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Lindsay Rips LA Top Cop a New One

8/1/2008 6:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed off at LAPD Police Chief William Bratton for outing her and Sam yesterday. As they say in Hollywood, there's no business like show business. Or, as Lindsay says, mind your own f***ing business.

Samantha apparently agrees -- her Facebook update says "chief bratton should talk less and do more." Snap!

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No Avatar


You cannot sue someone for telling the truth!!!

2239 days ago


I'd watch her gay home vids fo'sure!!! Can you say Big Red Alert?!?!

2239 days ago


Who Cares, I mean really Lindsay is getting to be a has been and her "girl friend" is a terrible DJ and looks like she was beaten with the ugly stick and than a brck hit her in the face. I bet if TMZ wasn't around people would forget about them and all the other losers of Hollywood that just take up space and air.

All these hollywood losers should be kissing TMZ's ass without TMZ they are no one.

2239 days ago


People have the right to say what they want. Her new theme song should be I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It.

2239 days ago


Wow I tend to agree with most of the comments, and also with the guy who said I would still bone her. If you was hideously ugly would anyone care?

2239 days ago


I don't see why his comments were so offensive to her. She doesn't seem to mind the whole world seeing this relationship so why can't he make a little joke about it? He wasn't even putting her down.

2239 days ago


Lindsay needs to get over her buzzcut-loving self. If it's inappropriate for someone to speak publicly about her personal life, then it's inappropriate for her to be nuzzlilng Sam's neck & making out with her in public! Seriously, was anyone surprised when the police chief said that Lindsay had gone gay? Anyone? No? That's what I thought. If Lindsay wants to keep her personal life as such then she should stay out of sight (i.e. places that are not The Ivy or Robertson Blvd).

2239 days ago


Outing her? It's been all over the tabloids for weeks. Where was your ripping then?

2239 days ago


Sue him for what? Slander? Libel? Not likely. Public figures who flaunt their "lifestyles" in front of cameras are not granted any protections. But I'd certainly like to watch her try.

2239 days ago


I wonder when the Gay Activist are going to enter the picture, Whether she is or isn't is her business, and not used as a slur by a man who things his badge gives him the right to run his big mouth to the public, trying to defend his lack of abiliities as a chief of police. He knows where the trouble lies, he may have other reasons that he doesn't want the public to know about, that keeps him on the side of paps can "harrass celebrities", and he needs to make sure the path is paved for them to continue. Any celebrity that feels like they are been stalked or harrassed by the Paps, and are aware that the head of the LA PD doesn't think there is a problem here, and isn't going to do anything to help protect them or their families, needs to find a good nasty, money hungy attorney and go after the City of LA and the Chief.. Might even need to send someone up state to petition a change in the laws of California, They all work for the citizens of California, and its their jobs to make sure the streets are safe for everyone, including the celebrities. If a street cop had made comments against a celebrity like the Chief did, he would not be in uniform or wearing a badge, he would be under suspension, probably without pay.

2239 days ago

Mr. Pink Rev2    

i think that both of them should shut the Fu&* up and just go away. that sam chick is gross and lindsay is a smelly one! no one cares about her or her whore family

2239 days ago


boohoo. . . . I have no sympathy for these celebrities. When they first srart out, they will do anything for the attention to get their name out there. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

2239 days ago


So what. People are so soft and weak these days, it amazes me.

2239 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

the better the s*x, the c*ckier the b*itch.just an observation.

2239 days ago


I agree with Lindsay on this one. The chief had no business saying any of those things.

2239 days ago
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