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McCain Says Obama Famous for Being Famous

7/30/2008 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain has defended his latest campaign ad, not-so-subtly comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

In the ad, you see images of Paris and Brit flash across the screen for a split second, then Obama, as the announcer says, "He's the biggest celebrity in the world, but is he ready to lead?" The unspoken implication: another famous flake.

McCain's peeps just came out with this statement: "This ad obviously also addresses a unique facet in Barack Obama's campaign that is unlike any other campaign we've seen in modern political history. A campaign that is focused on the development of an enormous image of celebrity status."

The statement continues, "These images of celebrity status and the way he has conducted his campaign ... owe more to the development of an international celebrity status than it does to a traditional campaign for President."

Translated, McCain is comparing Obama to a woman who shaved her head in a fit of craziness and another who skanked up the screen with a sex tape.


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Granny Pants    

He sure ain't serving Ilinios these days though huh?

2283 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

McCain is right about the the celebrity/hysteria over Obama. How many of us remember our high school social studies classes remembers it was ALWAYS the most POPULAR kid who won the mock elections, and all too oten it was the class clown. Little changes when we're older

2283 days ago


I live in Illinois and don't have a clue on what he's done for us. Fill me in.

2283 days ago


Rick - you are way off on the drivers' license thing. 71 year-olds do NOT have their licenses revoked. People in their 80's and even 90's still drive. Attempting to insult JM with this drivel is very unbecoming.

2283 days ago


Im voting for him and even I will admit HE does LOVE the limelight thats quite obvious. It does kind of bug me how he seems to love attention?

2283 days ago


Tell you what TMZ how about list the accomplishments of each for why they are famous? I can think of Paris TV show and sex video for 2 for her and the fact Sen. Obama is running for President.

It was actually brilliant I thought with his campaign doing it, because it makes people think about what he has accomplished to be famous and I can't find a single think listed on his website from his 8 years in the Illinois House and 2 years in the Senate, Sure he has a lots that talks about what he wants for the future, but WHAT has he done in the past?

2283 days ago

Barraca will lose the election....divorce the washer lady....flee the country....and marry Paris Hilton in Teheran. His best man will be Ahmadinejad.

2283 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Hussein's a freaking genius. His rock star popularity has totally overshadowed his failings...

2283 days ago

T L    

Whats the big deal. To me it's just using two popular celebrities to get the point accross. It's not a great ad but I don't see how it could be insulting to Britney or Paris.

2283 days ago

the short chick in the back    

In response to # 88

" I live in Illinois and don't have a clue on what he's done for us. Fill me in. "

There. Fill yourself in.

2283 days ago


What is our world coming too when our Presidential Campaign uses Britney and Paris!! I didn't even watch the ad - just the fact that politics and celebrity trash are in the same sentence scares me.

2283 days ago


Obama was setting up ping-pong tournaments 8 years ago! The guy has no experience and the media has created him, ala Paris. He's a phony and a fraud!

2283 days ago


To #77 President Bush is a far better president then he will ever be given credit by the democrat serving media that did everything in their power to under mine his presidency. Removing Saddam is proving to have been the right course of action and it never would have happened if Obama had his way. President Bush plan in Iraq had its problems but who said war is perfect. All the Liberals in America did not want to close the rape and torture rooms and spent more time portraying Bush as a terrorist at a time when he was doing everything in his power to protect America. We have not been attacked since September 2001, the economy is histrorically strong in the face of two theaters of war, (yes I am aware of the current problems but it is still strong relatively speaking, liberals want admit this) rising energy prices (which are entirely the fault of every environmentalist0. Environmentlist and the Global warming crowd have convinced american's that its wrong to build refineries, drill for oil (more oil seeps into the ocean naturally then people could ever dump into it and Obama is in step with the environmentalist. Current polls seem to suggest that Americans may finally be coming around on refinery construction and domestic and off shore drilling hopefully this trend will continue. Obama still hasn't admittied that we need more domestic drilling to help our energy problems. As far as Abraham Lincoln is concerned this not the 1800s and comparing him to Lincoln or using Lincoln as an argument is irrelevent to the current situation.

2283 days ago


Are people nuts? Thinking about electing a president 72 years old! I don't care if Obama is black (actually, he is of mixed race) I will vote for a smart, thoughtful and, yes, young, president.

2283 days ago


92. In response to # 88
" I live in Illinois and don't have a clue on what he's done for us. Fill me in. "
There. Fill yourself in.
Posted at 4:45PM on Jul 30th 2008 by the short chick in the back
Ok I looked and still see a bunch of nothing. Maybe you think those are accomplishments, not me. Its all about beliefs, not so much accomplishments. We all have beliefs.
Tax Reform: Child Tax Credit...Lets give those on welfare more of a reason to have more kids and / or abuse the rest of us. Illinois taxes haven't changed much, so still not sure how he's helped.
Federal Funding: All I see is a bunch of he's working closely with it. Is that before the campaign or during? lol
Energy: We he isn't saying anything we don't already know!
Iraq: We all have an opinion, but whats that have to do with past accomplishments?
Foreign Policy or Defense: Pretty much anyone but Bush can handle that...Still has nothing to do with Illinois.
Seniors: I recently read seniors are struggling the most in our current economy. Maybe he needs to continue his work in Illinois?
Crime: lol. Ok...No comment. Nothing has changed in Illinois, people still kill, people still get killed...Lets not mention all the other crimes...
Immigration: I am not against immigrants if they work hard and do what they should. However we have more than ever, so how exactly did he help?
Health Care: My health care sucks! The insurance makes us pay more than we should, and the doctors only care about the money.
I'll just stop here, because I don't see any good experience that makes him a great candidate for president.

2283 days ago
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