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Happy Birthday Nick: Welcome to Big People Jail

7/22/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turning 18 has its benefits -- you get to vote, you can join the Army, and, if you're Nick Bollea, you get transferred to the adult section of jail.

Bollea, who has been housed with other juveniles at Pinellas County Jail, will be moved to the adult portion of the facility on Sunday, aka his 18th birthday. It's an open dormitory type of setting where he'll be in close contact with other adult inmates. The inmates are either awaiting sentencing or have already been sentenced in cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

The only way this won't go down is if a judge orders otherwise. He'll be released sometime in October.


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Now that BIG nickie is hanging out wit his new homeboy's like J. Holton ,B. Allen ,J. Miller Hopefully he want be to loud and so negative about all the FUN he will be getting to have with his new playmate's.It's GoD's will to make Nick a better person for his New magazine article.And to think $750 K just for a article exclusive in Genre Magazine.

2216 days ago


I'm praying for the victim in all of this--John Graziano, the young man that died as a result of Nick's stupidity and ignorance. I also hope that prison has opened Nick's eyes and that he will learn a lot from his jail stint.

2216 days ago

Last Laugh    

"AtotheK", as in AK47? Yeah, you're a winner. And did I seriously see BaD KaRaMa threaten someone with a missile? Isn't that against some kind of rule? It should be!!!! Marines need to come up with better ways of dealing with their anger and frustration. Not everything should come down to guns, bombs, and violence. Put down the gun and USE YOUR BRAIN. When you're not at war, you're not at war. Don't you freaks get that? You're a bunch of sub-human neanderthals. This world's supposedly been civilized for how long now? Somebody missed the memo!

2215 days ago

Last Laugh    

I'm easily disturbed by the sight of icky medical things, but that video was nothing. It looked fake. They said they were planning on putting his skull back together, right? Why would it be all healed looking? That accident was less than a year ago, and it looks like he was born with a head like that. Also, if you compare that "non-pixelated" video to the original video, they look nothing a like. TMZ hasn't announced the fact that there's an unedited video of John, they haven't released pics from it, and it hasn't been on any news channel I've seen. THE VIDEO IS BOGUS

2215 days ago


Why would anybody drive with a drunk driver? Or with someone you knew was going to drive 100 miles an hour?
Because to most young kids this is COOL. Speeding, drag racing, drinking all fun. We had all done it at one time or another, God was with most of us and nobody got hurt, somebody got hurt in Nik's case, That is a terrible tragedy. I guess he should be punished he injured someone for life? But yet, he was just being a 17 year old as his friend was being, neither thought of anything bad happening.
I would love to see him spend half of his life going to High schools, colleges and showing what speed can do, I don't think the your drivers under 20 understand that yet.

2215 days ago


Keep your mouth shut your cheeks clenched and do look any body in the eye

good luck nick

2215 days ago


Nick Bollea is semi-retarded and will be incarcerated most of his life, get used to it.

2215 days ago


Ha ha.He deserves to be right where he is but only longer.He is a spoiled rich brat who doesn't know a thing about the real world.I bet daddy will even pay to make it cozy for you in the slammer.I have no respect for a filthy rich boy who can't even imagine making it on his own.Ilove to see these spoiled brat rich kids go down.Don't drop the soap Nicki boy.Oh but you might like it after being raised by your flamboyant fake as hell parents.

2214 days ago


What I don't think people realize is that while yeah, he made a mistake, so did the other kids. Each one of them made a choice that night. Graziano made the choice to get in a car with someone who had been drinking (underage) and who was known to drive fast. He made the choice not to wear his seatbelt. We all know what the consequences of are decisions are, and he was no different. I am not saying that Nick in not at fault, but let's be honest and put the blame on both parties!

2214 days ago

Last Laugh    

Brenda, did you say spoiled brat enough? At least you let your true motive be known! Most of you people don't really care about John Graziano, you just care about bullying a rich kid. Is the envy getting to you that bad? Don't sit around all jealous. Get off your fat arses and make your own dreams come true. Stop voting for C average students that will destroy your economy. Quit trying to punish a kid for your short comings in life. He was born into what he has, he didn't ask for it, and it's really not working to his advantage anymore. I swear, ALL Americans are braindead.

2214 days ago

What has america come to?    

Alrite, people.
He is a innocent CHILD, he was one when he did it and he is still one, do you rely believe he meant to do crash his car.? And Nick didnt MAKE the solider get in the car, he choose to..

So lay off, the kid.
Doncha think.?

2214 days ago


Here I will say it again just for you Francois even though I only typed it twice before.He is a spoiled brat and a spoiled brat and a spoiled brat and a spoiled brat.Ok is that better now.And you don't know anything about me ,my dreams or my financial status.Just to let you know I was typing about Hogan's spoiled filthy rich brat son and not his victim Bi###.So now wake up your brain from the dead.Oh and he is a spoiled rotten brat showing off and speeding just as fast as he could you dum##ss

2213 days ago


He is an innocent child? Whoever left that comment is retarded.He is almost 18 years old not an innocent child.My 8 year old is an innocent child lol

2213 days ago
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