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Brody Says Allegations Have No Reality

7/30/2008 12:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman claims Brody Jenner struck her inside Coco De Ville last night and his friend poured booze on her. Brody tells us she's a liar and that she was "obliterated and insane."

The woman left the club early this morning, claiming Bro-sault. But Jenner tells a very different story. "Me and my friends were at a table and she came up," he says. He claims she started acting crazy and he and others asked her to leave. Brody says security pulled her away but she broke loose and "charged the table and knocked a girl down."

Brody says she started hitting him and tried to punch him in the face, adding, "she was out of her mind." Brody says his friends began spraying champagne on her trying to get her away. Jenner claims he never laid a finger on her.

Ultimately, Brody says, she was carried out of the club.

Sources at the club tell us, "She was just a stupid little girl who wanted to be near his table."

And a TMZ staffer who was there but on vacation just called and backed up Brody's story.


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Can't Believe It    

Who cares who's telling the truth. Don't these people do anything productive with their lives.

2242 days ago


Happens to me all the time.... Chicks trying to force themselves up on me.

2242 days ago


Wow..this dunb broad must feel REAL stupid today...or at least she will when her drunk stupid ass wakes up! What a loser....I think we all know at least 1 girl like this...or used to before we kick em to the curb...what an embarassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2242 days ago


What's emberrasing is that the only thing Brody ever does is go to the bar with his "buddies." He doesn't ever deserve to make news, not even on crappy TMZ. Get a job, get a life, and grow up ASS HOLE

2242 days ago


I wouldn't doubt it, he is a jerk. I have met him and can tell you he has no respect for others.

2242 days ago


You'all actually think because a TMZ bobblehead was there, means that it really happened the way he said. That only makes it less credable in my mind!

2242 days ago


No matter what the girl did, Brody and his friends were disrespectful! Typical rude, classless wanna bes! These boys are prime examples of bad parenting.

2242 days ago


wasn't she the drunk blonde that got kicked off Brett Michaels Reality show for getting totally wasted lol

2242 days ago

Ann Chandler    

They need to get it right, she had no clue who he was (a nobody) and was sitting at the next table. She did not approach him and 100% had no idea who he was until after this happened and then left. She was speaking to his friend when he approach them and for some reason an heated discussion began. He shoved her and she was very upset ! Then a friend at his table through large amounts of drinks at her opened a bottle sprayed it at her. She was held back because she was pissed at went towards the guys for assaulting her, which I do not blame her... she was not taken out of the club she left.

Remember he is paid to be in the club, as I was told. So he will be protected. And look at the video her face and hair are wet. The guy is a loser who has nothing to offer. Thinking everyone wants him and an ass when someone doesn't. A man with NO class at all to treat someone this way because he has some backing. He needs to get over himself, he is a no body who offers the world nothing!!!!!!!!!

2242 days ago


tell mr Conservative daddy Bruce Jenner to start being a FATHER to his sons

2241 days ago

william richard bradford    

" the TMZ staffer that was there in now on vacation "

do PAP SMEARS actually get vacations ?

more like they are being bussed out to another assignment.........

2241 days ago


ok, i will be the first to admit that he is good looking....but why is he famous again? from being on the hills?

hardly newsworthy.

2241 days ago

Arianna Monaco    

I was there....standing right beside this idiot, Brody. I was at their table, and sitting with them for a while (drinking their champagne, which the club bought) The people at the table were cool, normal, and fun, but its Brody who is actually the loser. When the Champagne came he stands on the back of the bench (at the table) and wants everyone in the Club (coco de ville) to recongnize....he is such a "wannabe" he grin and acts all "cool" it's like....uhhhh, do people actually care who this guy is???!! He is completely retarded, wants attention, wants people to want him, and is a "look at me" kind of guy. His Friend Franky promotes at the club, and it was his table, he brings people down to party and have fun, but Brody is the one who dies for the attention. Always! I have met him serveral times before, and he acts the same way..."look at me, I think I am cooL" GETTTTTTT A LIFFFFE BRODY! The girl in this mess was talking to Brody's friend Taylor and Brody interupted and thought he had something worthy to say, but instead they ignored him and he called her a stupid B*tch" so she got pissed, rightfully so!

2241 days ago


Brody's a turd but she's a skank wanna be who thought if she sucked off the turd she could get 12 or 13 minutes of fame. Unfortunately the turd is used to a higher grade of skank. This pissed the skank off.

End of story.

2241 days ago


They sprayed champagne on her to try to get her to leave? This has to be the most glamorous bar fight of all time.

2241 days ago
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