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Brangelina Twins -- 14 Million Dollar Babies

8/1/2008 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Knox and Viv Jolie-Pitt have already raised more money in their lifetimes than you -- or at least most of you -- ever will.

The first pics of the Brangie twins have been bestowed upon People magazine -- and Hello! mag for the foreign rights -- for a total $14 mil, says the AP. The issue will hit stands in three days. By comparison, People paid a reported $6 mil for the J. Lo-Skeletor twins.


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2273 days ago


Okay after the kids have their viewing can brad and angie go away for a real long time..please...

2273 days ago


TMZ run a suvey and see how many people in the world would pay to not see Brad or Angelina ever again. Set up the web site I will be the first to donate. They are both such tools!

2273 days ago


I usually don’t write on these pages but after reading all the comments above I could not help myself.
You guys are so pathetic. You contradict yourselves when you write you are sick of Brad and Angelina but at the same time you spend time to comment on them. If you are so sick why you are here? Why bother to comment and spend all that energy on “overrated, not newsworthy, selfish” people like Angelina and Brad.
My opinion is that deep down you do want to know and yes everyone of you want to see those pictures.
My question to all of you is: Do you want to see some paparazzi getting rich by selling those pictures or children of this planet getting some financial help?
And how you know how these babies are conceived? Have you being in the same house with them all this time?

2273 days ago


I am sooooo sick of these two....I guess the kids in the States are not worthy of being adopted by these "people".

2273 days ago

stolto morta    

I completely agree with what you said. I lost my admiration for her after I saw her father pleading to be a part of her life. She is a cold hearted person. She had no care about Jennifer Anniston,she hurt Brad's family unit..... She shows herself as personally a closed off person... I just keep tune in because I am waiting for the someday, that she gets the justice that is waiting for her.... maybe it will be her children doing the same out of control things she did.... but I can see the headlines now...HOW CAN THE KID DO THIS TO HER AFTER SHE SAVED THEM FROM A LIFE OF POVERTY...... she is just trash... in a money wrapped fake aneroxic package...

2273 days ago

foolish ppl    

14,000,000 4 ordinary babies made by ordinary ppl. this is one of those times i say "THANK GOD I'M NOT AMERICAN". only a sick person, with nothing to do with his or her money, will pay 2 see the baby pics. PPL R CRAZY!

2273 days ago


Many of you are commenting on the fact that the Jolie-Pitts are not married and because of that, Brad Pitt is not an "official" father. NEWS FLASH: being married to your babies mama does on no way make you an "official father" or your relationship any better. Many fathers (who are married to mama) are abusive, controlling or absentee all together. Many child abuse cases involve the father and/or the mother as the abusers. So, again, grown up and maybe think before you type. At least these people seem to be decent parents. And for all of you that keep saying you don't care, HELLOOO!!! you are on this site and blogging, enough said.

2273 days ago

that's all    

94. I am sooooo sick of these two....I guess the kids in the States are not worthy of being adopted by these "people".

Posted at 12:40PM on Aug 2nd 2008 by pockets


Withe AJ's psychiatric background (bloodlettting, multiple sxual partners, incest) she couldn't pay enough millions to adopt in the U.S. A third world countr will give them to anyone at any price.

2273 days ago


To answer your question" how can a anorexic woman give birth to twins"? She can't and didn't. She used her embryos and had a surrogate carry them. Lots of stars have done it. Claiming some sort of medical condition as the reason. Angie hide the fact because she likes the attention. Look back at her pregnancy photo's the bump changed drastically from week to week. You would have to be blind not to see it. Man one shot was so funny. She was carrying Zahara and the bump was pushed down to the side. Yep pregnant woman always carry 3 year old around on rocky beaches when in the final trimester. Yep sure they do. And with twins to boot.
They are laughing at you all for being so gullible. Smirking Angelina Jolie style

2273 days ago


I love how Brangelina fans are saying this is such a selfless act, this is NOT their money. They didn't earn it, it's the magazine's money and they are giving it away. Call me when they have to work 10 hours a day slinging hash and donate 100 to charity. Then I'll buy the selfless act.

2273 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Angelina Jolie and Rhianna scare me.

2273 days ago


Hey Honey! Let's whore out the children, I can get $14,000,000.00 for some photos - what do you think, anything you say dear. I think we can put the money into a trust fund for rehab when they get older, that would be great dear.

2273 days ago


i wonder why people believe everything printed in a magazine. OK printed this story because they knew they had lost the bid for the pictures. They came up with an ugly story about the couple. If they did have in-vitro so what. They are still the parents, and they are still together...No brain-er here. No Story... Just jealousy. As far as Angie and her Dad are concerned. John V. brought this on himself. He wrote her a very hurtful letter after making her think he really cared about her well being. He also went on the TV to claim she had mental problems. This was during the time her adoption of Madd had not been finalized. She could have lost her son because of his mouth. Angie and her brother did not grow up in the Hollywood lifestyle. John V. was picky about the roles he took, therefore he did not make a lot of money, which meant not a lot of support for his children. He did not really see Angie until she was a lot older. Their mother was their sole support. He really got interested in her when her star started to rise. He still can't shut his mouth. I think the letter was mean and she said he told her what he thought about her. A stark contrast to how he had behaved during their press for Tomb Raider. During this time he was affectionate and had only good things to say about her. When it was over, the letter came. We all want love from our parents. And words of disapproval can scare us for life. She said that she cut the relationship off because she did not want another letter like the one he sent to her again. When he is on the TV telling everyone about how proud he is to be a grandfather, maybe he should apologize for the ugly way he expressed his feelings about her. Go public you miss steps as well as hers.

2273 days ago


Are these children made of emeralds and diamonds? What makes them so special that anyone would pay any amount of money to see them? I don't get it. They are babies - that's it, nothing more. I'm part of the public and I have no desire to see them - I wish them good health but that's about it. Now if they were from Jupiter, that might be a different thing but they are human babies like billions of other cute attractive human babies born every day. People Magazine, start paying all parents - it's only fair.

2273 days ago
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