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Hogan Parents Offer Kids Career Advice, Nail File

7/28/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk and Linda had plenty to say outside jail after visiting Nick on his B-day. While Hulk joked about trying to bust his boy loose, mama Hogan wasn't as happy when we dropped a Playboy/Brooke bomb on her.

And get this: Hulk showed up to jail in a souped up, bright yellow Dodge. Bubba's clearly a rocket scientist.


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These people just don't get it. And to show up in a car like the one that crashed. That's unbelievably bad taste. Stop giving these people the coverage they clearly don't deserve.

2276 days ago


For the record, and i am just an amateur here, but nick crashed a toyota supra. I could be wrong, but that is no where near a dodge.

2276 days ago


I think the car that Nick crashed was a Toyota Supra. It was yellow.
The "car" that Hulk was driving was probably that Dodge Ram with the SRT-10 viper engine in it. That he always drove around on their show.
I hate the Hogans, but i'm just sayin'
facts is facts.

2276 days ago


The car Nicked crashed was a tricked out Supra and the one Hulk is shown getting into was a Charger, Not even close in comparison except color. Another case of TMZ and say anything for a story.

2276 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

i agree, that wasn't cool to show up at the jail with a suped up car, just go in a cab for christ's sake!! or have someone else drop you off.

2276 days ago


NOOOOO Nick Crashed a Dodge Viper...Nicks supra is Green and they dont make supras yellow

2276 days ago


and i wanted to add...what is the big deal of what car he drove??? he always drives it...its not a big dealits not like Hulk was drinking and he plans on racing later...

2276 days ago


They're total idiots -- all 4 of them!!!

2276 days ago


Let's hope her bleached blonde daughter, oops, I mean "son" rides the skateboard and never drives again. On the other hand, no one cares what he is wearing or doing, Linda, unless it is getting rammed or beaten up. America hates you and your children, lady. They aren't watching Brooke's show because they like her. They are watching a freak show.

2276 days ago


nick was driving a Viper

2276 days ago

Last Laugh    

People obviously don't have the facts straight ... Nick was driving a yellow supra - I don't know if yellow is a stock color, but I'm certain the Hogan's have enough money to paint whatever car whatever color they want. It was John's friend, who was racing Nick, that drove Hulk's Viper.

So, since his kid was retarded enough to wreck, Hulk has to drive a station wagon from now on, or what? You people are relentlessly stupid.

2276 days ago


Stupid people can't spell karma....
It was a Supra.

2276 days ago

Last Laugh    

Yes, I'm sorry, I forgot how to spell at bootcamp. The Marines took away my ability to form original thoughts, AND how to spell. My point still remains, he was driving a supra. I may not be able to spell, but I can still remember facts!!!

2276 days ago


The Bubba on the shirt refers to the fat loser Bubba the Love Sponge a Tampa wannabe shock jock who is friends with good friends with Hulk Hogan.

The both of them are rednecks with money!

2276 days ago

Obviously,this another Hogan attempt to stick the knife in once again at the victim John Graziano. I would have to say that Terry Bollea is one of the most hated men in Amercia ....once you discount his moronic cult followers (who still think wrestling is real).

2276 days ago
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