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Madonna's Latest Incarnation: Old Lady

7/26/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a face only A-Rod could love -- Madonna stepped out of a Kabbalah Center in NYC looking borderline human.

Madge's sunken face looks more geriatric than diva!


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OMG SICK SICK SICK She is getting old but still could maintain herself. Talk about high maintenance fixer upper. Looks like she just ran out of the house without washing her face, hair or anywhere else. Go get some A-Rod

2223 days ago


That is not Madonna. That is a man. I'm not buying it.

2223 days ago

Bob Booie    

She looks like how the Olsen twins will look at that age

2223 days ago


She's always been a nasty fugly whore. Why is anyone surprised?

2223 days ago


She looks like 40 miles of bad road!!!!!!!

2223 days ago

Cherry Cola    

she just had a facelift?'s still on the floor.

2223 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Sobrique, there is a major difference between Kabalah and witchcraft. Kabalah is a mystical interpretation of the Jewish holy books. Witchcraft is a religion which worships the natural world and all the forms of life that inhabit it. I should know. I am a witch. And before you try to tell me that it isn't a religion, you'll have to argue with the federal government in the form of the Veteran's Administration. And I suggest you consider what a slap in the face your comment is to the men and women who fought and died to protect your freedom.

Go Sox

2223 days ago

brazen weep    

Holy crap, that arm is ridiculous looking.

2223 days ago


That isn't Madonna

2223 days ago

Just Me2    

Why are people refusing to believe that this IS WHAT MADONNA REALLY LOOKS LIKE??????

Her brother (yes, the one that wrote the book), was recently asked in an interview (Good Morning America, I believe), if he "recognized the Madonna of today" (I'm sure the interviewer was speaking in a "figurative" sense), and Christopher replied: "Not since she had a FACELIFT" (GOTTA LOVE HIS WITTY AND NO DOUBT TRUTHFUL ANSWER!) If there was any chance in hell Madonna would have forgiven him for his book, I bet that fact that he DIVULGED to AMERICA that she had a facelift, sabotaged ANY chance of a reconciliation!!!!!!!!
So there! Why is everyone surprised?! She's obviously had "cheek" implants, botox (no lines on her forehead), and something done around the area of her mouth (this picture makes it appear that she has no teeth!)

Poor Madonna - after being inducted into the Hall of Shame (I , mean FAME), in March 2008, she should have just "hung it up" (no pun intended).

P.S. Aside from her face looking evey day of it's almost 50 years old (and then some), her body looks more than just not having any fat on it, her body is actually looking anorexic (if that's possible, with all the working out she supposedly does).

Madge: Give yourself (and America) a break - so you are in the music history books - now go knit a blanket or sumpin'!

2223 days ago

that's all    

79. ............Oh, shut-up. You're just as bad with pompous prosletyzing as born-again hypocrites.

Go Hornets

2223 days ago

American Dream    

Wow - now we know that even with tons of plastic surgery, the "stars" still look like monsters underneath the layers of makeup they wear!!

2223 days ago


Does anyone know that arm is also messhed with the other guys arm? Hello?????

2223 days ago


Once again, my assertion that women of a certain age who diet to the extreme in a race to outrun the ravages of time, end up looking many many years older than they really. A youthful face has a nice padding of fat that rounds out the features and softens the harshness of bone and muscle. As you age, you lose that fat padding and the bones become jarringly obvious. Older women, if they want to look facially youthful, should back off the dieting a bit and allow a bit of plumpness to the cheeks, which also smooths out wrinkles and other facial lines as well. I think most people would agree that an older woman with a slightly higher body fat index is much more attractive overall than the stick and bones skeletor look. Who cares if you have a nice flat stomach if your face look like a Halloween prop?

2223 days ago

Just Me2    

If anyone knows, please help me understand!
I don't know a lick about "kabalah", except from comments I read on boards such as this. A poster (#79), posted something about Kabalah being "jewish" mysticism, or something to that effect. Does this have any bearing on one being "catholic"?
As it is common knowledge that Madonna grew up in the "catholic" faith, and in her early years (and until recently, I think), wore crucifixes. I know this may sound like a dumb question, however, can one be CATHOLIC and still practice "Kabalah"?

Just curious. If anyone knows, please share.


2223 days ago
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