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Christian Bale -- More Shocking Than the Arrest

7/29/2008 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you're the star of one of the biggest movies ever. It's pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars. And you fly from the Tokyo premiere back home to LAX -- COMMERCIAL!

Not only did Bale fly with the commoners, he had to push his own luggage cart with an incredibly heavy trunk, forcing him to move at a snail's pace, rendering him helpless in front of the pappers.

Oh the humanity.


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Beachcomber Bill    

This movie will do wonders for Christian Bale,despite the hype about Heath Ledger. In a lot of these type of movies,the villian is the scene stealer. Look what Jack Nicholson did for the original Batman movie.

2256 days ago

Angela R    

He's entitled to his privacy by not defacing his family for their embarassing temper tantrum. Obviously the boy has received some notoriaty that mum & sis are jealous of & in a fit of drunken rage, they have presented their immaturity. Fame, going to the head.

2256 days ago


Most people, "stars" included, fly commercial. Get a grip.

2256 days ago

Ben Grimm    

This is very typical of Bale and his family. I worked with him way back on one of his earliest films and his father refused first class tickets offered by the studio for the Bale clan. He claimed it was a waste of money. When the execs insisted, he threatened to sell them and give the money to charity. Good going Christian, you're staying true to your roots!

2256 days ago


OMG! Stop the press!! Mr. Bale flew commercial, and even pushed his own luggage?! LOL, TMZ must be having a very slow newsday to say this is more shocking than being arrested... Wonder what they will say tonight on TV... I guess someone will stand up and say, "Yo, check this out... We got Christian Bale pushing his own luggage through LAX and we found out he even flew commercial..." Then some retarded comment from the Pap who got the film. And a guy writes Mr. Bales name down on the clear board laughing.

You guys need to hire reporters (regular off the street people are the best interviewers) and not just money hungry arrogant photogs who have no lick of sense when it comes to speaking to someone.

Also, the man is a great actor who does not have an enflated ego like many other famous people. He prefers to have as much of a private life as he can and as he can give his family. Speculating anything about anyone is an assumption... When you assume you make an ass out of you and not me.

2256 days ago


2256 days ago


who in the world cares?!
TMZ-- please get a life! you guys look like high school idiots, mocking people every day in this so-called news.
i clicked on here thinking there was something important being discussed and all i see is garbage. really, are there middle and high school students running this immature news site?! pathetic and ridiculous...

2256 days ago


Oh man! give 'em a break!!! what is sooo wrong about flying commercial? or pushing your own luggage? He should, it's HIS!!
I don't get it, if celebs try to live a normal life (i.e. pushing luggage carts & flying commercial) pappers makes a huge deal out of it... if they spend $250,000 for a shoe,a bag or a jacket,still this happens.... If Bale pushed his mother-in-law,now thats a good topic... but pushing a luggage???? come on.... lol

2255 days ago

justin law    

For much more facts on Christian Bale log on to coxtalks.

2255 days ago


Oh what a hunk man, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

2255 days ago


So he's the first famous person that's actually a normal person and believes in doing things for himself and feels he shouldn't recieve special treatment because of wealth or fame. What's wrong with that? Sounds like a normal guy trying to catch a flght to me.

2255 days ago

Illinois person    

Why is the fact that Bale flew on a commercial flight "breaking news"? Only an Oprah, or a Bill Gates or perhaps Travolta (who owns his own plane) could afford to fly in from Tokyo, of all places, on a private jet. Do you know what it would cost to charter a private plane from Tokyo to LA? No way would Bale have that kind of money.

2255 days ago


What is wrong with flying commercial and pushing your own luggage cart?? He is a normal guy who is not materialistic. I'd rather see a celebrity acting like a regular person than someone who thinks they are above us all just because they make more money than the rest of us. He lost his home a few years ago. He probably recognizes that it could all be gone tomorrow, so he should probably spend his money wiser than he had in the past.

Give the man a break already...let him live his life and spend his money the way he chooses.

2255 days ago


After watching this video I have more respect for him than I did before. He pushed his and his families luggage out to his car and then went over to his wife and got their daughter to strap her securely in to the car in her car seat instead of having an entourage of 10 people to do everything for him.

Christian Bale you are good husband and father. That is evident by the care you are always seen giving to your wife and daughter.

2255 days ago


Christian Bale is one of the great actors. He is not a jerk. His commitment to each acting part is so strong, he stays completely focused and is not easily distracted. Watch "American Psycho" if you want to see this great actor's work. I love him and will see every movie he's in. Plus he's totally hot!

2255 days ago
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