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Warring Videos at Center of Denise vs. Charlie

7/21/2008 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards both say they couldn't be happier with the latest courtroom custody battle -- a battle that has a lot to do with home video.

TMZ has learned Richards' lawyer, Neal Hersh, came armed with home video from Denise, showing her kids acting out in a way Denise found alarming. Hersh would not comment on the video, but we're told the way the kids have been acting is why she wants restrictions on Charlie's contact with the kids. We also know the videos were not shown in court.

And it gets better ...

On the other side, Charlie's lawyer, Fern Wender, brought her own video to court, courtesy of Charlie. We're told this video shows the kids acting just fine.

Hersh said, "Denise could not be happier with the order. She fully intends to support these orders and only hopes that Charlie will support those orders and follow them."

Denise Richards: Click to watchWender says Charlie was very happy the court commissioner only granted the innocuous portions of what Denise was asking for, and denied everything else. Hersh fired back, "It is shameful that he is trying to keep a tally on who won and who lost. The judge granted certain orders and denied others. This was about an emergency situation regarding her children."

Charlie's camp says the Commish did not find any emergency to justify changes to the current custodial arrangement. As for keeping score, Charlie's peeps point out that it was Hersh who invited the media to attend this morning's hearing, not them. They also add that all Charlie wants is what's best for his young children, including keeping these court hearings private.

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Louisiana Girl    

She is obviously still hung up on Charlie. What a NUTCASE!!

2221 days ago


All I have to say is if her judge was the one in the Britney Spears case and he saw how she is on her show which I am sure is just a tamed down version of the real her. He would have given custody to Charlie along time ago.

2221 days ago

Marshall from Tennessee    

Are you all kidding me? I think you all need to lay off Denise and stop all of the name calling. Charlie Sheen is no saint. Denise is a good mother trying to protect her two young children. Have we all forgotten the history of Charlie? Drugs , prostitutes, gambling and JAIL! The only thing that Denise did wrong was marry a man that she thought had put his bad habits behind him -- and he obviously didn't which is why she divorced him and now she is doing everything she can to protect her two beautiful girls from being exposed to any of his bad behavior!

2221 days ago

kathy d    

Why on earth did she marry this guy to begin with. Someone who is a total ego maniac and goes to think this is someone to have children with?? You reap what you sow and you kids are the true victims here!!

2221 days ago


Charlie admitted he did drugs, was a coke freak, gambled like mad, cheated on his wife, downloaded porn and hired prostitutes. Is it such a stretch that he could be exposing the kids to unhealthy behavior? Nope! Yet you're all slamming Denise because she dated a man whose wife had already filed for divorce? One sided much?

2221 days ago

Me, myself and I    

All divorcing parents should be ordered to attend co-parenting classes for two weeks, before anything more is done with the actual divorce. Parents, (and grandparents, uncles and aunts), should never say anything damaging about the other parent to their children. It upsets children that they might have a "bad" mommy or daddy. If Charlie is a bad father, the girls will be able to discern this for themselves in a few years. House rules are usually different at each parent's house, and kids easily adapt to those minor differences.

Denise said that there is something that is psychologically damaging to her girls in his house. I hope she's not talking about the girls new step mom. It appears that the custody agreement was basically unchanged. The only thing I've read, was that there was a problem about how the girls are transported between their two homes. I don't know what that could mean.

I can't say anything good or bad about her show, because Ive never see it. I don't care for any reality shows and don't watch them. Unless there is a real danger to their kids, they should each stop trying control what happens at the other parent's house.

2221 days ago

Fact Checker    

Looks like Denise is having fun here as the only blogger trying to tear down the man she married whos life was an open book.... looking for a meal ticket perhaps?

#57 You must think we are all on crack to believe it is hard to get an Emergency Hearing. You just have to fill in ONE form, fax a copy to other defendents lawyer night before and show up before court opens at 8am instead of 8:30am, So why get an emergency hearing? So the other side DOES NOT HAVE a chance to prepare for a hearing as you give nature of complant to them and the judge at the same time. Heck, an emergency hearing could be held for something as simple as you want to change a hearing date because of a court conflict and the other side says no way to a change. You have NO choice but to go before the Judge who will grant the change of date for good cause - will NOT if it is a delay tactic.

