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Why is Woody Berry Defensive?

8/4/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Woody Allen is used to walking the streets of NYC unnoticed (old man walking). So imagine his surprise in Bev Hills, on his way to Mr. Chow.

But Woody's publicist had a kinda high-tech way of fending off the pappers with a Blackberry. Pushy New Yorkers!


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Soon Yi looks like an old woman; probably from the guilt she feels by "stabbing in the back" THE ONLY MOTHER SHE HAS KNOWN... How come no one is putting some blame on her?? She has had many years to leave Woody and try to mend things with Mia... I don't think Mia gets enough credit for what she has done BY HERSELF (adopting many children with multiple disabilities) and they became happy, contented individuals. Way before Angelina and Brad.....

2270 days ago

Black Power    

Even though she was his adopted daughter, and he left his wife, Mia Farrow, for her, I'm amazed that they've been together for so long. At one time, Frank Sinatra, Mia's ex, threatened to have him whacked. It's a good thing Mia is a good person, or old Woody would have gone missing years ago.

Clint of the mountain

2270 days ago


Woody Allen is disgusting. I used to like his movies, until he was shown to be the pervert that he is. I think he truly ruined his career and his legacy by boning his step-daughter. Yuck. I don't know how she stands it. He's not only very unattractive, but, he's so OLD!!!!! His thingy is probably all shriveled up. In fact, she's looking really shriveled as well!

2270 days ago


I think they make a cute couple. I don't think he's a pedo, they just love each other very much. And the molestation accusations were never proven. When did "innocent until proven guilty" stop being used??

2270 days ago

Lenn K.    

It's funny how TMZ doesn't call it like it is. This is vile piece of garbage is the lowest form of life there is. Probably was having sex with her while they were raising her together him and Mia.

2270 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Way to go Woody! There are some illegal alien girls down the street you can have a go at. One is about
19 the other about 20.I don't think they speak English, but that doesnt matter when you
speak the language of Love.

2270 days ago


It was all a misunderstanding, Mia asked Woody to go upstairs and TUCK the girl in bed.

2270 days ago


I will bang Soon-Yi in my basement anyday!

2270 days ago


Who cares about this child molestor, There are several sites on the internet where you can pull up info on the police case and details involving Woody and child molestation. I cant even imagine what it would be like to marry a man whom you adopt kids with, then he molests all of them marries one of your adopted daughters, and gets away with it becaseu he is Woody Allen. He may be a genius in the entertainment business, but in private he is a sick sonofabitch.

2270 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

What are you people smoking? Are you just making stuff up? Look up the facts, people: #1, Woody was never married to Mia and is NOT the step father of Soon-Yi Previn. #2 she married him at age 22 -- there is zero proof he ever had sex with her as a teenager even after Mia claimed it in court. Mean while R. Kelly had sex with a 13 year old and peed on her and he's a free man.

2270 days ago

john wayne gacy    

nothing but a stiff woody
around that household;

2270 days ago


Woody leaving Mia was the best thing that ever happened to her.

2270 days ago


Woody Allen is a sick, disgusting, child molesting, mentally abusive sociopath. He is a waste of good breathing air-just like every other child molester on the planet.

2269 days ago

Listen up    

hey, I really don't care about this guy one way or the other,


Soon Yi was nearly an adult when he met her. She was Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, not his -- he never adopted her.

They "hooked up' when she was an adult. He had plenty of chances to leave her, and her, him. Maybe they LOVE each other? huh, what a thought.

P.S. Why can't I leave any more comments on the Al Pacino story? mmmm. love that man...

2269 days ago


Mia Farrow once told Oprah that Woody had behaved inappropriately with their younger biological child as well. What a sicko, he should have gone to jail or at the very least been brought up on charges so that his perverted face had to appear in court for the paps to capture-I still am a little sickened by actors and actresses that work with this man as well as with Roman Pulanski. Hooray to the photogs that "harass" Woody, he really deserves harrassment from Big Bubba the cellmate.

2269 days ago
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