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Amy Winehouse: A Jack of All Junkies

7/26/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse had no answers for the pappers outside her loft -- until it came to the Jack Daniel's she had in her hand!

With rumors swirling that she put Jack Daniel's in her inhaler -- the lovely trainwreck singer had only one thing to say.


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Beth -is it really your discretion to decide whether or not someone should be alive or not? O.D.? What has this world come to!

:( :( :(

She is a human being. Yes she needs help. But it certainly does not mean she doesn't deserve to live.

2226 days ago


I'd have to agree with Amy. Fawk the Papz. Atleast she wasn't "smoking" the Jack Daniels. It must be hard for a person to be fighting addiction while the Papz is in your face 24/7 making your life front page news everyday. Does she have an addiction yes, but it doesn't help her by being followed 24/7.
Amy Winehouse is a talented singer. Her music deseminates a level of poetry that other song writers only dare to dream about. I hope she get's the help she needs and continue's to produce awesome music. Anyone, ANYONE who ridicules her and says she has no talent obviously hasn't listened to her first CD "Frank" or her 2nd CD "Back to Black". Every song is a poem...designated about something that happened to her life. I wish people would stop hating her....and start looking at a huge TALENT we may lose one day....due to addiction...Only then will the tabloids feel sorry they said anything negative about her...even if it is....for a mila-second.

2226 days ago


Dr. Death will be knocking on her door soon. Most likely from some form of STD. I wouldn't sleep with that chick if I were Blind, Broke and a Virgin. That Bieatch is NASTY!!!

2226 days ago


That Was a Sweet video! Rock On Amy!

2226 days ago


she's got good coke...worth killing over

2226 days ago

bobbi von hamham    

Yeah, but... Even I get tired of the stupid questions thrown at celebs by the paps. Of course they get tired of answering to these jack offs. Duh, what are you doing with the Jack Daniels Amy? Does your Mum know you have Jack Daniels Amy? Do you want to die Amy? Can I ask one more senseless question to keep you in front of my camera Amy?

2225 days ago


i agree with cynthia amy can write som awesome songs. and the r great songs bcause she's lived or should i say living them. yeah hr life is alittle crazy right now. gonna enjoy her music and her while she's here!

2225 days ago


Okay...consider me "unhip" or not down with the kiddies. But can someone explain to me how the hell you use a regular personal inhaler to inhale alcohol like TMZ reports on rumors that Amy has done? I've heard of that big inhaler called AWOL that is banned in like 16 states but that's built to vaporize alcohol. How do people do it with a regular inhaler?

P.S. I love Amy...but I don't doubt the girl has done the whole vaporized alcohol thing! It's so sad...but she's soooo far gone!

You're in my prayers Amy!

2225 days ago


I wonder if that is the only sign languge she knows?

2225 days ago


Why is this person famous at all? How is she a good example for our youth?

2225 days ago



2225 days ago


She does not deserve anyone's sympathy. She has the means to get into rehab and wants to keep kiling herrself. I am sure there are alot of messed up people that would kill to have her ability to go to treatment. she is wasting her life and will die much to early.

2225 days ago


She should do us all a favour and do a huge crack hoot and never want to leave her house again! She's looking pretty sad and no class what so ever.

2225 days ago

Whino is SKUGLY!    

#11 I am sorry but NO ONE on this site is making fun of her......she obviously puts herself out there and all we do is speak the truth... If Amy wanted help she would have taken it in the beginning.......but seeing that she CAN NOT SING, NOR SELL A RECORD, she has to act like a half witted walking STD to get any publicity.

It's obvious that she is getting under the publics skin. She is a discrace to all women everywhere. She needs to go BACK to rehad, take an etiquette class, shave, and act like a lady. Or just croak, either one would do everyone ALOT of good.

2225 days ago


Geez #13, are you really so ignorant that you don't realize cars are different in the UK than here? No wonder everyone thinks Americans are so stupid, just look at the comment board.
On another note, I thought that was hilarious how she snapped at the paps. Good for her. I love Amy, and even if you want to call her untalented, she does have the Grammy! What the hell have you all done to be able to condemn her? I doubt any of you are terribly outstanding individuals.

2225 days ago
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