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Britney/K-Fed: Rhymes with Mettlement

7/18/2008 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed, Britney SpearsBritney Spears and Kevin Federline have settled their child custody case ... finally. Sources say K-Fed plans to show in court today but Brit will not.

Sources tell us the two have agreed to a custody arrangement that will give Brit more custody with their two kids by year's end. Currently, she sees Sean Preston and Jayden James three days a week with one overnight.

The settlement is a huge development because next month's trial is now kaput. We're told Brit, grandpa Jamie and K-Fed all wanted to avoid the expense, emotional wear and tear and media frenzy connected with a full-blown trial.

Interesting, we think -- Disso-queen Laura Wasser, who repped Brit from the get-go and was able to retain 50/50 custody even when her client was melting down, has been back on the case for only a month and the Brit ship is back afloat.

On K-Fed's side, his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, was able to turn one of the most reviled guys in the U.S. of A. into Daddy Dearest and win him primary custody. The lawyers will be in court Friday to present the deal to Commish Scott Gordon for his approval.

What a world.


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This is best for the children. Britney has more than she needs on her plate right now trying to get herself emotionally fit again, and truthfully, I think this is what she wants, it frees her up to go and come and do as she pleases with no responsiblities and she can have visits to satisfy her weak and erratic motherly instincts. I am glad it ended this way and hope it stays this way. Whatever else he may be, KFED is a good father.

2290 days ago


Brit deserves her boys back, and she will get them back someday. This isn't over. I'm sorry her father is not being her father. She would have 50/50 custody today if he were. It's sad that everyone around her seems to use her for her money. I hope she one day gets her sons back and has a nice quiet life away from the paparazzi and her money-sucking family. Best of luck, Brit. There are so many people on your side.

2290 days ago


Once Brit's conservatorship ends, which should be within the next few months, she can ask for 50/50 custody again.
And she'll get it.

2290 days ago


My father would have kicked that deadbeat's ass a long tim ago

2290 days ago


Great. Now she con concentrate on getting fat and producing more bad muzak.

2290 days ago


PEYTON WROTE: I'm sorry her father is not being her father. She would have 50/50 custody today if he were.

You do not make any sense

2290 days ago


You dont KNOW if she will get it. Obviously she is chosing getting her career back on track over being a mom. Very sad, considering she has missed so much of their lives already. Either way, kids arent getting the parenting they need. Brit needs to take some tips from her sister

2290 days ago


Even if I've never liked brit I understand what is she going trough cos I also suffered (and I am suffering) postnatal depression and the sadness that you feel is unbearable... it's like you want to die and forget about your life completely... and IT'S NOT THAT YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR CHILDREN... IT'S ONLY THAT YOU ARE SICK!!!!!!!!

I hope K-FED will take good care of them till she is recovered.


2290 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I think it is all in black and white. She couldn't get 50/50 custody of the kids right now with the conservatorship in place so why keep fighting and paying legal fees? I think she got great advice. I think KF got a big surprise - I don't think he ever thought that she would agree to that. It will be interesting to see how he handles himself now. As a fulltime stay at home dad, he should get rid of the nanny, the bodyguard (although I love them for being the only stable factor in the kids lives), his attorney and everyone else taking Britney's money through him. The child support is for Jayden and Sean. Once Britney is well (and I do believe her getting back to work is helping that process), and the conservatorship hopefully one day will end and she will continue to be responsible, then she will get her share of the custody. By then, KF will probably be willing to pay her to TAKE 100% legal and physical custoday. I hope someone keeps tabs on him and where the child support goes.

2290 days ago


Britney is relieved to have the kids full time with their dad. She never wanted to be a full time mom. She enjoys seeing them for a few hours then sending them home so she go out and run the streets of LA trying to be what she used to be. If she is ever to make a big comeback and be "better than ever" as her fans wish her to, she is going to have to make some major changes in her way of thinking, get some education and develop some class. Her mother can't help her with that, because her mother may have more education but she has no class. Sad but true. The kids are better off. Now they can get on with their lives.

2290 days ago


In a previous blog on Britney, I complimented her beautiful brown eyes. Then afterward, she appeared on the MTV show with blue contact lenses. I think she lives in Britney world.
Sometimes celebrities are hmmmmmmm, strange.

2280 days ago
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