars is simply untrue. We would never trespass the privacy of any client."

Rickett added, "We do have a recording device that faces outward over the hood. The purpose is to record any accidents and is triggered only by impact. The camera is made by DriveCam. 40% of limo companies use DriveCam."

Rickett went on to say, "I have been in business for 25 years. We are extremely discreet and we have all of our drivers sign confidentiality agreements and we take privacy very seriously."


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Hmm, someone is lying.

2289 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Of course they have never taped any of their clients... until the first tape surfaces. Then it will be an "over zealous driver" who did it "without knowledge" of the company. Then someone will sue.

Bored with this story already.

2289 days ago


wow.. way to backpedal. So then whats the little green light for? Perhaps its a subliminal mind conrol device.. do we have RTR to thank for all the celebrity vadge-flashes in recent histoy? "look into the light.. you will not wear panties... you will NOT wear panties..."

2289 days ago


If the cameras is only triggered by impact then how would it "record" and accident? Wouldn't the accident already be over and it would be too late? Liars they are just covering their behinds.

2289 days ago

G Kelly    

Gale Ricketts is one of the coolest people to work for, RTR is a good little, honest company. Be cool and focus on CLS/Empire if you want some limo info. Peace, Murray Levy, Bruce Cardenas, Bob Schultz, the ring leader David Sleezinger, (I mean Seelinger) and the rest of the front office.

2289 days ago

Ouch!!!!!!!!!!! I am a former employee of Ready To Roll Transportation, and over the past six months of my employment, I have never disclosed any information about our clients, or even heard anything about such a thing. Yes, its unfortunate that a former employee would do such a thing after being terminated, but I was also terminated from this company and I never said anything bad about them or our clients because they honestly pride themselves on Service, and Professionalism.I can say that my employment was nothing but "Pure Professional" and this company is A-list for transportation.

Keep your head up Gale and brush it off. Dont let people destroy your foundation. This is BS and it hurts but your clients know about our drivers, and success is always hard to maintain because of the jealous and bitter people.

I loved working there and I wish you guys much success.


2289 days ago


Sounds like there's more to this story than we're getting, or this was a personal smear campaign by someone at TMZ pissed off at the limo service people...Hmmm

Either way, I'll never use RTR anymore if I need a limo service, thanks to Levin and his crews fine reporting of the facts. Hope they're true....

2289 days ago



2289 days ago


Sounds like TMZ and possibly others is liable for a slander lawsuit for spreading more lies. Gee, TMZ "reporting" (and I use that term loosely) on a story they never checked the facts of first? YOU BET.

2289 days ago

Thats funny. Only an employee would respond. I laugh and stand firm on my honesty. Thanks for the response but "I am not disgruntle".

Namaste........look it up and you will see the real meaning of someone who believes in Karma.

I never said anything bad about the company or its owners. I loved working there and enjoyed my experience of Ready to Roll, so try again.

By the way, FYI, I am employed now and I am doing Excellent. Dont Hate, Try Love!

2289 days ago


I worked for RTR under Gale for over a year. RTR was a wonderful company to work for and it's a shame that they are being put through this.

2289 days ago


damn i was hoping they would ..b cause if you are in the LA scene u know paris is a coke head

2289 days ago


I work for a company in Los Angeles as a driver which uses DriveCam. And here is how drivecam works
#1 - If the light on the camera is green, nothing has been recorded
#2 - When it flashes between green/red or just red, you're beening recorded
#3 - A solid red light means "an event" has been recorded.
#4 - the camera will record if "an event" happens, which can be an accident, hard braking, driving over a curb, driving over a speed bump fast, or other unusually driving
#5 - It has 2 cameras, 1 that faces in front of the vehicle and one that faces the driver, to see if he/she was on the phone, eating, fell asleep, etc (you get it)
#6 - It DOES record audio
#7 - It records on a 10 second loop, if nothing happens to trigger an event, those 10 seconds are recorded over and never seen.
#8 - If an event happens, it keeps the 10 seconds before and records the 10 seconds after; total of 20 seconds of video and audio.
#9 - The driver CAN manually record "an event" by hitting the record button on the camera, which saves and records the 20 seconds as stated above.
#10 - The events are downloaded to either a computer at the company location or sent wirelessly to the drivecam office in San diego (my company's events goes to San Diego first)
#11 - If sent to San Diego, they review it and send back any violations (no seabelt, asleep, eating, etc) back to the company so they can review it with the driver, which is done online
#12 - Not sure about this part, but if you can review the videos online, I "think" you can save them onto your computer using the new version of RealPlayer. Again, not sure about this part, but I know people can record videos for YouTube and other video sites by using Realplayer, so why not from the DriveCam site when reviewing "events" with a driver.
#13 - If you can do #12, there lies the big problem. #1- #11 are fact. Like I said, I've driven a truck with DriveCam in it for at least 6 months, so I know is from personal experience.
Hope is sheds so light on this "event"

2289 days ago


Those cameras are only facing the the front of the vehicle, the green light means that nothing has being saved, it is recording all the time but not saving it, if a colision or a abrubt stop happens the green light becomes a flashing red and after 10 seconds it becomes a steady red, which means it saved the last and next 15 seconds of an incident to a total of 30 seconds, the steady light means that the camera needs to be downloaded, very simple and very eficient, by th way it does record sound too, but again it only will save if a shock is aplied te vehicle or if somebody press the red button on the botton of the camera.

2289 days ago

IQ is showing    

Gringo -- Thanks for your clear and lucid explanation of how this commonly-used safety equipment functions. If only TMZ "reporters" and "editors" had done some research on this, maybe they wouldn't be liable for a potential libel or slander lawsuit. Wouldn't it have been nice if the initial story had also included the information you just provided to us? Again,TMZ is junior high journalism at its finest -- they hear gossip, then spread gossip (some of which is clearly malicious), publish it as "news" and then sit back and laugh as their money rolls in. Damaging someone's honest livelihood clearly means nothing to TMZ.
If TMZ has real proof that an employee has hotwired the security camera or misappropriated content for personal gain, then give us that proof and let's see the miscreant prosecuted. Otherwise, please just try to give us the complete information instead of simply inflammatory unsubstantiated accusations!

2289 days ago
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