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McCain -- Between a Rock and a Jiggly Place

8/4/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain isn't exactly shying away from boobs -- actual ones, not Paris and Brit -- at a campaign stop today.

J-Mac will be stumping at the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota today. After the Senator pays tribute to Vets at the event, that well-known upholder of moral virtue Kid Rock will rock the main stage. Tans and tatas will be competing in the Hawaiian Tropic contest nearby.

And as the Huffington Post reports, the other entertainment on offer includes "Ringin' Wet & Wild" women's wrestling event and a Fake Orgasm Contest.

Just the kind of thing the religious right would love.


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are you serious? if this was obama I am sure you would make this a good thing for him. Leave my McCain alone

2274 days ago


WOW - his campaign managers must have earned their stripes at the Sally Struthers institute. His campaign has definately turned into tabloid journalism at its lowest moment. Dude - seriously.

2274 days ago

Uff da    

McCain's WORST image is the constant presence of his stepford wife, Cindy. The woman is loaded with botox and her constant display of her old fake cleavage is making me sick. I thought this was the party of family values? Sounds like its' the party of skanky women (note Senator Norm Coleman's trampy wife posing for soft porn)

2274 days ago


When will he stop!! This is the sadist campaign I have ever seen. Since George Bush! He is soooo afraid that Obama is a better canidate that he has to try to make him look bad. Go take some gerital McCain and just stick with the cause and try to act your age.70+. If I was for McCain (which I am not) I wouldn't vote for him because it just shows you what kind of person he is. VOTE FOR SOMEONE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN. VOTE FOR OBAMA

2274 days ago


I always knew that McCain was a dirty old man. This is just a way for him to get a glimpse of naked women, while pretending that he supports veterans, which we all know he doesn't by his voting against every bill that supported Veterans the past 8 years.

2274 days ago

Rally girl    

It's the pickle lickin contest not the orgasm contest!! I am at the rally (chip) now and ENJOYING it! We will welcome McCain with hundreds of bikes!!! We WELCOME him to the CHIP!!! Atleast he is going to see how over 50,000 people that are here for the rally have a good time!!!

2274 days ago


OMG, this is totally ridiculous! McCain is making a joke out of this election and himself. This slime & sleazebag is making a mockery out of this campaign. I'm sure all past presidents are turning in their graves, Mount Rushmore is shaking, and the rest of the world is laughing. At a time when this country is in shambles, McCain stoops to an all time low! He is so focused on other things, that he can't even run a real campaign, let alone address the American people in a positive, productive way. He compares Obama's "celebrity status" to Paris & Britney and then we find him in the company with the likes of Kid Rock and a bunch of "Girls Gone Wild" hookers!! Is this campaign a joke to him? Is he so desperate? Does he really even care about the American people and the issues this country is facing? I THINK NOT. He has proven yet again, he is not presidential material. I am very disappointed!!! I was undecided about my vote, but have since then decided McCain is not the kind of man to run this country. He needs to back out of the race and apologize to the American people. Although my vote was not for Obama, I can only hope that he wins the nomination and gets this country out of turmoil.

2274 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

"are you serious? if this was obama I am sure you would make this a good thing for him. Leave my McCain alone"

Maybe so, but Obama's not the one using entertainment super stars to bash the other guy.

"My opponent is like Britney Spears and hangs with Paris Hilton! Now South Dakota, coming to the stage, Kid Rock!!"

2274 days ago


Let him have his fun. As far as the Huffington Post, they are only interested in hating anyone that has an opposite viewpoint. They even stop, from time to time, of posting your post because you are not in love with Obama.

2274 days ago


it will be interesting to see what life in these united states will be like if obama does actually becomes president. oi vey!

2274 days ago


Stupid TMZ. You should put up the string of "misquotes" (also known as lies) that your candidate, being Obama, has made in the last two months. Funny how media such as yourself chooses to pretend it doesn't happen. Fools.

2274 days ago


Who reads or listens to anything that skag huffington says, or prints, or lies about? I certainly do not. I suspect however that many of the liberals are eager to believe anything they wish to if only a skag like huffington prints it. Sad isn't it, how stupid the American people have become after a short time of exposure to game boy and now xbox etal. Stupidity reins in the liberal ranks. I certainly did like the comparison of Paris, Britney, and Obama.. The vapid, inane behavior of these three is coming home to roost. Paris and Britney have grown up a bit, but when is Obama going to? His elitist attitude is tiring at the least and infuriating at current time. When he bad-mouthed my country while in Berlin, that did it for me. He gained a permanent enemy, and I cannot and never will vote for him.

2274 days ago


I don't Understand why people have such a problem with McCain going to Sturgis!?!?!? I don't get why #6 thinks McCain is so desprate and the whole Mt. Rushmore shaking thing...what?????. First off I am wondering if any of you who have commented on this have actually been to Sturgis. I am guessing not. Yes you may see girls lifting their shirts, yes their are some sleezy people there but that is the minority of people that attend that ralley. In my opinion smart move on McCain's part. Besides do you really think his camapin manager etc would let the guy up on stage with a bunch of hooters girls and Kid Rock I just don't understand why this is so terrible that the guy is going to a motorcycle ralley? Can someone explain why this is so bad. I am not a fan of Obama or McCain but come on give the guy a break.

2274 days ago


McCain would sell out America if it was for money. Opps that is what he is doing right now. He has flip flopped on everything. McCain is a pimp and whoever vote for him is his butches.

2274 days ago


All you Obama voters are just plain fools! Where are the other 7 states? Nice one Obama.. What a tard. If it were Hussien Obama going to Sturgis you all would be applauding and cheering. Since its McCain going you pick on him because it is the right thing to do by getting in with the real people and Obama should have done it. The Vets appreciate McCain. The bills he didn't vote for would have hurt the Vets not helped them! Check your facts! Thanks McCain for being someone who won't sell his soul like Obama. Obama will be a Carter farce of a presidency!
Give to the poor from the rich!!! Nice Obama. When are you writing your check to the poor who don't deserve it and haven't earned it?

2274 days ago
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