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Camo'd Paps Pounded by Brangie's Boys

7/25/2008 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rule Number One of papping the Jolie-Pitts: Do not get all up in their property -- especially wearing camouflage.

A couple of shooters found that out the hard way, getting into a scuffle with Brad and Angelina's security after they were discovered on the grounds of the couple's chateau in southern France, clad in camouflage clothing. According to the French police, both sides filed legal complaints accusing battery and injury.

No further information on the names or nationalities of the paparazzi was available.


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10. Get over yourself Ego Pitt. There probably are not as many people that want to see those new yard apes as you might think.
Posted at 9:26AM on Jul 25th 2008 by jds45

While that may be true (I don't care if I ever see their kids), but, that's not the point.
The point is that the paps trespassed, on THEIR property, wearing CAMOUFLAGE?!?!?
That's just WRONG on so many levels...

2279 days ago


Celebrity or not nobody has the right to trespass on private property. Everybody has the right to privacy on their property. It makes no sense to take the paparazzi's side.

2279 days ago


I guess they should have dressed like drug dealers..............

2279 days ago


Whoah, the paps have gone WAY too far this time. Too bad Jolie & Pitt weren't in Texas when this happened, security could've just blasted the paps then. JK - I don't think they deserve death, but a good beating is appropriate. This is really crazy. The media is going way too far now. Look what they've done to poor Britney. Yes, I know she brought a lot of it on herself, but she is human and deserves a little dignity. & people are actually on here complaining about the charitable contributions Angelina & Brad make, come on! Must you be so cynical!! I think it's great that they share their wealth.

2279 days ago


"No further information on the names or nationalities of the paparazzi were available."

In other words, they worked for TMZ.

2279 days ago



Brangelina live in fish bowl and have more money than Fort Knox (probably where tehy got the name for the new baby). If they can't handle the "stress" and "pressure" of photogs then let them get real jobs, get out of the public eye, stop making obscene amounts of money and stop whining.

PUT UP OR SHUT UP> As always, when they can make money of f photographers as with premieres of their films, pimping their kids out for photos, etc. they can't get enough press around them, however when they are in situations where they don't want to be seen they bitch and moan about it.

My heart sure doesn't bleed for these fame and fortune whores!

2279 days ago


Tell Mr. Jolie to stop whining and get a real job!

2279 days ago


Someone should tell Mr. Jolie to stop whining all the time and to get a real job!

2279 days ago


Angie and Brad are satiated in thier own devices! heheheheheh

2279 days ago


Heaven forbid that a pap gets a shot of the twins before Brad and Angie get their $11 million! imagine them having in vitro done to have more babies faster. It's a slap in the face to people with real infertility problems!

2279 days ago


Camouflage??? WTF.. on my property ??? Shot dead, no scuffle just shot. Think I'm crazy? Well lets have someone try that on dear old Ted Nugent's property and see what happens .

The NERVE of the paps to press charges, unreal.

2279 days ago


It is truly amazing, that people today would rather knock the fame of people and people for having the fame, rather than address the issues at hand. Everyone deserves privacy. I do imagine, if you walk out your back door tomorrow and find a person drabbed in camouflage, snapping photos of you and your family, especially after having to threaten paps and magazines with a law suit. You might be a bit upset too. Next thing you know, these idiots who are on private property, who have no respect for peoples property, will be breaking into their home for photographs. If you can't see the real problems here, then you need to walk in their shoes. Lets face the issue here.. I see anyone standing in my back yard, camera or not, and know they have no business there I am going to be hightly upset. For those of you who think they are looking for the public eye, you really aren't on track. They may have the safety and well being of their children as a priority. What if the children had been in the back yard area of the house, with creepy paps sneaking in. Lets look at realities here. If the authorities in France do not take this as a serious threat, then something is wrong with the authorities in France. These paps are ruthless, and any one of them hanging at the entry gate, or entering the property needs to be arrested, jailed and deported. Hopefully, the new law in Congress will completely pass this year, and paps who violate the privacy of celebrities, stalk them, enter their property (even with a telephoto lens) will be convicted on felony charges. Now, the authorities in Nice need to stand up and take care of their residence.

2279 days ago


They're photograhphers for crying out loud and Angelina and Brad brought this on themselves by pimping out their kids' photos to the highest bidder. It's not like the guys were kidnappers, or snipers, or anything - they just wanted photos. If
Angie and Brad would just give a photo of their kids and GO AWAY they'd be doing everyone a favor. Who really cares about them anyway (except the 20 or so Brangeloonies on Just Jared)

2279 days ago


Although I've lost all respect for Angelina Jolie after I've seen her recent pictures standing on the balcony of a hotel and exposing her breasts for all the world to see while knowing that there are hordes of paparazzi filming her, I still think that it's outrageous and disgusting for paparazzi stalking Jolie - Pitt family in the backyard in camouflage clothing.

2279 days ago


I agree that the paparazzi go too far in their quest for photos. But you know there are some celebrities who live their lives and have their privacy. I have never been a fan of Jolie or Pitt. Frankly I don't see what all the fuss is about. He is not a good actor or all that good looking. She is not beautiful and seems to thrive on children for the sake of publicity. And they say they are committed to their family yet they don't marry. It is all beyond my understanding but I guess that is what it is all about in this day and age. Glad I am not famous.

2279 days ago
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