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Rampage Mad Dogs Cop Cam

7/16/2008 6:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shirtless Quinton "Rampage" Jackson didn't smile or say "cheese" for cops after his arrest. TMZ obtained his official mugshot -- taken at a local precinct moments before he was taken to a nearby O.C. hospital where the UFC fighter was treated moments after his drive from hell.
Quinton Jackson and Andy Dick
Is this the scariest mugshot you've ever seen? Imagine how the guy behind the camera felt.


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White boy    

Why are all whte people so ugly and do perert things? Im so happy im italian!

2252 days ago

Still a Rampage fan    

CT is right; wait until you hear what Rampage has to say before you judge him. As for his "scary" mugshot? There are so many more celeb mugshots that are far scarier than his! Lindsey, Britney, Paris and countless others have done much worse than what Rampage has allegedly done, and yet all they ever get is a slap on the wrist or maybe a little time in rehab. And, so far, no one has reported what Rampage, Dana White or any else in the UFC has to say about Rampage's side of the story. No one has even said what "medically unfit" means, either. As far as I know, it doesn't necassarily mean under the influence. Speak up, Rampage, tell us what's going on!

2252 days ago


Stay strong Rampage. The real fans will still be here regardless. And be safe in and take care in the OC hospital. Thw Rampage fans will still be there.

2252 days ago


Andy's mug shot looks really messed up. If this was halloween that would be the scariest costume....what a weirdo.

2252 days ago

kitten with a whip    

#28....His being black is not frightening. Him driving that giant truck through pedestrian traffic and recklessly endangering lives of innocent people makes him frightening. Don't be so stupid. I don't really care what happened in his little fight. That is no reason to run people down. I am sure he is a fine guy. But right now...he is a fool.

Why do things always have to be about race??? The man was ramming into cars and driving on the sidewalk!!! Seriously.

2252 days ago

agree with Get Lost!!!    

How did the question "Who's mugshot is scarier"? become a race issue???

2252 days ago


1st of all that is not a mug shot he was arrested with a shirt on they dont have you take your shirt off for pics therre for he would either have his shirt or county issue on but anyhow seems to have a lot of people

2251 days ago


I have seen Jackson fight in his earlier days and he was always entertaining but that night I knew something was wrong. Being Jacksons age and a practiced martial arts myself, I sympathize with his situation. He is known to the mma world as a fearsome fighter that comes into the cage ready to fight with a numb stare and homicidal focus. but this time something was off mentally and he did not look like he was in his top physical condition. I shared this with the others and i knew he was going to loose the fight. He is still human and a large percentage of fighting , especially professional fighting is mental, mma is like a chess match combined with all the fame and fortune its bringing to the fighters these days it brings alot of pressure and stress. I have seen eyes like this before and have been in that dark world myself. He is lost right now and is having a mental breakdown, its tough when you build your self up to be superman, finally make it to the big show (UFC) and suddenly the chair pulls away from you as you attempt to sit on your throne and the grim reality hits you on the cold hard floor...I am mortal, I am a man, I bleed and die like every living creature on this earth. Now what? lets hope the gods are on his side and those close to him help him get up from the depths of this psychological hell he is dealing with.

2251 days ago


Im white ....I love Rampage ,any fool who sees anything here other than a human in trouble is automaticaly worse off than rampage. Cmon people lift your heads to higher thoughts, racism can be beaten but the trick is to do it in small portions.
on a personal level. open doors for people...get what im sayin...all you black people out there try to notice that some of us are trying. LALA you got issues ,and sounds like fear to me. fear that comes from Guilt(not white guilt) but mabey your inner self is trying to tell you that you are missing out on something (knowledge and understanding ,love and tollerance)
Im just saying...... we are all each others... everyone makes mistakes

2242 days ago
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