I also know Judge Silbermen. BOTH parents need to NOT try to bash the other parent because this Judge cares ONLY about the kids whos lives are forever changed because the parents marriage did not work. The emotions run high for most divorces. It is NOT about WHAT the other parent is doing. BOTH caused a divorce upon the kids. ALL children will go between parents as they get older. Give it up Denise. The only thing your doing by fighting instead of working on YOUR time is making sure your kids HATE the half of them THAT IS YOU. And for Charlie, getting married so fast instead of putting your children first because of this divorce, thinking of your emotional needs ahead of your kids is damaging. Now that you have done it, I would hope you would be willing to put them first and forget about ANYTHING Denise says and work on YOUR time with your kids. For Charlie's new wife, don't worry about anything Denise says about you to the Judge. Your not involved in the case, look at the divorce papers. Your NOT listed as a party to the case. Only a NEW case brought by child protective services or the sherrif dept with a different Judge against you can affect your role with the kids. Just keep Charlie focused on the kids and DON'T make him prove any loyality to you if your feelings get hurt. Your an adult. The child are babies who need someone to be there for them. Only their feelings matter. Also, this Judge will be SO angry if Charlie engages in Denises plot to drag him down. It takes 2 to fight. We all know she is crazy but the Judge wants to NOT hear it, only the two parents getting along for the good of the kids. So keep Charlie focused dear and your home will be a happy one. He will love you forever if you keep drama out of your lives - just dont talk about it. Enjoy your life as a couple and new family. Put in the time, take a backseat and get ready for them to move in as teenagers cause THEY WILL BE SO READY TO NEVER SEE THERE MOM IF SHE KEEPS THIS ALL UP!!!!

2221 days ago


I think that it's sad that these are just two normal divorced people that are trying to help their kids. If Denise is a bad parent that's not for us to decide. If Charlie is a bad parent, that's not for us to decide either. It's too bad that the two of them can't get along for the sake of their children, but what's even sadder is that they have to go through all of this so publicly. I know a lot of people that are divorced. They talk bad about each other. Sometimes it even happens in front of the kids. What are we supposed to do? Should we send every parent to prison and take their kids away because they made a mistake? I don't have any kids, but I have slipped and sad a cuss word in front of my neice or nephews. They call me on it, but I have still done it. If anyone wants to pass judgement on either of these people, then find them a book that gives the perfect instructions to be the perfect mom or dad, perfect wife or husband, perfect daughter or son, perfect person in general. Everyone is going to make mistakes, it doesn't mean that they are bad people. They are human. Just because they are celebrities doesn't mean they aren't human and don't make mistakes or get made at their ex!

2221 days ago

who cares    

seems like Denise is just plain pissed off and now even more that Charlie has remarried
jealousy is all she is showing, prob doesnt want another woman being mom to her kids
shes seems more nuts that he does only problem is that the girls are the ones caught in the middle
of all this drama

2221 days ago


wow i am surprised how much everyone hates her. I mean, she is not my favorite by any means and I have watched her show and she is no brain trust. But considering Charlies past and his reputation, if those girls are acting out in an alarming way, I would not surprised if it is some sexual thing. I would hope if it is something like that, the judge would do whats best for those girls and keep them away from their perv of a father.

2221 days ago


The kids are acting up b/c their mother is acting like a 3 yr old child herself. She needs to grow up and realize that her children come first, not her! She should never have agreed to do a reality show especially whith children involved. The responsible adults in Hollywood know to keep their children out of the lime light and away from all the madness for as long as they can. She needs to take parenting classes and quit being selfish!

2220 days ago

betty boop 831    

That girl is a crazy bitch!! All she cares about is..........herself. Bless those children. Hopefully they will not be like her when they grow up. That stupid judge should wake up. It doesn't take Einstein to realize where the problem really lies. Her name is.....Denise. Duh!!!!!

2220 days ago

candy girl    

I don't think denise is that bad i use to think she was a hoe after wild things but after watching her show she seems okay i see the way she acts with her dad and they she misses her mom its sweet she does need to cool out with the swearing but all in all after to watching the show she is not all bad and her whole custody thing is because she still wants charlie taht is why she brings him to court all the time so she can see him

2220 days ago


I am sure Charlie is probably way more messed up than she. She might be a little self centered but aren't alot of people? You are attacking her because she is pretty and in a bikini with money. You'd do it too! And I am sure she worships those little girls. He probably does too. But honestly, she wanted a family. I won't comment about Richie because I am a Heather fan and that isn't part of this comment to be gracious to Heather. But she doesn't deserve such hate in this respect. Just like Britney or Paris. Especially when you bash a Mom. Hollywood screws people up. I hope her Dad doesn't read these comments. I hope he realizes they are hateful people and TMZ sucks. But aren't all people screwed up in some way. Crazy? Yeah, you sit there taking your meds and call HER crazy b/c she has long blonde hair you dimwits! Charlie Sheen's show is one of my faves but please, he is so bad! HE most likely brainwashed her and made her lose her self esteem and she became a bigger brat!! Fake? Nah, give her a break. You don't know what he does in that house.........(sorry Heather, you do not deserve to be in this drama - that sucks big time and thank the media!!!)

2220 days ago


I cannot believe how screwed up everyone is!!!!!!!!!! Everyone calling her names and judging her DO YOU KNOW HER PERSONALLY?????? yeah don't think so .... You all need to get a life and leave her alone, I watch her show and I do not think she acts like a whore at all. This is her business and her families, Her dad seems caring and nice she didn't come from a broken up home, I wish her nothing but GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! She rocks we have the same b-day, so back off and let her do what she has to do for her kids. We don't know what the situation is, she is a concerned parent

2220 days ago
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