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Creeped by Homeless Bai-stander

7/15/2008 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's loony as the day is long -- but even Bai Ling was a little weirded out when a guy with little regard for personal space hit her up for cash.

Even more surprising: the star of one "Lost" episode had some paper to spare.


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richard angelo    

what is so WONG
this china woman ?

seems like you're out

this DING
bat is so DIM......

2255 days ago


LA has some skanky homless people!!!! OMG I wouldnt have given him a dime!! YUCK he hugged her, I dont even like bi-ling but she shouldnt have let him touch her!! gross!!!!!!!!!

2255 days ago

That explains things!    

She is a total Koo Koo Nutbird! She's probably got a Staph infection from him! WoW!

2255 days ago


I love this woman. Bai, will you marry me?

2255 days ago


This man is filth, purely disgusting. Talk about a prime example of why eugenics is a good idea.

2255 days ago

Shirlaine D.    

That's What All Homeless Persons In L. A Should Do.

Hug A Celebrity!

To SHow The Real Good Celebrities and The Bad One To Us...

And Destroy The Arrogance And Appearance That Many Give By Showing Them And Feeling Better Than Us Because Of Their Fame Or Their Better Situation Forgeting That The Fame Is Hanging Only By The Support Of Persons Who Are (For The Most) Less Wealthy Then Them.

I Definetely Think That You Can't Keep Using Your Fame To Your Own Interest...

You can give Money to charity In Front Of Cameras Among Smoothe VIPs. But If You're not Able To Give Some Empathy To Suffering People When You Meet Them: So, Finally, Who Are You? And Why Should I Keep Admiring You?

This Is Not Money That Bai Ling Gives To This Man, This Is A Proof Of Her Humanity sensitivity. This Homeless Doesn't Hug Her, He Hugs Is Generosity!

Now, I Respect Bai Ling.

I'd Love To See The Same Situation For J.Lo, Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, George Clooney etc... Just To See How They Will React...

If They're Real Or Fake?

Because Most Of Them Have Forgetting Where They Come From..

2255 days ago


the chicks got class,, givin the guy some money was nice..but O M G ..dont let the guy touch you..YUCK!!!!

2255 days ago


Once a man, always a man.

Bai Ling: You're a man!

2255 days ago


welcome to america,,ching chang...

2255 days ago


i can only imagine where that guy's hands have been all day.

i'm pretty sure the dude doesn't wash his hands after potty-time.

2255 days ago


(Sigh) I don't know what saddens me more the flat out racist comments some imbeciles have made on this page, or the fact that you idiots are too stupid to know that this woman is playing with you. Bai Ling knows that bottom feeding paperazzi will create stories that don't exist so whenever she's in your presence she says something off the wall to throw you. She would rather you call her mentally unstable and keeping your distance than have you trying to follow her on the beach or when she's shopping. Sun Tzu's Art of War "When capable feign incapacity." The homeless guy? Sorry, I don't like for clean well groomed people to touch me much less random homeless guy.

2255 days ago


Yeah...what's up with the racial slurs? There are too many people in America who have never been to another country, much less have the desire to learn about other cultures that are thousands of years older than ours. No wonder the term "Ugly American" comes to mind. It has been proven that the undereducated tend to be more racist than other people. Quit humiliating yourselves. And by the way, Bai Ling had the decency to give the homeless man money. That was a nice thing to do.
Oh, and while you're at it, racist people, learn how to use punctuation. It's bad enough that most people in America don't even know another language, but not even knowing how to properly use English is inexcusable. Enough said.

2254 days ago


how dare anyone judge the homeless man most of the stars were once homeless before fame and most of you dogging him for not being clean.. you don't know how clean some of hollywood really is!!!! if that guy hit the lotto tomorrow all of you talking would try to be his friend, it could happen you know. There goes any of us but for the Grace of God!!!

2246 days ago

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