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Heidi Montag Clotheslines LC

7/27/2008 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The words "Lauren Conrad" and "half off" should be met with cheer. Too bad they pertain to her clothing line.

While Heidi Montag was at Kitson selling her clothes like hot cakes, L.C.'s line was hanging on the clearance rack. Then LC happened to walk by.


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Only because Heidi's stuff is dirt cheep, like $20 at MOST. Her stuffs not even worth that if you ask me.

2281 days ago


heidi´s clothes is trashy and horrible..LC's line is truly good! and of course it worth the price! i rather buy 1 piece of LC´s line than 5 on Heidi´s..come on people..!! i think that they put that sign just becouse heidi was going to be there!

is like you said what do you think that wall mart clothes is selling like hot cakes meanwhile channel clothes not!!

2281 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

I feel sorry for Heidi Montag , because since she endorsed john McCain for president the tabloids or Media have been 'beating up' on her. Heidi , I think you will have a good success in Hollywood , but the Hollywood Elite will make it difficult for you , based on your politics (as most Hollywood Elite are Leftists)

2281 days ago


You may love Jesus, but I'm sure he don't love your publicity whoring ways. I don't think Jesus would have ever faked a relationship in the name of cold hard cash. But hey, whatever makes you feel good about yourself...

2281 days ago


Heidi is full of NO TALENT AND NO BRAINS. Go away, you retard, along with your retarded boyfriend.

2281 days ago


that is great! i've always liked heidi because she seemed so much more sincere and real than LC aka Beef. Seriously, her line is great and it's wonderfully priced! i really do love this gal, she just comes across as cool and can make fun of herself. LC just seems like some Alist wannabe, bitter loser. GO HEIDI....and dump that hanger on Spencer while your at it!!

2281 days ago


that was too funny...

2281 days ago


Heidi's clothing is pretty cool, she deserves to be praised. I would rather spend $40.00 on clothes than $200.00 on one item. I think Lauren is not thinking correctly. If you want to one day own an expensive clothing industry, then you must start at the bottom. Maybe Lauren is lacking in humility???

Heidi is not that bad of a person, its that A-H@le boyfriend of hers thats dragging her down. Get rid of that weird Flesh-toned bearded guy. He is ugly as hell and a douche bag at best.

2281 days ago

who cares    

ARE YOU KIDDING ME...Are these two botards STILL getting attention. That heidi chick looks like a drag queen and her boyfriend is a queen. I think they are about as useful as a fart in a mitten.....please you morons...go away! People...stop watching their show, stop paying to see them, stop paying for their stuff...make them go away.....

2281 days ago

Candace Higgins    

I will pary that Jesus saves Heidi and her pimp from themselves please stop reporting on the pimp and the moron

2281 days ago


LC reminds me of a jealous little cheerleader who got sad when she doesnt get all the attention in every way, she couldnt handle being friends with Heidi, when Heidi started to get more attention than her, then she became friends with Audrina then Audrina started to get more attention, and she wanted to dump that friendship, She "LC" is a spoiled Rich brat that just lived in the Hills, now she thinks she something special, but in reality she's a nobody trying to take advantage of being a celebrity while she can before it starts to burn out, so try and get as much for free LC because time is running out!!!!!

2281 days ago

Dee Dee Dee    

What a desperate publicity stunt on the part of Kitson owner Frasier Ross. The only way he can get a celebrity to go in his store is to pay them, is that why sales are down 60% and they put clothes loaned to celebrities back on the rack without dry cleaning them? Gross

2281 days ago

Reality TV Sucks    

Kitson is so over anyhow.

2281 days ago

BOEING 787    

Why don't Heidi, Lauren, and others learn about the business before starting one, who
knows if all the people working in their behalf are working in their best interest?

2281 days ago

westley allan todd    

either girl's clothing would look far

better laying on the floor near my bed........

2281 days ago
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