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Britney -- Saner, But Still....

7/30/2008 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case you read otherwise, sources tell us Britney's conservatorship will definitely not end tomorrow.

There are reports Britney Spears will become a free woman tomorrow when lawyers for the conservatorship go to court to announce their intentions. Well here are their intentions. They will ask the judge to continue the conservatorship until the fall. We hear it may last until the end of the year.

Jamie Spears won't be in court. The lawyers will deal with bookkeeping stuff in chambers, but that's it.


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william richard bradford    

UNFITNEY can continue
to be my chambermaid;

2275 days ago


Oy!! Leave her alone!!

2275 days ago


yeah, that was a no brainer.

Wonder how her little mexico vacation going for her.
Unbelievable that she would blow off her children once again. But she did.

2275 days ago


Good. I hope McCain get elected and bans birth control so all these nosy slut bitches will have something to do with their time (milking their crybaby children). There I said it.

2275 days ago


I think it sucks her dad is in control of her life. But at least she is getting her life together.

2275 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

It's not like there is a cure for insanity. She'll probably be under someone's eye forever. But I say cut her loose and let the good ol' Queen Of Dysfunction put the fun back in dysfunction!

2275 days ago


She was fit enough to make this money that everyone else is enjoying including her ex reject of a man. This is a grown woman not a child that require someone like her father to monitor her money and finances they already took her children what else. She was never declared unfit and crazy while making millions. OMG give me a break with this drama.

2275 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Good move and not unexpected. By the end of the year, she may be back in control. That is what I would like to see.

2275 days ago

queen B    

Hey, as long as my girl has money, she'll always have problems! Just keep doing your thang Brit Brit in due time you'll be just fine!!

2275 days ago


Mental illness is so devistating and can appear at any time in someone's life. I'm not a Dr. but I think with Britney there is a combination of slight mental illness combined with Postpartum depression and the trauma of being in the public eye through most of her life. Seriously, can you imagine being photographed throughout every single aspect of your life? Seeing your ex boyfirends/girlfriends with new significant others in the tabloids over and over? I'd go insane too.

I am happy to see her father take control of her life when she needs it. Hopefully she will take the time she needs to find happiness and be able to get well enough to at least have part custody of her kids. i think she is on the right track.

2275 days ago


Do they want her to stay like a child?
How can they make her work on TV and on her new album and claim she's too mentally ill to use her own money without Jamies permission?
Jamie can't go back to his work, or what?
It will be difficult for Britney to be an adult next year, after such a long time. Give her a chance!
Other poor, drugged ppl are not under c-ships.

2275 days ago


Ms. Spears has many problems. She needs stability in her life. As long as she has people who care about her and care for her, she'll make it. The process is long and hard. At least the court is monitoring the situation so that she is not abused like Frances Farmer was by her mother and the sanitarium.

2275 days ago


brit brit is 26 going on 15! where were jamie and lynn in the "formative years"?

2275 days ago


Does not surprise me. If she still needs a bit of help, I would rather see her dad wtih her than the looser Sam man who screwed her life royally. Brit is on the mend and that is the most imporant thing. We love you Britney!!

2275 days ago


What sucks is that her dad once said he didn't want any money from her for this. Now, however, he's getting $2500.00 per week and free room and board..... He seems to be as bad as Kevin, he's living off his wife and dad is living off his daughter. Also, since when do kids needs $2000.00 a month?

2275 days ago
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