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Peeved Univision Anchor Lacks Locks and Looks

7/29/2008 8:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Senior reporter Myriam Ayala is suing Univision because she thinks anchors "lighter complexions" are taking her place. If anything, the nuevo reporters are more red, red hot that is. Univision: Click to view!


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Spell Check.    

I think you mean "racist" unless your argument is that the whole world discriminates against the Little Rascals.

2279 days ago


She should be a flight attendant for United Airlines, she'd fit right in looks and attitude-wise.

2279 days ago


POR FAVOR...PLEASE! COLOR IS DEF. NOT the issue here. REAL REASON: She doesn't show her CHICHIS for ratings!

There are many medium dark to dark Spanish speaking people walking around who are not employed by Univision and none of them are even close to her complexion. As someone stated before, she is not ladylike and that could be a reason why she was not reHIRED. Hispanics based everything on looks (appearance) and behavior; she just doesn't fit their mold.

2279 days ago


Racist Latinos who are Whiter looking discriminate against Latinos who are not. Mexicans hate Salvadorians and Cubans hate Puerto Ricans. I hope the whole of America leans about this shameful practice.

2279 days ago

william richard bradford    

how many univision reporters does
it take to perform a BROADcast ?


1 to do the field work, while 1 of them does the producer
and the other to be in front of the cameraman...........

2279 days ago

What do you look like?    

I once heard a group of Mexican men (in Spanish) making fun of a woman for being "ugly and fat". I was just astonished because the men were short and stocky and nothing to look at.

2279 days ago


Claudia Palacios is the definition of beauty (the kind of woman you want to have your babies, not the kind that you just want to play with)

Anez is right, in LatAm your social standing (and chances for success) depends highly on how white you are, but this happens all over the world, even within African Americans

2279 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Why do we need "hot" newswomen? I prefer someone that can speak clearly and give me the facts. Don't really care if they are hot or look like beauty queens!

2279 days ago


I know that in a world of single-celled brains, supposedly pretty things are important but it should be a non-issue here. I DON'T want to see a shower of cartoon cut-out broads presenting the news just because they blow best. It's supposed to be serious business not some half-ass junior miss pageant. This kind of demographic pandering should be left to entertainment news shows.

2279 days ago


Looks over competence = airheads! How trifling. This is gender discrimination. Male anchors can stay on the the air into their 70s. Women are has beens at 40. Get a grip people.

2279 days ago

Greg R    

Carlos G I'll give that to you but my Spanish is as good as Paris Hilton is smart (What a headache to think about that scenerio) and i don't watch most of it , But I always watch La Lucha and pick up things here and there Fabi apache yeah. But check out Julie Bandaras on Sundays and you'll be hooked. CNN are you off your liberal tree hugging minds there woman look like that other leaning left Dolt Keith Olberman who is to news what Amy Winehouse is to class and Baywatch. CNN?????

2279 days ago


She is just pissed because she is old, fat and menopausal.

2279 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

C'mon, people.

Ms. Ayala holds a master's degree from New York University in media studies. She has the intellectual goods and 25 years experience. She was treated shabbily, penalized for growing older and then faced retaliation for her complaints. Read the court filing, I did yesterday right here on TMZ.

Good luck, Ms. Ayala. I'm proud of you for standing up for your rights.

2279 days ago


I agree with Carolyn A-B Ms. Ayala should be fighting for her rights and I bet none of those "pretty faces" been to a univiersity like NYU!!. Journalists should be known more of their talents and experience not by their looks!!!

2279 days ago


umm she's the same complexion as they are lmao they're just prettier so idk how she can make a case about racism when she has the same skintone they do

2278 days ago
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