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John Mayer to TMZ: Game On!

7/26/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We challenged John Mayer to host TMZ TV -- and wouldn't you know it, he took us up on the offer!
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Throughout the week, we aired snippets of John hamming it up for cameras -- but click the pic to watch the highlights.


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Love you John!

2217 days ago


can his record company demand that this tool SHUT HIS BIG MOUTH ALREADY and get to work on some new songs ?

he's really no great songwriter (he makes rivers from weezer look like lennon-mccartney), so if i were him, i'd be worried about the next cd.

only a person with low self-esteem needs to constantly be noticed like this guy. i'll bet mommy & daddy NEVER paid attention to him.

2217 days ago


Actually made me like him more than before.

2217 days ago


i'm so glad i got to see the unedited version of this that you had posted earlier . it just isn't the same without the hilarious phone call with his dad where he's trying to explain how to find entourage on his mac. why'd you take that one down anyway?

john mayer sure is a good sport. kudos to him.

2217 days ago

jae jae    

Awww. Who knew that he was so funny and self-deprecating?! That makes him extra-cute and likable. Now I understand how he gets all those famous women! I wish I were famous! :-)

Somebody should give him his own talk show or something.

2217 days ago


What a great guy! Love him!!!!

2217 days ago


Ah John. You are funny, cute, and talented. Thanks for not letting fame get to your head!

2217 days ago

I'm in love with john    

I love John he's such a regular guy that doesnt seem to be into all the bs in hollywood. Plus he doesnt seem to be into wearing a bunch of makeup like the rest of ugly wannabe pretty boys.

2217 days ago

just asking    

John is a great guy. I admit I did not know much about him until he started dating Jennifer but since then I've loved everything that I've seen and heard. Awesome voice, great personality and funny as hell. A great catch!!! Oh, and sexy as can be.

2217 days ago


Hey, how about John Mayer being inside, writing the stars' names on the while board?? And Max being the only one speaking..... about the stars...

2217 days ago

Make It Right!!    

They edited it from 20 minutes to 4 minutes cuz Perez Hilton got wind of the fact that the unedited version had John Mayer confirming to the world that Jennifer Aniston does not allow anyone to mention Brad and Angelina to her or in the media. John is told by the camera guys that Angie had her twins and John says that having a baby is always a good thing but that he can't comment on that without seriously selling out his personal life and for the camera guys to not make this hosting gig hard on him like that by bringing that up. That is why they edited the footage and cut out all reference to other celebs. How's that for Jennifer moving on with her life? She is obviously still very stuck on Brad. Sad for her but Jenloonies should love jumping right back on that Pity Train for her! She made her bed, now she can't lie in it?? TMZ loves their John mayer and don't want to hurt him in anyway. He seems like a good guy. Too bad his girlfriend is still so uptight. She is the complete opposite of everything he is. What does he see in her besides alot of publicity?

2217 days ago


That was freaking awesome!
John seems so down to earth and normal!
He takes what could be a very aggrivating situation and turns it around.
I am so glad to see that he has humer about the situation. I for one am sooooooo sick of hearing celebrities whine about all the attention they recieve. I mean, I know that the line is often crossed and that sometimes it is ridiculous but some of the uber whiners REALLY get on my nerves ,like they didn't know this was gonna happen, come on!
You go John!
You just became on of the most likeable celebrities of all time!
Um..............and you are a cuite pie!

2217 days ago


Love John. He has a great sense of humor.

2217 days ago


Please put back the full 20 minutes....IT had alot of fuuny stuff as well. And if that twit Jenny Aniston doesn't like the part he said about the twins...tell her to GET OVER HIM ALREADY!!!


2217 days ago


Joye- I agree with you, they need to have John do Harvey's job for a day, be inside of the studio writing celeb's name on the board.
It was so nice seeing John on TMZ for the 2 or 3 days that he was on, he is so funny and it's good that he doesn't yell at the paps the way that Seal does. John has a great sense of humor.
John you should not be with a woman that is still obsessed with another guy, dump Jen.

She's still in love with Brad.

I would give you the love that you deserve.

But anyway, you were funny all of those 3 days.

2217 days ago
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